Monday, 28 September 2015

Jeffrey Campbell Dupes & Bell Sleeves

I had been lusting over the Free People x Jeffrey Campbell Joe boots for ages but the £248 price tag was way too pricey for me. I had a scout around on Ebay though and spotted these very looky likey boots and picked these up for just £35!

They look sooo close to the originals and come in similar colour choices to the Free People version, only the leather isn't as soft looking and these are a slightly lighter brown. The sizing and quality is really good for the price paid though! :) for £35 they are def a JC dupe win! 

In more salesy bargains, I also managed to nab this gorgeous teal bell sleeve dress in Missguided's end of summer sale for a tenner! :D its thick material and long sleeves make it a great choice for autumn now its getting abit chillier outside in the evenings. Its completely sold out now but is still in Asos but not at the sale price. 

Have you managed to get any good end of season bargains or found a good clothing dupe recently? let me know! :) 

Love, Sarah  x


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

La Dolce Vita

Red Lace Back Dress // Mela Loves London @ Debenhams
Fringed Bag // Primark

Having a look through my wedding/honeymoon outfits I noted I didn't really have a girly romantic dress - even the wedding dress is although boho isn't very prncessy as wedding dress cus I wanted freedom to dance and move about without being strapped in to this tight figure hugging dress or a marshmellow puff and spend all day worrying about if I still look perfect rather than letting my hair down and enjoying myself!. My wedding dress has a pair of indian beaded white shorts underneath so I can party! :) The day is gonna be a boho mix of unicorns, rainbows, whimsicalness and indian themes with plenty of bright colours! :) 

However, I found this dress in the brands section in Debenhams and think my princessy girlyness for the honeymoon outfits has been restored! Its got a gorgeous lace back as well which is just what I was after - a romantic slightly gothic italian look for our week long getaway! :) 

Love, Sarah x 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Born Wild

Metallic Trainers // New Look
Spiked Shorts // Primark

As the weather seems pretty bonkers lately I've been wearing two wardrobes at once! I got my metallic trainers absolutely sodden this week with all the rain so def need more now otherwise I have only biker boots left that are my only other flatties!.

At the moment, I don't leave the house without my umbrella and a long sleeved top to cover up when it suddenly starts to get chilly, so this awesome grandad style cardi from LIRA makes for a perfect layering option!

LIRA is a pretty new brand to hit Asos. they are actually based in California with most of there garms based around skateboarding or surfing with a girly hippy twist. Basically if you like Holister, Fat Face clothes or Rokoko, you're gonna love LIRA!.

Love Sarah x


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Easily Suede..

Brown Wood Platform Sandals // Topshop (down to £20 in the sale!)
Brown Feather Fedora // Select

Suede is gonna be huge this autumn as the 70s trend continues! 

Suede dresses have been popping up everywhere as well in Missguided & Motel rocking cute brown mini dresses but although I like them I kinda wanted something that wasn't brown as most of the 70s stuff around is all brown at the moment! They are also all pretty expensive and I'm on a budget at the moment with a wedding just around the corner! So I went on to Ebay hoping I could grab a bargain and find something a little different and Ebay didn't disappoint!

These cute suede pinafore dresses are available from just £11 (depending on what colour you choose) and are in navy, rust, khaki and tan. a great alternative for those looking for different coloured suede rather than be dressed head to toe in brown for the whole season! 

Anyhoo, I better get back to spending the eve watching Spongebob and trying to make rainbow meringues (wedding munch!) will let you know how it goes! 

 Love, Sarah x 


Sunday, 13 September 2015


Watch this space nebula necklace // Eclectic Eccentricity
Line up constellation bracelet // Eclectic Eccentricity
Purple Planet Scuba Cut Dress // Missguided
Petrol Chelsea Boots // Ark

Sorry for the awful pic quality on these, the weather suddenly turned really stormy looking on the day I shot these and the pics turned out soo dark! :/ Grrrr! Not to great when I mainly wanted to focus on one of fave jewellery finds. Peeved they don't show up very well in my pictures though, they look much better in person! 

If you are in to quirky and unique jewellery you will love Eclectic Eccentricity.  I discovered them thru a sponsored post on Facebook and instantly fell in love with the Cosmos collection. Full of planets, constellations, druzy bracelets and opal rings..heaven! 

After spending ages swooning over everything and adding it all on my pintrest board I chose the nebula necklace and constellation bracelet. They are def my fave pieces of jewellery I own and I can't wait to buy more prettys from EE. The packaging is lovely too. As I say, my pictures don't really do them justice!

They have since recently released a follow up to this collection called EE Space Race feat cute little astronauts and quarts asteroids! Love! 

Will def be back to get more stuff.. problem is choosing what to get next! 

Love, Sarah x


Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hola Chica!

Hola Chica Cactus Pumps // H&M
Aviator Sunglasses // Accessorize
Denim Rucksack // Primark 
Furry Pompom // River Island
Henna // Pavan Henna @ Selfridges

I have to admit I actually shot this a while back when it was too hot to wear this but was a really windy day! lol! I couldnt wait much longer to show you my amazing jumpsuit solemate with this  lovely from Topshop though,

Khaki is also another trend that never goes away for A/W. This year instead of the usual khaki skinnys or shirts I've opted for this incredibly comfy jumspsuit, a cool bit of Sunday dress down for when the 70s platforms and little skirts feel abit too dressy and painful (cus lets face it, being in platforms all seasons gonna take its toll on our feet abit!)

Pockets are a great feature on this one as its got two on the top and then two slouchy ones at the waist which I loveee! That and its a really good fit on petite girls too which is a refreshing change from seeing so many gorgeous party style jumpsuits but then having to put them back cus unless you have legs like Gisele you ain't gonna be able to wear them. Not that it dosent stop me trying them on first though just to make sure!

Oh! I can't really go without mentioning the pumps, how cute are they!! Picked these fun little shoes up in H&M back in May/June and adore them and their colourful cactus chica design. I don't have many outfits that go with them as was hoping to find something to totally match them but haven't found anything just yet. They go nicely and add a pop of colour to this jumpsuit though :)

love, Sarah  x

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