Saturday, 28 February 2015

Leather Layers

Leather Croc skin dress // Pretty Little Thing
White Blouse //Missguided

Transeasonal dressing and workwear are my two worst nightmares when it comes to clothes!

Its not sure at the mo wherather it winter or spring so I've ditched my scarf n gloves and started to layer up when I'm going out so if I go indoors anywear all the layers of clothes come off till Im left in a thin long sleeved t-shirty thing!

This is an out fit I've kinda came up with when trying to make some thing that was smart for a work event I went to this week, yet still stylish and is layered so I don't freeze. Its def not time to ditch the tights just yet!

Leather is one of my fave things to wear, have sooo much leather in my wardrobe! so when i saw this Crocodile skin effect leather dress I d been watching for aggges go in to the 50% sale at Pretty Little Thing I had to have it, despite knowing I don't have any occasion to wear it coming up I could sorta justifying it by turning in to a workwear thing by layering it over my Missguided blouse. What do you think of the look I've created? :) Will def experiment abit more with layering leather and different textures for workwear to create so cool looks!.

Well, I'm off now as I've got to get things together for our mini break in Edinburgh in a couple of weeks (yay!) and baking birthday cupcakes! byeeeeee!

Love, Sarah x

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

This Week in Instagram Posts

This weeks been insanely busy hence no outfit posts so far this week! :( have been snapping away though in the meantime over on Instagram. I am def going thru the honeymoon phase having recently joined Instagram and now am totally obsessed with it!

Below I've posted up my last week of Instagram pics, having a very beauty product focussed week and also some awesome post days with pretties from Urban Outfitters & Dolls Kill!

Please follow me if you are on Instagram and & let me know who you're fave accounts are, always on the look out for new fashion or beauty bloggers to watch! :)

Great post day! Amazing YRU rainbow charli see thru platforms

Pastel erraythang! +River Island @mollytrubody @rimmel

Crystal pretties from @Urbanoutfitters 

Etsy Shop - Joelles Emporium - really cool tattoo transfers

TBT Paradox +OfficialPLT my fave co-ord by far! 

Feb Blogging Babes post feat Easy Tiger, What Olivia did and more!

Rimmel mint nails in Breakfast in Bed

Flares & Tassels! Bag from Boohoo, Bell Bottoms from Rokoko

Boho vibes for LFW!

Love, Sarah x


Monday, 23 February 2015

February Blogging Babes

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

I spent mine in Southend, Essex, seeing friends which was pretty awesome, am shattered now though! lol! Tonight will be spent chilling out n catching up with LFW highlights with Topshop Unique being top of my watch list!

This seasons been pretty inspring with so many cool outfits going on my Pintrest board is full to bursting with ideas and all the amazing 70's style OOTDs that have been flying around my Bloglovin news feed. Here's some of my fave looks from some of my fave fashion blogging babes from the last few weeks. Think my fave outfits have to be Easy Tigers, Olivia from What Olivia did,  Leannes, and Style Peaches. So wish I could rock a blazer cape like Leanne's but the ones I've tried smother me in too much fabric :/ will try another one that's maybe less heavy looking! Which look is your favourite? :)
Love, Sarah x 

Easy Tiger - Mix it up

Leanne Lim Walker - Blazer Cape

What Olivia Did - That 70's Show

Two Shoes One Pair - Amy - Zebra Crossing

Kristy Doll - Effortlessly Stylish

The Ruby Element - Valentines Day Lookbook

Style Peaches - Retro Knitware

Stardust Bohemian - Romantic



Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Rainbow Pyrite Cord Crystal Necklace // Urban Outfitters (online exclusive)
Rainbow Crystal Cord Necklace // Urban Outfitters
Feather Temporary Tattoo // Joelles Emporium - Etsy
Brown Leather Tassel Satchel // Boohoo
Black Fedora // Asos
Lips // Topshop Beauty - Drive

 Although I'm not going to LFW this week and hanging out with the fashion elite:( (boooo) I'm back with my outside yard wall and feelin like a rock star in these uhmazin Skinny Flare bell bottoms from Rokoko! There's something about weird about flares and how they make u feel like a 70's rock star - all I know is I love them and will be wearing these till they fall apart, will def be buying more!

The only downside is rain: flares + rain don't mix so will be taking care to make sure these only go out on dry weather days unless I wanna absorb all the rainwater on the pavement. Can remember my old skatery grungey jeans doing the same and they got wrecked!

I've done a fair bit of new accessory buying recently as well and looking for loads more new jewelery brands as my old necklaces are looking really tired. I popped in to Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks back and bought these two crystal necklaces which for me are really different to my usual style as I am heavily in to my chokers but thought these would be nice for layering to create more boho style looks. think I might start collecting more crystal necklaces, feel like I'm starting to dress more like my teenage self - which to me is a good thing cus I was much more creative then with layering and trying out new things - so many people get in to their 20's and then do nothing but either wear black or wear head-to-toe Superdry!! (not that I dislike Superdry, Some of their stuff is actually really nice!)

If you're looking for some cool new boho stylee things I'd def recommend checking out Rokoko & Urban Outfitters - not to mention Boohoos lastest drop is full of all things tassley and suedey too!

Love, Sarah x


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sporty Stripes

Cricket Style Knit Jumper // 915
Cream Striped Mini Skirt // Primark
White Mesh Strappy Sandals // Peacocks

Abit of designer inspiration on a budget today!! 

