Thursday, 30 July 2015

July Blogger Babes

Sophie Hannah Richardson
Fashionista Miss Sophie Hannah is one of my fave bloggers I have discovered this year, her style is so unique and cool and she is undoubtably the queen of the festival unitard!

Check out her blog to read more on her recent adventures in LA. Her holiday wardrobe was just perfection and I am really excited to see what other outfits she is gonna have on the blog for the last part of the season - def go follow! >>

Aside from Hannahs blog , I have loved looking though loads of other incredible outfit posts this month as the festivals and holidays are in full swing! check out my favourites below!

Sophie Hannah Richardson - Summer Sequins

Style Peaches - Unicornzzz

RommydeBommy - Princess loves ice cream

Zoe London - Club Tropicana

Hannah Louise Fashion - A white dress on Brooklyn Bridge

Shiny Thoughts - Lovebox

Helibells - Holiday Outfits - Night 4

Sonar Special pt 2 - Hippy Goth

Sarah Louise Porter - Cotton Candy

Doll Poupee - Lake Powell, Arizona

The Soubrette Brunette - Peach Blossom



Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Black Mesh, Turquoise Jewels & Henna

Semi-Precious Stone Pendant Necklace Turquoise // Missguided 
Black Strappy dress (worn underneath) // Primark
Black Fedora // Asos
Henna // Custom design by Pavan 

With my wardrobe being all kindsa colour crazy these last couple of months I thought I do something a little bit different and go for an all black outfit with this beaut mesh maxi from Missguided. 

I have layered it up as it is completely see thru without the little black Primark strappy dress on underneath for decency but it does look stunning without layering underneath as it has peekaboo lace panels and is really clingy and flattering..good for doubling up as bedroom lingerie hehe! For  the residents of Eastbournes sake tho and to wear to work, the strappy dress has gotta be worn underneath! 

To go with my sorta gothyish look these I've also dug out my black fedora which is getting abit miss-shapen! will make it my mission to get a new one for the autumn as there are sure to be loads of these appearing in shops soon. (why do they usher in the A/W clothes so quick in the UK??, Its JULY FFS, never understood this!!) 

To finish and throw back in a pop of colour, I also got this beautiful turquoise necklace from Missguided so I don't feel too muchly in dark colours. Love turquoise accessories with dark colours as they can take more of a centre piece. Our wedding rings that have also come this week are also this colour stone :)

oh, lastly have you spotted my henna tattoo? I went to the Pavan henna bar in Selfridges Beauty workshop just before we went to the Alexander Mcqueen, Savage Beauty exhibit and got it done! Got a post coming on these guys soon so you can find out all about it then! 

Love, Sarah  x 


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Wanderlust: Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty

Last weekend I headed up to London to the V&A museum to see the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition. It was actually a belated bday present but this was the earliest I could book tickets for as it was almost sold out! Cameras in there are not allowed so I admit I was abit sneaky and took a couple of shots on my iphone. 

We went in the evening which was cool as its pretty atmospheric in there as the design team have worked really hard to make all of McQueens collections fit in to all the different settings including my favourite McQueen dress (above) which is in the Romantic Naturalism section along with this beauty...hello wedding dress inspo! 

Every collection, has its own themed room to match the collection my favourite though was the second room which followed his earliest graduate collection. The Victorian gothic room was just stunning with huge mirrors and atmospheric lighting. I think I was in this room almost as long as I was in the square centre piece room (The cabinet of curiosity's) which contained accessories and shoes he collaborated on with designers such as Philip Treacy. There was just so much detail on the clothes to look at and so many different fabrics and mindblowing amazingness. This feathered dress from The Horn of Plenty AW10 is just incredible,

Other collections also included VOSS (The Asylum Show 2001, His Japanese/American style collection; Its Only a Game, Highland Rape (see another fantastic feather dress below) , It's a Jungle Out There and his final collection, futuritic Plato's Atlantis

If the exhibition was going on till the end of the year I would definitely go again, but it finishes on the 2nd August! :( Due to popular demand though, they have now released an additional 12,000 night tickets to book from tonight (24th July) till this sunday till 10pm and also for the final weekend next weekend where the exhibition will be open till 11pm. Tickets are £17.60 and are timed so make sure you get there a good 15 mins before you're allotted time as there is a que!

I did raid the gift shop abit afterwards! I got the McQueen hardback book I've been wanting for yeeeears. Metropolitan Museum of Art Edition. Savage Beauty postcards set and some beautiful Swarovski blue iron on gems.. may use these somewhere on my wedding dress or veil!

The Horn of Plenty A/W09
Alexander McQueen 1997

If you are unable to go but wanna buy something from the giftshop you can go on to the V&A shop online and buy something awesome from the McQueen section that's been specially set up for the exhibition,

Find out more about the exhibition here

love sarah x 

Image credits: McQueen photograph by Marc Hom and Horn of plenty image by firstVIEW

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Byron Bay Meets London..

Coral Boho Stripe Wrap Skirt // Spell & The Gypsy Collective
Coin Necklace // Primark
Black Western Style Boots // Primark

Byron Bay meets London Vintage with this gorgeous wrap around skirt..

This is without a doubt my fave thing I have bought this season. I have been wearing it to death lately and have been waiting ages to shoot this one!

Its from a Australian brand Spell & The Gypsy who make stunning boho clothes that are really unique to any other boho brand out there. 

The story behind the design of this skirt is that the designers came across a similar design skirt to this whilst looking around London Vintage markets. A decade later with some Spell design magic and they created this lovely! 

Its a thick cotton weave material so the quality of the fabric is really nice yet not too hot to wear for summer. I wasn't able to get a shot of how it looks when you walk and not sure sure how to explain it but it has nice movement if that makes any sense!! it doesn't hang straight and taut all the time which I really like and the wrap style makes its incredibly comfortable and flattering as you tie it quite high on your hips. 

You can get a matching bustier top with it and go all coordinating if you wanna but I quite like keeping it comfy and have opted for this boxy style crop top from one of my fave brands WildFox. 

Def wanna go to Oz and go shopping there now, keep seeing so much nice things online that all come from Australia! Maybe will try and squeeze in a trip there someday! 

Love, Sarah x


Friday, 17 July 2015

Wanderlust: F1 British GP Silverstone

So a couple of weeks ago I went on my first camping trip ever and to the F1 British GP Silverstone Track near Milton Keynes for the full weekend. 

It was a really enjoyable race as we got to see abit of everything including seeing he race in the rain abit which made things interesting and not a run away win for the race winner Lewis Hamilton. 

We also had access to Club Silverstone which we had access to a nice little area for us to hang out and watch the Red Arrows and we sat at the Becketts part of the circuit, before the hangar straight. 

Would I do it again? yep maybe not camping though, or at least not for that length of time as I felt ill and under the weather constantly! Id also take ore clothes when camping outside, a silk jumpsuit, Boyfriend jeans and maxi dresses were def not good camping attire but hey - I wanted to still feel a little bit glam as it was the F1 but def not suitable if your doing camping or sittign towards the back of the stands.. it was bloody freezing! 

Here's some of our pics we took during our time there ,and will have another wanderlust post for y'all next week as me and the boy (should really start calling him Fiance!) are off to London tomorrow for Henna tattoos and to see the Alexander Mcqueen Savage Beauty expo at the V&A :) Can't wait! x


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