Monday, 28 March 2016

Return of the Bomber Jacket

One of my favourite pieces and no.1 wardrobe essentials is my Pull & Bear bomber jacket.

Vintage Style Satin Baseball Jacket // Pull & Bear
White Crochet Panel High Neck Dress // Topshop (similar here)
Biker Boots // Ebay

Back in warms after what started to be a really sunny start to the Easter weekend! Thankfully, bomber jackets are just perfect for indecisive weather as we have here, lightweight to carry, warm and gives any outfit an instant update. 

This one I have had since my trip to Barcelona a couple of years ago and has been one of my go-to items for transitional weather. I just love how it adds to a look, even throwing on over the most girlie of dresses they make everything look cool!

The dress was a sales buy I featured in this blog post back at the end of autumn last year. Determined to get more wear out of it as it is sleeved and looks incredible with cute jackets such as this one! I am at least getting better at recycling and re-wearing my clothes. I will still be doing a spring clean and going thru my wardrobe for some serious clothes culling to make more space! 

Rest assured, these two pieces won't be going anywhere near the charity bag! 

Looking for a cute bomber jacket for layering? Here's some other similar ones I've found! 

Love, Sarah x  

1) Reversible Bomber - Stone Cold Fox | 2) Pink Sequin Bomber - Jaded London | 3)  Lilac Longline Satin Bomber  - Pretty Little Thing | 4) Khaki Floral Print Bomber - New Look


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Beauty: What's New This Spring?

Aside from new fashion trends for this season, there is also tons of new make up and beauty stuffs filling the shelf's in my bathroom at the moment!

Here's some of the stuff I have bought and tried out and some new ones to look out for!

1) Loreal Extraordinary Clay shampoo & dry shampoo

The latest line up to Loreals hair range is the Extraordinary clay range, with a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and dry shampoo. 

Promising to banish the most annoying of all hair types of which is one I  have, washing hair definitely can't go over more than every other day as the oilyness starts to set in..ewww. The clay collection seems to be a dream come true. 

I excitedly bought this to try out along with the dry shampoo to see what results I would have, unfortunately,for me, I found they actually made my oily hair issues worse! 

I have tried using the shampoo by using it away from my roots, knowing that shampoo build up can make hair heavy and greasy. Having tried for about 3 weeks now but have gone back to my old faithful Loreal Elvive (weak, limp, lifeless) shampoo! booo!

If you are wondering if it is literally like clay, don't worry it isn't! it still looks like any other shampoo apart from it has a pretty light blue colour. 

I have also got the clay mask hair stuff but have been put off trying it as I've had a negative experience with the shampoo. 

The dry shampoo spray on the other hand is great! It removes oil and makes your hair feel healthier, shinier and like you have just washed it, just as good, if not better then my usual Redken spray! It has a really lovely scent too - top marks for that one but would not recommend the shampoo I'm afraid!. 

2. Garnier Skin Care 

I am a recent convert to Garnier having not got on well with many of their other products which I found over scented for my sensitive skin which would then irritate it. 

I since saw a few ads for micellar water and thought at first it was like paying for a bottle of water, but then after seeing a couple of other bloggers rate this one I went in to Boots and bought a bottle. 

I have had this one a little while now limitedly as it its a spring release but it is prob now a new feature in my make up routine I will try and stick to. I have tried before with make up removing routines and am the ultimate lazy girl when it comes to removing my make up. 

With micellar water it clenses and gives your face a nice fresh feel - more so than you would get from just using water and as there is no perfume it doesn't irritate my skin as face wipes do or make my skin oily.   

My other pick is a tester I got in my London Fashion Week bag - Garniers latest offering -  The Garnier Moisture Bomb. I have been really impressed with this little one and used it  whilst I had my awful flu bug the other week and it definitely helped keep my skin hydrated and made me feel alot better after applying as my skin around my nose from blowing it so much, got really really dry!. 

3. New Make up from Maybelline, Bourjois & Loreal

I have also updated my spring make up as well!

 I bought the new dream blender from Maybelline (remember dream mat mousse?!) well this is a new style of foundation sponge that they have now released since LFW. 

Its an interesting design compared to standard make up sponges which I think is really clever, it has a pointed tip which allows you to reach those annoying tiny corners around your eyes, mouth and nose. Its also edge free which makes it super easy for make up nubes like me to apply make up and blend foundation in. What's more, it has a handle so no messy fingers! If I had to say something I dislike it would be that it has an odd smell (I know that sounds really weird!) but it does even once its out the packaging. hoping this will go away though after giving it a clean - its still top marks for this one anyway! 

