Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Looking for a last minute festival outfit? Head to Boohoo for some pom pom pretty or make your own!

Suede Pom Pom Waistcoat // Boohoo Boutique
Cow Print Skirt // Handmade by me! 
Black Jingly Belt (worn as a top!) // can't remember, is very old!
Bag // given as a gift :) 

Sorry this outfit is SUCH a long time coming, I've almost missed the whole festival season and yet still its not quite done. I realised afterwards I shot these I forgot the pom pom sandals as well I made as I made them such a long while ago! waahh! I'll have to shoot them with another outfit. 

I couldn't wait any longer though as I wanted to actually get round to showing to this amazing waistcoat! I have def got a thing for waistcoats at the mo as they are so easy to throw on top of anything. This one has a gorgeous Indian style sequin pattern which matches the bag perfectly. :)  Just could do with some face gems and glitters to make this look completely festival ready  :) 

Reason its taken so long to put this together is the skirt! :) I started making this a few weeks ago after seeing loads of cow print skirts earlier in the season and REALLY wanting one but just finding they were too pricey. This one I made myself for just £4.50 including the zip after spotting a couple of off cuts in my local haberdashery store! problem was I broke my sewing machine so had to wait to borrow my sisters for me to complete it. 

Its so easy to get creative for festival looks - just raid your local Hobbycraft for pom poms and look for off cuts of fabric to make unique patches! Hope this has inspired you to make your own festival look for the end of the season but if your running short on time and in need of an outfit I've created a get the look option below - all of these and more are now on sale at Boohoo! :) 

Love, Sarah x 

Get the Look - Festiglam - all from Boohoo! 

Printed Pom Pom Sandal - was £30, now £25 | Boutique Pom Pom Cross Body Bag - was £20, now £16 | Mirrored Pom Pom Belt - was £14, now £10

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Antica Sartoria

Sea salt beachy hair stoney beach + this amazing outfit from Italy's Amalfi Coast makes for holiday dreamin..

Lilac Frill Dress (also doubles up as a skirt!) // Antica Sartoria 
Lilac Embroidered Scarf (worn as belt) //  Antica Sartoria 

Its been almost a year I’ve been waiting to dig this one out can't believe its almost been a year since I got married and was in Sorrento, Italy (aka, heaven on earth!) 

 I bought this ensemble from the most beautiful boutique in Sorrento town last October and wore it throughout our Honeymoon but on returning to the UK autumn was well and truly here so it went in the wardrobe awaiting summer again and here it is!

I went out last Sunday & whist it was a nice day it was a little windy so I went for a fairly minimalist make up face as per usual Sunday style and beachy sea salt hair as I couldn't be bothered to wash it before going out for a blowy walk! :).

Want to find out more about Antica Sartoria? head over to Sweet Southern Blue's blog as she has also written a great write up and took pictures of this pretty shop (I was too busy shopping for pictures haha!)

Its almost like they had SS16 in mind a year early with the pretty embroidered detail on the lilac scarf (worn as a belt) and the frilliness of the dress. I love gypsy floaty style things for summer so I couldn’t resist buying the whole outfit as it was in the window! It was just perfect for Sorrento as I love my holiday outfits to be around all girly and pretty , especially if there are in a location like Italy

Antica Sartoria sell the most gorgeous garms, next time we go I will be bringing an extra case just to visit this shop and get more. Most def will be a nexxt time, I would love to travel the whole Amalfi Coast! <3

Have you stumbled on any great boutiques on your travels? Let me know!

Love, Sarah xx


Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Buckle Up! We are takin a ride on the wild side with some serious SkinnyDip & Nasty Gal love!

Rainbow Wild West Crop Tee // WildFox
Yeehaa Heart Shaped Bag // SkinnyDip London
Kickin Up Dust Leather Bolo Waistcoat  // Nasty Gal (now 70% off!)
Spur Western Ankle Boots // Missguided (similar here)
Black Western Fedora // Asos

Sorry for the grainy-ness in these pics! (no pun intended!) it was super sunny and loads of my pics ended up being shadowy in the face so I did some photoshop magic to make sure that I was sort of visable! I'm not really a fan of over doing the old PS but in this case it was needed!

I've been waiting to shoot this one for ages! I had this penciled in for when I was off work but due to train strikes couldn't get to the location I wanted to so thought well Berwick is as county as I'm gonna get otherwise so it was the next best thing - and this outfit is deserving of a fitting location!

