Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Beauty: Lee Stafford Argan Hair Range

In need of some winter hair SOS? Then try this Argan range from Lee Stafford, its sooo good!

Its been a while since I recommended any hair products that I rate as my hair goes through so many phases n gets bored of stuff so easily but since I switched up my routine and discovered this amazing Argan Oil range from Lee Stafford I simply have to share this with you as its worked wonders on my locks!

I've been using these two products since September last year now due to how badly damaged my hair was due to summer heat. I mean, look at this,

If you can't see how broken my hair is here's a closer look...

Yep, literally up to my jaw in split ends and breakage. I thought I was gonna have to say bye to my hair and go for the chop (eeek) but I then went on a mission to find something that really works on my hair type (super thin, fine prone to greasyness within 2 days hair)  and found my hair saviour!  

I had heard of Argan Oil products before but have always been put off by the fact they looked quite oily and too heavy for my fine hair so I bought these thinking they may be another hair product destined for one use then to the back of the bathroom cabinet but I was totally wrong! 

For those who are also sceptics, Argan Oil is super rich in Vitamin E and is an excellent moisturiser for your hair and skin, leaving it super soft and shiny and nourished - well worth a try if you are in need of some hair TLC! 

There are so many different products in the Lee Stafford Argan range, I chose 2, one, the Deep Nourishing Treatment and second the Miracle Heat Defence Spray and now use both religiously in my hair routine. I've seen such a difference and the breakage in my hair is so much more improved! 

Unlike the oils I've seen on the shelfs before, this is a creamy treatment mask that you leave in after washing you hair normally and then leaving in. The longer the better I find, I tend to shower and then gently dry my hair a little with a towel so it's not dripping wet then apply this from root to tip, taking extra care to add more to the tips as this is where my hair is driest and most damaged, 

After wrapping my hair up in cling film (sure I read somewhere this helps!) and then a silk scarf on top wrapped around my head as a turban I'll potter about for an evening before rinsing off about an hour or so before bed so I've had this soaking on my hair for around 2-3 hours for best results. If I'm in a hurry though I leave it on for about 40 mins and still have great results and silky hair once dried, it does actually only say 5 mins on the tub but I have seen a difference in leaving for longer to shorter times. :) 

This is my third tub of this I've bought since Sept and with a price tag of £15 its not the cheapest out there but to me its worth every penny! I use it around twice a week and have one hair wash a week where I don't use it as I get product build up in my hair pretty quick and just  due to time to do this routine! 

I also got the heat defence spray seeing as I also was out of a heat spray at the time. This like the treatment mask smells amazing and also makes your hair lovely sleek and shiny, 

I've been using this before hairdrying my hair along with the treatment and would def get this again, I'm just coming to the end of this bottle since buying it in September so it is also really long lasting! 

Check out the Argan Oil Range from Lee Stafford from Boots - they are quite often on offer or in 3 for 2 so you can pick and choose different ones from the range! I bought a new treatment as mines just run out today for £10 instead of £15 in my local Eastbourne boots store as they are currently in store at 25% off! :)

Love, Sarah x


Thursday, 26 January 2017

January Pay Day Wishlist

Its almost here!! The longest ever pay waiting game of the yeeeaaarrr is almost over (sigh of relief!)

Its also time for new season trends to start popping up as much as I love this it frustrates me at the same time. Whats with bringing in all this beaut springy like stuff when Winters only just arrived?! Sort it out fashion peeps! otherwise, hurry up warmer weather so I can wear some of this!

Still adding it all to my wishlist though as not sure I'll be able to wait too long, it looks like the embroidery thing is still going for now and there's also a HUGE nod to this springs biggest trend - its all about them sleeves! More on that another day..

Here's my current pinned list of faves, doubt I'll be able to buy much (if anything) due to Icelandy saving as its now 6 weeks away and I've still got a couple of things to book. Its a seriously expensive holiday but I know it will be so worth it :)

Hugely crushing on studded jackets and florals still and that Asos dress has Spring written all over it! <3 my fave new in sections at the mo have to be River Island though and Missguided! Two shops I've not really gone for in a long time so they are seriously winning me back if they have pretties like these on the rails!

Whats your fave?