To match my new blending sponge I also picked up a new baby skin primer which can be used under make up. there are three types in the range including the Pore Eraser, and the Instant Fatigue Blur Primers in cool rose (pictured above) and apricot. The baby skin range is another new fave of mine as I have been using Maybellines Dr Rescue for my sore lips during winter so though I'd try another product in the range. I really like the primer and love how it goes on effortlessly under make up and leaves my skin feeling flawless. 

I also have picked up the Loreal True Match Concealer as it's something I never usually buy (no reason but just never have) to try and get in the habit of using it to make me look more awake in the mornings! I wanna try out the True Match foundation and Infallible foundation both by Loreal as have heard good things about both of these with even comparisons being made to NARS foundation! Am waiting for mine to run out before I pick one of these up though! 

Lastly, I also bought a new lippy as I have felt a little lost without my lippy recently with my matte lippys making my cold winter lips feel even more cracked! This one is from Bourjois and has a lovely shiny look without stickyness or looking too eveningwear like, and is available in a range of plum shades (my faves!) 

4. Protect and strengthen hair with protein spray

This was also a gift in my LFW bag but I can definitely say I'll be getting another bottle. its makes my hair feel so soft after washing and after blasting with a hair dryer. My hairdresser also has commented that it feels stronger and not nagged about a hair cut since.. hmm! 

I will be looking at other products to try in the Label M range for sure. Unfortunately these are not available on the high street but you can get them on look fantastic .With prices between £3.95 and £17.50 I don't think the prices are too bad. 

5. Favourite Spring Scents

Lastly, I try to always get a spring/summer scent that makes me feel good. I finally managed to get my hands on the Prada Candy perfume and is still my fave since it first came out a year or so ago! Its a spring/summery scent though so I do tend to swap it for something else in the winter but for the next few months Prada Candy is where its at! 

Have you got any new beauty buys you have tried? let me know in the comments below! 


Monday, 21 March 2016

2 Years of Sarah in Wonderlust!

My blog has come on in leaps and bounds since I first set it up under the name Violet Dahlia in 2014, I've learnt so so about blogging in that time from watching my favourite bloggers and learning how much persistence and drive you need in the now very crowded bloggersphere.

Blogging is no longer a niche hobby (well, maybe still a little from people in my age group in my local area who think I am totally mad!) and there are millions of bloggers out there, some now making millions and even blogging full time! 

In the meantime, I do work in an office full time and I blog as often as possible in my spare time. Despite not really earning from it I am still happy to keep going as I am as I just love to write about all things fashion.

Primark Cami
Since my first year milestone, I've got a shiny new layout, had a go at Youtube (still gotta sort out the shitty lighting in this flat!) with a Primark haul, got engaged and married, attended my first London Fashion Week & The Ragged Priest SS16 launch and travelled to Edinburgh, Sorrento & Rome

This year, myself and the hubster are in a bit of a limbo situation, he is hoping to take his legal career further and take a masters degree to become a lawyer, if he is not accepted he will then look to change jobs, which will mean for us putting our life on hold for perhaps another year or so either way whilst he either studies or look for another job,

Black Milk
Getting a house in the south of the UK is a pretty hopeless dream, unless you have parents with abit of dough put aside for you or if save up for at least 5-6 years with no spending at all you haven't really got much of a chance of getting a house of your own .

We will prob look to see if we can rent elsewhere perhaps next year but it depends on what goes on with his job, We would then of been in our flat for almost 10 years- could of bought this place prob by now with how much rent has gone on it!!  However living at home for me was not possible past the age of 19 when I had to leave home due to personal issues to save up for either option..yay for loans and credit cards!

Wildfox & Spell & the Gypsy

The plan for this year then is a couple more travels (as I have seriously itchy feet) with our first trip in May to St Raphael in France for some relaxing and then for Christmas a week long trip to Munich and Fussen to explore the castle. If Rich is then well in to his studies next year that could then mean some solo travelling for me in the shape of a challenge.. I would love to do something for charity like a Kilimanjaro climb or better still Machu Piccu trek. Then move home late 2017, early 2018 to a little bungalow or something we could rent! 

We'll just watch this space :)

Dirty Disco & Tunnel Vision
Thank you for following me or reading this blog, whether you have been here since the Violet Dahlia days or recently followers on Bloglovin (now over 50 followers..yay!! :) ) I Really appreciate it and love reading your comments! :) 

Is there anything else you would like to see on Sarah in Wonderlust? Please let me know in the comments below and I'll see if I can do them sometime over the next 12 months! 

Love, Sarah x 


Friday, 18 March 2016

Kiss The Sky

Still obsessed with this seasons neckerchief trend, fringing and all things cowgirl..