I was inspired a little by the SS15 Preen collection which I really liked as it is a sporty yet chic range full of spring colours and go faster racing style stripes! One of the looks was a Cricket jumper with a red striped mini and sandals which I love. But as Preen are a little out of my price range and I own a cricket jumper already I thought I'd give this look a try on the cheap with my 915 jumper which I've had as a wardrobe staple for years (vintagey or sports style jumpers NEVER go out of style...def invest in one if you don't own one already!) V-necks are also pretty on trend at the moment too.

As my skirt and jumper lack any bright colours as red stripy things are also huge news right now, I added abit of colour back in with my cute Accessorize heart shaped bag. Am still totally obsessed right now with heart shaped stuff and stripes. :) 

If you're also hooked on the sporty and stripy trend and looking for something lke the Preen range then you should check out Topshop Uniques latest drop - go faster stripes, v-necks and sporty looks a-plenty! 

Love Sarah x 


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Sweeter than Candy

Love Hearts Print Co-ord : Polo neck crop top - Ichiban
Love Hearts Print Co-ord: Skater Skirt - Ichiban
Lilac Satchel/backpack - River Island
Pink Fluffy Keyring - Molly Trubody
Lilac Glitter Heeled Jellies - New Look 
Back Marabou Feather Trim Socks - DIY

As I said earlier this week me and my boy are anti-Valentines but it doesn't stop me buy myself loads of cool n cute things - I mean, who doesn't adore Love Hearts?!

This cute polo neck crop and skater skirt is from a new brand I've discovered via Asos called Ichiban, all the stuff they make is really bright and crazy! Will be watching Ichiban alot in the future I'd imagine there summer range will be awesome if these sweet treats are anything to go by!

Another Asos-ish releated buy is my Molly Trubody Keyring which I picked up from the Asos Graduates market at the Clothes Show in December. She makes the most amazing fluffy tees, skirts and keyrings and I am so looking forward to her SS15 range too! . Sadly I broke this keyring a couple of days before I shot these pics after I really stupidly trod on it whilst lifting up my bag after a meeting last week in Brighton :(  (I was cheered up moments later cus it turned out they had an office sausage dog!!! :) :)

 I found all the heart shaped beads and have fabric glued it on to a piece of pink elastic for now, thankfully its still holding! The lilac satchel/backpack itself is also a newbie from River Island which I've have been dying to use which I am now its not so chilly! absolutely love satchels now I've decided, may have to start collecting more pastel shades (hint hint River Island, please make even more of these in all the colours possible!)

Lastly, I've also gone full out pastel n lilac lovin with these cute heeled jellies from New Look which are also available in mint. My memorys of jelly shoes in the 90s were that they were uncomfortable so I have avoided this trend up till now, they are actually really comfy! They've made these with a more plasticy straps rather then the thick jelly material so they don't seem to rub, they also have glitter in the heels! <3 Def feeling alot more spring-like in this outfit

Love, Sarah x


Friday, 6 February 2015

Lush Valentines Collection

My fave picks of the Lush Valentines Collection

Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb

The Kiss Lip Scrub

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar
Pretty pink bubbles with Unicorn horn

Admittedly, I am not really one to celebrate Valentines, however I do use it as a great excuse to pamper myself and start thinking about decorating the flat with flowers and more spring things :)

This year for valentines I have treated myself with some of my fave bits from the Lush Valentines Collection. I cannot use Lush products to often due to my sensitive skin, though when I saw these online I could not wait to try these pretties out, particularly the Unicorn bath bomb, hence why I picked up two of them! they are quite possibly my fave thing Lush has ever made.

I also picked up The Kiss Lip Scrub, I am already a fan of the Bubblegum lip scrub but was coming to the bottom of my pot of this one so it made sense to grab this one as part of my mini Lush spree. Again it is very similar to the bubblegum one in that its really pink and tastes so nice you wanna eat it but this one also contains hundreds and thousands and little edible red hearts! <3

Lastly is the Lonely Heart bubble bar, I havent tried out a bubble bar from Lush yet so I thought I'd start with this one. Covered in gold lustre dust, it looks almost to good to use..but I am way to intrigued to see how glittery I can get my skin to go in the bath!

The rest of the valentine collection includes:

Cupid's Love Soap - a fruity soap filled with fresh figs and passion fruit
Heart Throb Bubble Bar - a red coloured bubble bar with organic shea butter
Lonely Heart Bubble Bar - with lemongrass oils, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang
Unicorn Horn Bubble bar - pastel coloured bubbles with lavender and neroli oils
Floating Flower Bath Bomb - Jasmine, Ylang Ylang oil, cypress oil
The Kiss Lip Scrub -  Bubblegum pink caster sugar with hundreds and thousands sprinkles, tastes sherberty!
The Kiss Lip Gloss -  Sicilian mandarin oil, organic shea butter, organic agave syrup & Gaurana seed powder
Prince Charming Shower Gel - Fresh pomegranate and marshmallow scented body wash

Gift sets include: 
Two Hearts featuring Heart Throb Bubbleroon, Love Locket Bath Bomb and Cupid's Love Soap
I Only Have Eyes For You, offering the Eyes Right Mascara, Decisive Lip Stick, Bubblegum Lip Scrub and Gorgeous Moisturiser, containing a massage bar, shower gel, body conditioner and lip gloss
Toucan Love, with a shower gel and massage bar.
Lots of Love, with Heart Throb Bubbleroon, Lonely Heart Bubble Bar, Prince Charming Shower Gel, Love Locket Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Cupid’s Heart Soap, and Pearl Massage Bar.

I am really excited about trying these out and will make sure that in future that I mark the date when Lush releases its valentines collection.. can see this becoming an annual tradition! 

Love, Sarah x

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