Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Statement Bag Edit

I have always been a fan of statement bags, no matter how impractical they are, they are just so much fun! This Milkshake bag was part of my mini haul from New Look recently after I spotted it online with the rest of the fun foodie bags they have at the moment including a burger bag and a donut bag :)

Since I spotted this one I've seen soo many other amazing statement bags out there I also really like! Heres my current best statement bag wish list :) <3

Dolls Kill

Witch Box bag 
2D Hip to be Square Cartoon bag

Attitude Clothing

Trick or Treat Kattitude bag
Magic Spells Book Bag


Beaded Clutch bag - available in loads of different colours and patterns - only £10!


Flawless Metallic pink Slogan Clutch
Paris Perfume Box Bag

New Look

Pink Faux Fur Foldover Clutch
Purply Turquoise cross body bag 


Grandfather Clock Face Bag


Blue Metallic Triangle Pouch Bag

Love, Sarah x


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Khaki Shirt Dress

  Cut Out Brown Suede Boots // New Look

Had crazy good fun shooting this earlier! Came back in to the office after spending my lunchbreak rolling around outside covered in leaves! lol! If they haven't already figured I'm the crazy one they have now!

So much love love love for this shirt dress! I love khaki colours as they are really flattering no matter what your hair colour of skin type. I actually have a khaki summer jacket very much like this and often wear it out as a dress but now I've found one I can also wear indoors without it looking weird that I'm wearing a jacket inside. :)

Its lovely n silky and I really like the gold zippers and drawstring waist, my only criticism is that I wish the front pockets could be real! I keep trying to put my hands in them but they can't go anywhere ahhhhh!

I'm also wearing my super safe choice of my cut out brown suede boots that just go with pretty much everything but I'd like to get some new biker boots to go with it instead as mine are completely broken and split from the sole at the front. Or maybe thigh high boots with a wedge heel to wear along with this dress, need to try some on and see if they suit my short little legs without looking like Puss In Boots!

Love, Sarah x

Friday, 24 October 2014

Sheer Glitter & Black Ripped Knee Skinnys

Black Glittery Sheer Tee - Primark
Black DIY Ripped Knee Jeans - Primark
Spiked Creepers - Shoe Zone

Now having to start playing with the flash on my camera as its so dark when I get home wahhh! 
Still, I quite like how these have come out even though there is a strange circular orb in the top pic which 
is weird...! Haunted yard perhaps? :)

I saw this top in Primark and instantly fell in love with its sheer glittery goodness, they do have a white version as well but the glitter isn't as pretty and doesn't stand out as much as the black, but would look great for a sports luxe style outfit.

Ripped knee skinny jeans have been EVERYWHERE this year, having been spotted on Kate Olsen, Poppy Delevingne and many other celebs. They are sooo expensive though, between £25 -£40 for a pair when they can be easily ripped at home, which is how I made these. These are a plain £7 Primark pair with I've snipped myself with scissors and voila! Ripped black skinny jeans for the price of a marks n sparks lunch! :)

Love,  Sarah x 


Tuesday, 21 October 2014


 Vintage Style Satin Baseball Jacket - Pull & Bear (Barcelona)
Runaway Grey T-Shirt - Bershka (Barcelona)
Metallic Silver Sneakers - New Look (now only £4!)
White Star Waist Belt - Primark 

I really, really love the whole american baseball varsity trend, the more vintage it looks, the better! So I was thrilled to come across this retro satin jacket in Pull & Bear in Barca, its just the comfiest thing ever :) perfect for layering over the top of t-shirts.

I wanted to go totally 80s/90s and opted for mom jeans as well, they are tricky to pull off though and I wsn't sure about them at first. I think they are def suited to taller peoples as they are ment to be ankle grazing and not rolled up 100000 times at the bottoms but I have decided to keep them as they fit nicely at the waist and have abit of a 80's tomboy relaxed look about them which for me is what denim is all about.

My other new loves are these metallic sneakers from New Look, I have kept missing out on these the last couple of years and then regretting not getting them when they sell out and waiting another year, but finally managed to snap these up in the New Look sale for an amazing £4! they are so shineyyyy :) I've posted a few links below to some really cool alternative ones to the New Look pair - Superdry ones are really nice!