1. Light Blue Embroidered Studded Jacket - Glamourous | 2. Cher Ankle Grazer Tartan Trousers - Love Too True | 3. Velvet Quilted Patch Bomber Jacket - Asos | 4. Green Bardot Waterfall Sleeve Bodysuit - Missguided | 5. Multi Print Cami Dress - Asos Premium | 6. Black Wash T-shirt Dress - Missguided | 7.  Embroidered and Studded Denim Bag - River Island | 8. Teen Idol Tunic Dress - Sister Jane

Love, Sarah x 


Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Be a girl on fire in flame print with Mad But Magic @ Asos

Black Vinyl Skirt & Tights  // Primark 
Studded Creepers // Shoe Zone 

Noticing I'm back in black again! I tend to do this in January, I goth up as it matches my dark mood at this time of year. Short days and cold def make me feel like gothing up! 

Injecting in some fun is this head turner of a top from Asos new kids Mad But Magic. I do love scouting ASOS new in and have to say all the stuff from Mad but Magic seriously caught my eye. So I treated myself to this flame crop top which works a treat with this vinyl skirt.

Still working off the sinus stuff but feeling much better, spesh now as I have ordered my new camera AT LAST!! Thank god I no longer have to take pics on my iPhone anymore! so looking forward to finally getting my blog up to scratch, its been 3 1/2 months since my camera died so am thrilled to get a new one which will be at the end of the month 😍

Check out all things from Mad But Magic here, if you love statement pieces as much as I do it won't disappoint! 

Love, Sarah  x 

Get the look - Firestarter

1. Oversized Denim Flame Patch Jacket - Ragged Priest | 2. Ripped Knee Flame Mom Jeans - Ragged Priest | 3. Flame Sequin Ruffle Dress - Jaded London


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Nights In

Super long January is made for nights in! Check out my PJ wish list and cookie dough recipe, perfect for evening snuggles! 
I have never been a night owl, or one for pubbing and clubbing. My only ever club experience being at Ministry of Sound several years ago and only lasting 20 minutes before feeling very claustrophobic and needing to get out and away from the noise and small cramped rooms.

My then Boyfriend I had been seeing for a few months (now husband!) also then decided to leave the club with me instead of stay on his own which he now always does, now having learnt that trance and house music is a stuffy club is not really my scene!

Both of us do love a cosy night in though,  so we love to get snacks and cuddle up under our sofa blanket. Particularly been doing this alot this weekend thanks to my delightful sinuses playing up and being blocked (gotta love it when they decide that they are gonna play up for your whole weekend then feel better when you need to go back to work!) 😒

I spent today in the kitchen trying to feel inspired by food again so made a soup, which kinda became more of a thick pasta sauce so need to try this one again! However I have successfully made some cookie dough which is perfect for sofa treats on nights in which I've shared the recipe below!

Also I've made my PJ wish list . I literally live in PJs when I'm not outside so they def deserve their own wishlist! Absolutely adore the Toy Story PJs from George @ Asda!

How to make safe to eat raw cookie dough

You need:

  • 100g Butter (softened at room temperature)
  • 175g Soft Brown Sugar
  • 2Tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 140g Plain Flour
  • 2 Tbsp Full Fat Milk 

  1.  Beat the butter and sugar together, pref in a mixer if you have one, I used my hand held Argos Value mixer and it worked a treat still!
  2. Add the vanilla, and flour and mix till it looks like bread crumbs
  3. Mix in the milk and that's it! yummy safe raw cookie dough! 
Perfect for adding to ice cream, unless you want to drizzle chocolate on top (as I have done very enthusiastically below)  or add marshmallows, Nutella, peanuts or digestive biscuits to it! :) 

Enjoy your winter nights in! 

Love, Sarah x 


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lightning strikes twice

Abit of a Bowie tribute today with lots of lightning themed stuff n silver!

 Lightning Slogan Plunge T-Shirt Dress // Pretty Little Thing 
Lightning/Zig Zag Tights // Primark
Silver Ankle Boots // Primark 

Sorry, not best pics I know,! Trying to do outfit posts in January dicing between daylight, weather and general free time is a mission so I took the only time I could grab, the morning after a party so apols for my shattered looking face!! 

I've finally managed to find another low cut top sorta thing to wear with the harness bra I got back in September, these rock chic style T-shirt dresses are all over Pretty Little thing right now and they are just perfect for weekend wear. Particularly loving the spliced ones (half n half design t-shirts) though they are a little harder to find but they are really cool and interesting!. 

