Monday, 29 June 2015

June Blogger Babes

As you can prob see from my below June pics, I'm pretty in to pink and black at the moment! how gorgeous are these outfits! Fringe is still a heavy feature though I am also embracing denim alot too lately, for summer vibe I like to go for an acid wash, tie dye or white denim with tons of studs and distressed finishes for a more lived in look!

Thankfully now its starting to get much warmer outside (hello heatwave!) wihch will make outfit shootng alot easier and that also said I've got some time off this week to do abit of shooting , go to Silverstone for the British GP (my first camping experience..eeek!) and London for a swift visit! - just gotta hope the thunderstorms keep away for my time off!

Anyway! enough about me, on to the best of June blogger babes! >>>

Ellen Atlanta  - Bubble Pop

Le Happy - Fading Pastels

Amy Valentine - A Masquerade of Lies

Thunder and Threads - OOTD Feat Mooi en Lieff & Velvet Cave

Kayla Hadlington - Obscure Couture

                                                           Kayla Hadlington

The Jaquard Jumpsuit - Masha Sedgwick

Tessa Diamondly - I won't let you be the death of me 

All Black Love - Alex's Closet 

Love Denim - Martha Lozano 


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bare Minerals Foundation

Bare Minerals SPF15 Minerals Powder Foundation in Fairly Light // available online, at Boots or selected Debenhams stores 

I'm no stranger to Bare Minerals foundations and have been a total convert since I bought the starter kit about 9 years ago from Debenhams.

I'm sure many of you can relate to trying at least 20 odd foundations before finding the perfect one for your skin, its really tricky. I had tried a variety of brands from MAC (too cakey) to Maxfactor (could never find the right shade) before stumbling across Bare Minerals one day after seeing this interesting mineral powder advertised during an MTV ad break and thought I would give it a try! 

if you havent guessed already i dropped this on the floor whilst taking pictures, its not usually like this looool!! 
My main issues for my skin is firstly it is very sensitive and i go red V. easily and I also have combination skin so on my face my skin can go from oily to dry in a matter of  days or depending if its that time of the! 

I had found my perfect liquid foundation in Bourjois Healthy Mix  - I cannot rate this any higher if you have sensitive or combination skin, it is just amazing - I use this on my cheeks and under my eyes for an even coverage but to get all my skin one even tone and to seal the foundation I also needed to use a powder that wasnt drying and kind to skin. Which is Bare Minerals comes in. 

The Bare Minerals foundation is just weightless, totally uncakey and gives a really natural look which for me is what I prefer. Many other powders I also find are just in shades porcelain, olive skin and black so nothing inbetween! Bare minerals has a really wide range of shades including inbetween shades so you can get the perfect shade to match your skin tone without choosing one too light or too dark. 

Unlike other powders, it  goes on really easily and smoothly and buffs on beautifully! I use the Bare minerals Kabuki brush and it works a treat. 

Another great perk is that it lasts for ages.. I only need to buy two pots a year and i use it everyday apart from Sundays when I go make-up free. You don't need to use alot to get great coverage, you just need to buff it in to your face and it makes a huge difference in moments. 

Unlike my terrible picture above (I dropped it on my bathroom floor whilst shooting loool! beauty blogger fail!) there is actually a 4 little holes where you can sprinkle the power from which you can just about make out from that pic in to the lid and the dip your brush in there.

This cool little contraption can lock so when you are carrying it about in your makeup bag the powder doesn't go everywhere and make a mess. its only a mess cus i dropped  it whilst open on a really hard floor :( On the bright side though you can see how really fine and smooth the powder is. 

They come in matte colours so non cakey and great for getting rid of shine. so perfect for the summer months ahead! 

It is also recommended that you use Bare minerals as a powder on its own rather than on top of liquid foundation, if your blessed enough to be fairly blemish free and not prone to going scarlet randomly (people do literally think i have sunburn without any make up on lol) then I'd def recommend you try this out! 

This is my skin with just Bare Minerals on  all over below! so you can see what i nice coverage it gives just on its own :) 

However due to the nature of my skin I feel a little bit braver using both liquid and powder, particularly during the summer months, I''m one of these who only has to do a light jog to catch the train to work on time in the morning and look like I've run the London marathon with how sweaty i get just doing that!   

Minimal Make up: 

I'm wearing: 

Bare minerals is definitely a beauty product I'll keep going back too, Mascaras, eyeliners and some lipsticks I always chop and change but eye shadows, brow pencils and foundations I have as my make up bag favourites that i buy over and over again! 

If your interested in Bare minerals I would def recommend trying the starter kit and visiting your nearest Bare Minerals shop/counter to talk to a consultant. 

What do you think of Bare Minerals products? have you tried them? :) 

Love, Sarah x 


Friday, 19 June 2015

Welcome to the Jungle + Top Five Unitard Lust List

Iridescent Sandals // Primark

After ages of looking around and wondering if they would suit me I decided to go for it and order a funky festival style unitard!