As you know, I am a HUGE fan of all things SkinnyDip London and have quite a collection now of bags and phone cases all from there, this bag being my latest edition. It's from their SS16 range Intergalactic Cowgirl which is right up my street! I have at least 3-4 of the bags sitting pretty on top of my wish list at the moment. Think I need to head to Pintrest to find some kind of bag display idea thing so I have somewhere to hang them that I can then admire them all as well.

I also gotta mention the waistcoat! My first purchase from super amazin Nasty Gal who are based in LA. I got this waistcoat for just £27 as its in the sale at 70% off - some seriously good stuff in the sale at the mo. I am so looking forward to styling this one up as it can literally be layered over ANYTHING. This baby is gonna last me a looonnng time. :)

Don't forget to check out the Intergalactic Cowgirl collection now by SkinnyDip, what bag is your fave? :)

Love, Sarah x


Saturday, 13 August 2016


Pink Tie Dye Split Trousers // Pretty Little Thing
Leopard Print Sequin Gem Bralet // H&M

Ok, I admit it, I have been peeking at the new AW trends and have my Pinterest inspo board set up ready with plenty of swoonworthy garms but it does really bother me when I see shops changing their stuff over to new season in AUGUST– What is it with introducing new coats and scarfs now?? 

 It’s just too soon for me to part with my monies to buy stuff I have to wait another 2-3 months to wear!! Does this bug anyone else or is it just me?!

I’m so not ready to pack my summer stuff away and go full pelt in to A/W, Summer isn’t over yet!

I couldn’t resist these amazing split trousers, they are so different to anything I have had before and they are tie dye (ultimate win/win!)  As always they were way too long when they arrived so I cut them down (abit haphazardly admittedly so they are alot shorter than i wanted...oops!) but still wearable! I would love to wear these to a yoga retreat or something if i could ever go toone, would love a chilled summer holiday about now! 

The top is an oldie but a good un! found it in H&M a couple of years back with matching shorts though they don't fit me as well anymore! this top is one of my faves though! 

Love, Sarah x 


Sunday, 7 August 2016

My Vacation Home Is A Castle

Being a tourist in my own neighbourhood with my latest fave tee from WildFox

My Vacay home is a castle tee // WildFox Couture - now £30!
Unicorn Tears Kingsize Cup Bag // Skinnydip London 
Mom Jeans // Missguided 

Typical... I booked a few days off work to chill and go on a hunt for new shoot locations and the train strike is on at the same time.. :( waaaahhh

So this weekend I thought I'd make the most of it as I will be stuck in Eastbourne for the next few days. I went to Brighton Pride Parade yesterday and then today I headed out to Pevensey Castle (just around 15 min drive from Eastbourne) and took in some of the sights and scenery after such a crazy day yesterday.

Obviously. this Wildfox tee was perfect for the occasion, all girls dream of living in a castle! Well, hopefully one more pink and glam then this (thinking Disney castle) but then this one deserves its dues....it is 1,729 years old!

I just love Wildfox, it is one of my fave brands. Nothing beats comfy for those summer days where the sun cant make up its mind and you wanna chill but still want a sassy slogan to wear. Think I'll be wearing this for the duration of my staycation! 


Saturday, 6 August 2016

Wanderlust: Brighton Pride 2016

Hey Hey guys! 

Hope you are having a great summer! I've definately gone out and done a few different things lately and getting more sociable instead of being such a homebody as I usually  which is why I am so behind on outfit posts lately as I have been so busy! - soz, there are so many lined up I will get these posted up soon before the season is out! :) 

Today I went to Brighton Pride festival which is now in it's 25th year! I have always wanted to go but have either been doing something else when the day comes round so at 5am this morning (yay insomnia!) I decided to go to pride! 

Here's my snaps from today (yep there are tons, sorry!) its was amazing though.  Today I wore my rainbow crochet top as the weather was also perfect for it! next year hoping the weather is as nice, thinking I might go as a unicorn next year and prepare more and shop around for some bits rather than couple of hours before! Luckily I'm quite impartial to sequins, feathers and rainbowy things so my wardrobe is pretty well stocked for a last minute crazy party outfit scenario! 

I'd totally recommend anyone to go, the city becomes a huge party and the atmosphere is like a festival, can't wait for next year already! 

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