I was thinking of teaming up with my thigh high boots but instead as I've listening to Bowie last couple of days I opted for my new fave lightning tights and silver boots as they also go with the t-shirt anyway! Haven't worn any interesting/patterned tights since I was about 18 and lived in comic strip ones so these patterned ones are a welcome update to my boring all black or nude tights my drawer has nowadays. Maybe will get the thigh highs out another time. 

Love, Sarah x

Get the look - Rock Chic T-shirt Dresses 


Friday, 6 January 2017

Beauty: Urban Decay Vice Palette - Reloaded

Meet the Limited Edition Reloaded Vice Palette, full of bright Rainbow bright colours that will totally transform your make up collection and inspire you to create TONS of different eyeshadow magic!

Back in November I headed to my nearest Urban Decay counter (Brighton, Debenhams!) to try and find a new eye shadow palette that could get me excited about eye shadows again. I have been stuck in a rut with mine and opting for my trusty Naked 2 palette for a good couple of years without a change, so I really wanted to bring some colour and experimenting back in to my eye make up game.

The lady on the counter introduced me to the limited edition Vice Palette and I was instantly sold, this was just what I was looking for!

Firstly check out the packaging..

pretty huh! :)

And when you open it you get an insannneee set of 20 different shades to feast your eyes on, it literally is a rainbow of colour - with a difference.

Usually when buying a colourful palette you get your colours and thats that, you then get your nude shades for work/ day wear in a nude palette separately.

What Urban Decay have done here though is brilliant as you get all these wonderful colours to experiment with but you also get a handful of nude and smokey shades to play with if you don't want to opt for colourful shades. It is a palette that is an all rounder!

As you can see in my pictures I have been using this since before I took the pics :) my fave shades I have been using in particular are pinks and purples and blues as they have made a welcome change from smokey grey! :)

The 20 shades are chosen as part of Urban Decays 20th Bday (hence the special release of this palette!) and the shades span the past 20 years Urban Decay have been around.

This palette includes cult favourites from the past (such as the light green shade Acid Rain or electric blue UV-B) , 5 exclusive shades from Vice and Book Of Shadows Palettes, 7 best sellers from the current collection of single eyeshadows and 5 new shades which are new exclusives to this one!

As with most Urban Decay Palettes, this one comes with a huge mirror and a double ended brush 😊

This is def my favourite go to at the moment and will be for a long time, the combinations of colours are endless so it will take me a good year or two to have fun mixing and matching these!

If your stuck in a rut with your eyeshadows and want to go for a bolder look but not give up on your trusty nude shades this palette is the one!

                                             Check it out - Urban Decay Vice Palette Reloaded

Love, Sarah x

Monday, 2 January 2017

Black Velvet & Florals

Think floral's are for Summer? Think again! PLT have got the embroidery trend nailed with this velvet floral wonder. 

Black Velvet Floral Jumpsuit // Pretty Little Thing
Black Studded Boots // Pretty Little Thing (old) 
Black Floral Cross Body Bag // Primark 
Black Suede Baker Boy Hat // Next (verrryyyy old!)

Firstly, Happy New Year! :)

I know it's cliche to keep going on on one about "new year, new me" stuff so I'll spare you of that! I do love a new year start feeling though as although you can obvs change and start a-fresh anytime of year it's still a great feeling to move in to a new year with a clean(ish) slate and feeling positive for new things and excitement of what this year may bring.

For me and the boy, its clear we are at a point in our lives that we are now desperate to get things moving and start a new chapter so we are hoping 2017 brings that for us and gets on on the road to owning our own home! Gotta take the rough with the smooth though which may mean a year of saving and holding back this year but it will be worth it in the long run.

One thing that has no signs of changing is the embroidery trend which I posted about way back in June last year. I have adored this trend and it looks like its not going anywhere just yet which makes it even more of a good reason to shop this one!

This jumpsuit is from my faves Pretty Little Thing. They absolutely slayed Christmas and NYE wear to the point that if I had the time of would of done a separate wishlist on their collections as they were fab!

I don't often opt for unitards or jumpsuits but couldn't resist this one due to its pretty wintery floral embroidery. Oh, did I mention its also velvet too! 😍

Here's a couple of my fave embroidery picks out there at the mo. From jackets, jumpsuits to sweaters this trend will be on everything, just shop around and check out some of the designs out there!

Personally am in love with the River Island jacket below! I'm gonna need a room just for cute jackets at the rate I'm buying them right now! Check out my pinterest to see what else I'm pinning on this trend!

Jazz up your winter wardrobe with Embroidery! 

Love, Sarah  x 

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