Love, Sarah x

SuperDry Low-pro-trainers
Lacoste Silver Popstop (up to size 5)
Vans Authentic Glitter Trainers
Office Superga trainers


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sleek i-Divine Arabian Nights Smoke & Shadows Palette

Shades from left to right:

  1. Scheherazade's Tale
  2. Gold Souk
  3. Aladdin's Lamp
  4. Sultan's Garden
  5. Hocus Pocus
  6. Simbad's Sea's
  7. Genie
  8. Black Magic
  9. Stallion
  10. Sorcerer
  11. Valley of Diamonds
  12. 1001 Nights

Instead of an OOTD, I decided to show you my latest edition to my makeup shelf, this amazing arabian fantasy inspired pallette from Sleek.

Dramatic eyeshadows and smokey eyes have always been abit of a difficult one for me, having really light blue eyes makes any form of dark colours abit of a no go area as they always seem to make me look like I've got a black eye no matter how much I blend or how well recommend the eye shadow is. Since being drawn firstly to the pretty packaging though of this set and then opening it up to see a collection of both smokey and warm rich colours which are my favourite to wear made me instantly want to try out this pallette!

All the colours blend so well and it's easy to go for a subtle look with shades 1,2,3,4 & 7 and then using the other shades for going out times. Its really easy to create a smokey eye using these gorgeous shimmering jewel shades too minus the black eye issue as they smudge together to create a more natural looking smokey eye rather then taking a black marker pen to your face as some smokey eye product have been like when I've tried them, with these you can build up the dramaticness of the colours as much as you like. The deep tones of green, blue and gold melt together creating really effective party look they are really shimmery as well, my pics don't really do them much justice!

These pallets are only £7.99 from Boots and are perfect for all skin tones. Another amazing product from Sleek! Will have to try out the Vintage Romance pallette next I think which has loads of pretty purples and pinks for a girlier vibe :) Just love this pallette!

Love, Sarah x


Friday, 17 October 2014

Plaid Behavior

Black & White Starry Turband - Lanyero @ Asos Marketplace
Spiked Creepers - ShoeZone
Pentagram Choker - Missguided
Tie-Dyed Purple Zip Hotpants - Primark
Tattooed Little Mermaid Tank Top - Lenores Room (now closed but you can find others on Ebay)

This one was abit of a - quick, whilst there's still daylight! - random outfit post, kinda wasn't what I was planning as my denim spiked shorts did abit of a disappearing act but oh well! Will struggle to post up outfit posts in the next few months now it's getting darker unless what I choose is suitable for work..and it's not raining! boooo! 

This Disney Little Mermaid print tank top is one of my fave tops, I bought it last year from a cool little shop that sold awesome stuff that was both hand made and brands and also sold amazing Directions hair dyes which are amazing colours (perfect for dip dying and dreads!). It was called Lenores Room and it was in The Enterprise Centre which is a small market style shopping centre in town. 

The lovely lady that owned it has now moved it on Ebay under the new name Mummie & Monkey which will now be selling both alternative wear and super cute customised baby changing bags and handbags - definitely worth checking out if you looking for something unique or for you or your little monkey! :)

Love, Sarah x

PS. the Pumpkin cakebar recipe is now live in the recipes tab above :) been delayed as have been mega busy last couple of weeks! 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Nicole x Missguided 2014 Part 2!

                                           Biker Sleeve Mini Dress // Nicole x Missguided
                                           Gold Plated Black Boots // New Look

To say I'm a tinsy bit excited by the new Nicole x Missguided collection for A/W14 is an understatement! I had the date in my diary for the release and had signed up for the special access 24 hours early! Her collection earlier this year lived up to the huge hype and press reviews and I just wanted one of everything, This time round though, dare I say it, its even better!

It's full of bodycon midis, sultry backless dresses, sequins, cut-out co-ords and super shiny metallicness that is just perfect for the up & coming party season!

I picked out this chose this fierce biker style sleeved body-con dress, Its really versatile and can be dressed up for both the office and eveningwear. I really like the leather biker style paneling at the top and bottom of the long sleeves. It's made of scuba fabric which is fairly thick but mega clingy so its great for keeping cosy but also creates an amazing silhouette.

My top three favorite items from the collection are:

1. Silver Sequin Bandeau Dress
2. Black Sequin Crop top -would look great teamed with either the sequin midi skirt or sequin joggers
3. Black Cut out Jumpsuit

See the campaign here:

Order quick as it's bound to sell out fast!