Apart from the obvious going to the loo issues, they are really cool and a great alternative for something festivally to wear that isn't the traditional shorts/kimono routine. that and like my flares wearing this does make me feel like Justin Hawkins from The Darkness. whether that's a good thing to u or not its up to u but to me that's pretty awesome! They do take some super confidence to wear though :)

Boohoo have some great ones at the mo, this one stood out due to its unique off the shoulder design and the print is really pretty and detailed - kinda a animal print mash up between snake and tiger!

I've made a little top five of my fave unitards around at the mo below - check it out!

From left to right,

Fringed Tie Dye Plunge Neck Unitard - Asos
Multi Coloured Feather Print Unitard - Jaded London
High Neck Disco Cut Out Unitard - Boohoo
Moon & Star Print Unitard - Motel
Ice Lolly Print Sleeved Unitard - Asos

What do u think of unitards? would u dare to rock one? :)

Love, Sarah x


Monday, 15 June 2015

Rainbow Series #2 - This Is How We Do

Rainbow Iridescent Visor // Primark
Iridescent Cleated Sandals // Primark
Rainbow 90's Choker // Vintage Fair
Fast Food Charm Bracelet // Katy Perry Prism Collection @ Claires
Rainbow Smiley Toe-Sox // ollllddd - think Claires

Sorry for the multiple backgrounds! was trying to take pictures in the Aegon tennis courts which are due to be played in next week and managed to get in a few sneaky pictures before was spotted by security!! :D had to then retreat to the backyard again. never mind, was pretty fun and managed to get a couple of shots although the sun was in the wrong place! 

On to the outfit, I challenged myself to buy a bodysuit having liked them for sometime but worried I wouldn't be able to style it up easily, how wrong was I? Lovin how cute n quirky they are and they are fab for popping on under denim which is another thing I tend to stay away from as find jeans boring. Great that this one could also pass as a swimsuit too so perfect summer layering outfit! 

The rainbow print is tooo cute! Have teamed it up with my smiley toe socks (sooo ancient and 2003 but i still adore mine!)  and fast food charm bracelet from Claires which really reminds me of the This is how we do video so I kinda built my outfit around that as its such a fun music video and song!

I bought the denim skirt with it too as this is also something I would never usually bought - but I love it! Button front skirts are everywhere right now and this little beauty is a steal at £15. Topshops one are pretty much same as quality-wise but at least double the price. Great if you wanna get in on the trend but don't fancy splashing out £££.

Love, Sarah xx


Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Henna (Transfer Set) // Regal Rose
Studded Ankle Boots // Pretty Little Thing 

Sorry about the crappy pic quality! I just saw this amazing magical ivy door way whilst out and about and had to come back n shoot hindsight tho the lighting was pretty poor, but heyho! 

Have had this Misguided Tie-Dye dress on my wish list for ages - so pleased I finally got it. I'm obsessing over all things tie-dye at the mo! 

I recently ordered a load of Regal Rose goodies as well as they are fast becoming my fave accessory destination. Their latest collection - Babylon - is just incredible and full of boho style goodness! 

This time I went back for the lovely henna transfers which are brilliant and stay on really well - everyone has complimented this one I have on and had no idea it was a transfer as it looks just like real henna..result! 

I also got this amazing crescent headband which is really unique and some more hair braid rings for my growing collection :)

The coin belt though is actually Boohoo - yes Boohoo!! Its pretty heavy and noisy but its by far the best coin belt I have ever seen, my only moan is that I wish it was gold instead of silver but its such a stunning statement piece I'll let Boohoo off this one! 

Make sure you check out Regal Rose's Babylon Collection here

Love, Sarah x


Monday, 8 June 2015

Floral Clash

Lilac Satchel // River Island
Pink Fluff // Molly Trubody
Pink Cleated Sandals // Ebay

Just a super quick post today as I'm soooo tired, had a crazy busy weekend with some really exciting news which I will spill on alot of things to plan! ;)

I absolutely adore print clashes, I'm not brilliant though at coming up with great ones which is why I'm thrilled Asos have done all the hard work for me and made this fab floral clash dress with a very retro bold 60s floral print on the bottom and a hawaiian pink flower on the top. Found this matchy purple flower wall on my way home the other day and had to stop to take pics with my matching bag and purpleness in my outfit! 

Its a fab office workwear dress as it dosent ride up half as much as my other dresses and its such a nice bright print. Think it may also be my only A-line dress i own as as well.. all my dresses n skirts are either super short or super long!

Other cool things include the back which is strappy and crosses over (didn't remember to take a picture..doh!) and its a textured dress, i'm not sure how to describe it to you but its kinda like those quilted sweater that were everywhere a couple of months back only this ones got little bumps on it like braille, This dress is unlike anything I have in my wardrobe so def a keeper! 

My River Island satchel I got for Christmas is still going strong too! These are still in RI shops in multiple colour options so would advise if you had one of these on your wishlist you snap one of these babies up before they actually do vanish! 

Love, Sarah x

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