Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Two Delusional

Spongebob Squarepants Knit Sweater Dress // Ebay (you can find sweater version at Choies)
Thigh High Boots // Sole Affair
2 Delusional Backpack // Amazon (Similar version on Dolls kill)

Feels like its been ages since I've been able to do a proper outfit shoot! though this time its due to me being crazy busy and not the weather being too crap to shoot outside! 

This is a looky likey copy kinda outfit - The knit sweater dress is a copy of the Moschino version that was heavily featured during Mochino's 2014 fall collection which was Spongebob crazy!! However, not having the funds to splash out on the real one, I've settled for this identical knit dress from Ebay for only £15! :D A must have for any Spongebob fan! 

How awesome is this 2d backpack?! its totally flat but the 2d graphic makes it look like a drawing! cool huh! I got this one from Amazon as it sadly went out of stock on Dolls Kill before I could get one. I have such a huge wish list on the Dolls Kill website, need to actually buy something from there soon. Fingers crossed they open a UK shop online or high street, we need more cool shops like this! 

Love, Sarah x


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