Love, Sarah x


Friday, 10 October 2014

Off Duty

Veiled Black Beanie // Missguided
Black Kick Out Skater Skirt // H&M
Cut Out Studded Boots // Missguided
 (T-Shirt may have sold out as can no longer find right link)

Trying to do my best bitch face in these, haha! Unfortunately at the time weather was getting stormy and getting pretty windy so I didn't stray further out for more street style stuff n just stuck with the backyard. 

I will always love living by the sea but it does have a huge negative in that u can not have straight or curly hair in the winter without the wind mucking it up as soon as you set foot outdoors. I've been poring over YouTube lately for plaited hair style tutorials and inspiration. If you have seen any vids or pics to try send them my way please! 

I have found this uhmazing veiled beanie that I can pop on on and hide bad hair days. Admittedly I really wanted a veiled beanie when I saw Miley Cyrus's one in her video for We Can't Stop. I'm not Miley's biggest fan when it comes to her fashion choices but I did really like the beanie and had to grab this one when it came in to Missguided!  I have seen colourful ones over at Asos since so may end up getting a second one.

Finally, on to the t-shirt, I have a massive girl crush on Miss Delevingne so it made sense for me to have this tee along with other huge Brit model royalty names printed on there such as Kate & Naomi and Jourdan Dunn (this t-shirt is mega long so Jourdans name is kinda tucked in, sorry Jourdan!) 

I will team also team this up with PU leggings without tucking in the shirt in future as well. Just wanted to wear a shorter skirt today as it wasn't too cold! :) 

Love, Sarah x 


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mustard Yellow

Mustard Wrist Strap Clutch bag - Stradivarius
Feather Brim Brown Fedora Hat - Select
Mustard Cord Shorts - Primark (bought second had off Ebay)
Yellow Jumper - Primark
Suede Brown Cut-Out Boots - New Look
Pearl Necklace - Vivienne Westwood technically I'm not head to toe mustard yellow!

Its probably the most annoying thing about buying something online (apart from the worry of will it/won't it fit) ,the whole colour res thing! they always photoshop stuff within an inch of its life till sometime the garment is nothing like how it looked in the pic or pics are taken in a low light so its just hard to tell. However, it seems to have worked out fine in this case anyway! Call it shades of yellow lol! I haven't worn this much brown n yellow since I was a Brownie Guide!

We all have a colour were scared of wearing or simply don't because it doesn't suit are skin tone - fair enough - I find that most jewel tones, in particular, Cobalt Blue is not a colour that suits me well. Most people's scary colour to wear though I've found is actually yellow, despite being a lovely happy colour!

I love wearing yellow, mainly in golden mustard tones rather than garish banana yellow or lemon and was really pleased when I first adventured in to Stradivarius in Barcelona, this was there colour of the moment! Having always wanted a wrist handled clutch, I picked this one up. When I got back I then started shopping around for shorts and found these cute corded ones on Ebay for £1.99, didn't realise though the jumper I already had was alot lighter! Wasn't exactly what I had dreamed up but it works together just as nicely :)

What colours do you tend to choose/avoid when shopping? :)

Love, Sarah x


Friday, 3 October 2014

Show me moonlight, on the sunrise

Long Sleeved Sun & Moon Crop - Motel
Purple Double Split Maxi Skirt - Ebay
Petrol Chelsea Boots - Ark
Lilac 90's Choker & Silver Moon Choker - Part of multipack from Freedom @ Topshop
Pearl Choker - Vivienne Westwood

Can't believe its October already! :O Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season, though my boyf strongly disagrees with me and calls it the season of death!

The things I love about Autumn are: leaves changing colour, Halloween, comfort food, pumpkins (Will add a recipe for a Pumpkin cake bar recipe I made a couple of days ago on here in abit!), scary films, incense, cosy socks, rainy duvet gaming days, conkers, being able to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, more evening baths, bonfires, fireworks....the list goes on! 

I also release my inner goth at this time of year, rediscovering my love for black tops, skirts and everything. 

This amazing crop top is from Motel who are renowned for there fab prints such as the Shiva dress I blogged about earlier this year. They are keeping up the ongoing 90's revival trend with the scoop neck which leaves plenty of room for necklace/choker stacking and the cropness make it extremely versatile, its super easy to partner up with either the matching bottoms, mom jeans or high waisted shorts. Today as I was feeling like going for something abit more feminine,  I've chose this cadbury purple coloured double thigh split jersey skirt. 

This moon and sun print is also available in a dress, crop top, halter top, skirt, leggings, playsuit and a swimsuit! Check out the Motel website as they sell out fast! 

Love, Sarah x 
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