White Fitted Shirt // Primark
Leather Look Trousers // H&M
Spur Buckle Ankle Boots // Missguided

Literally just realised in all these shots I am wearing the neckerchief the wrong way round!! doh! 

It should be worn with the tassley triangle at the front but I guess it can be worn both ways :) I've kinda gone for a shawl look here!

I really like how this piece can make such a difference to a plain outfit, I'm looking forward to teaming this up with little t-shirts and stuff when it warms up just a little bit more. Would love it if Asos did more of these in different colours! fingers crossed they do! 

Anyhoo, I'm off now to do some holiday shopping, off to the south of France at the end of May so am looking for some pretty holiday buys! Can't wait to go on holiday! :)

Love, Sarah x


Monday, 14 March 2016


Feelin mystical & magical in this gorgeous handmade babydoll dress...

Tarot Print Babydoll Dress // Cosmic Drifters
Moon, Stars & Saturn Boots // Charity Shop 

Sorry I have been MIA the last two weeks, I am finally back up and out and feeling better again after having the WORST flu ever! :(

I haven't been able to do any shooting or anything so I am catching up on some of the posts I want to show before the Spring season really comes in, & boy, I can't wait!

This stunning Cosmic Drifters babydoll though will see me through this season & beyond. I do love a classic baby doll style, they are pretty hard to find nowadays (which is odd as they are pretty much flattering on all sizes and shapes)

This is my second dress from the lovely laydees at Cosmic Drifters, as I bought the Navajo dress in this post last autumn. Such good stuff on there site at the mo, if you are a fan of witchy prints then you seriously need to check them out!

I couldn't resist teaming it up with these incredible bowie-esk boots I found in my local MIND charity shop and showing you my fave tarot card set I have had for yeeeeaarrs but is my fave as they are all anime illustrated with pretty japanesy cartoons <3

Love, Sarah x


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Feb Blogger Babes

Sorry for my lack of posting the last few days!

I have got some kind of weird fluey bug (I think) so have been pretty sicky and have now totally lost my voice!
Yep. thats pretty much how I feel!

Anyhow, as its international womens day (and that I have only just managed to get round to doing febs blogger faves) it seems a pretty appropriate day to give a shout out to my fave ladies in blogging right now!

If you haven't heard of Le Happy where have you been?? she's a huge name in the blogging world, my fave blogging red head and New York blogger!

Her signature style is mostly grungy with girly twists and her style photos are just stunning - be sure to check her out if you haven't already!

Le Happy - Band Camp

Helibells - To Be Or Not To Be

Helen Anderson - Stormy Shirt

Jag Lever - Little Moon

Thats so Yesterday - How I wear Trainers & a Dress



Friday, 4 March 2016

London Fashion Weekend SS16!

So as you know, last Sunday I went up to London Fashion Weekend!

After a no show at events last year (aside from a VERY last minute dash to the Ragged Priest SS16 sneak peek in December). I wanted to get back on it this year and go try to go to both Fashion weeks (next London one being in Sept) as I have never been before.

I went along to catch up on the last day with this seasons new styles with a "trend" catwalk at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Sorry the photos are abit fuzzy and not to great as they are taken on Iphone! I am still hoping to buy my new camera soon but booking a holiday comes first! :)

After finding my way to the gallery the event was spread out on three floors, the lower floor was a shopping mecca for those who had some spare monies (was the day before payday for me so unfortunately no shopping took place! *sobs*) with many designer brands being sold at really good discount prices.

Amongst my faves were Fyodor Golan (if you haven't checked out these guys instagram and love My Little Pony you may want to check them out asap!) , Antipodium  and the contellation print dress people below, I lost the card they gave me with the brand name on!! If anyone knows what it is please comment!

There were also stands from Sunglasess hut, which as you can see were totally packed! I am not really a sunnies person unless the weather is really hot but love these House of Holland pink frames!

The second floor was the Catwalk, which was so huge!

And lastly the top floor was accessories and of course, the LFW goody bag which I had to get!

It was a botanical print tote (more coming up on botanical prints later) filled with:

Maybelline & Toni & Guy were also busy on hand to get you glammed up for the day!

Now on to the Catwalk. I chose the Trends Catwalk over the Designer as I desperately wanted to know what looks will be around this Spring and that I can seriously lust over as they will be more affordable! :)

The Catwalk included clothes from Very and showcased 4 key trends to watch out for this spring: Botanicals, New Romantics, Bold Colours, and New Americana

 What are your favourite key trends for this season?

I have to say I think the botanical and new romantics trends will be my wardrobe faves and the ones I am most excited about!


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