Monday, 29 September 2014

September 2014 Edit - Day 271 - Barcelona

Parc Guell: H&M Neon Leopard Print Embellished Bralet & Hotpants Co-ord , Accessorize Sunglasses
Montserrat Monastery - H&M Red Skater Dress, Primark Coin Necklace &Tribal Print Drawstring Bag

La Ramblas: Topshop Tile print Crop top, H&M Distressed Denim Hotpants & Turquoise PomPom Tassel Necklace
Montjuic: Select Floral Tapestry Print Bardot Dress
The Saturdays: Greatest Hits Tour Brighton!

Being the transeasonal month, I'm sort of in-between changing over my seasonal wardrobe and my A/W make up at the mo, throwing on layers when it gets abit chilly and instead of introducing my plum and berry coloured lipsticks and metallic pallet to my make up bag, I'm using my hot pink lippy to brighten things up whilst teaming up with my ultimate go-to eyeshadow everyday pallet- Natural Eye from Too Faced.
I have been using this set now for years and despite trying cheaper dupes or Benefits' World Famous Most Glamorous Nudes which has some similar shades but they they just don't come close to how nicely these apply and how well all the shades blend - Well worth the £22 worth - My current pallet is a year old and still going strong even after using daily!

So I'll start my A/W makeup buying next month and will have lots of new stuff to show you then :)

Its been a busy September as have been on holiday and out and about abit! Barcelona was just B-E-A-Utiful! am definitely going back there (hopefully to live!!) one day. As I managed to leave some of my holiday wardrobe behind by accident, I did have to re-buy a couple of bits whilst I was out there and H&M came to my rescue as usual as there are loads of them! I did also pop in the some of Spain's bestest clothes shops such as Bershka, Pull & Bear and Stradivarius that are popping up over here in the UK gradually also.

I managed to grab some some cool things from these three shops including a teddy coat (is that weird I went on a sunny holiday and came back with a winter coat??!)  a bomber jacket, a clutch bag and a couple of cute tee-shirts... Keep your eyes on the blog, they will be up in future posts soon! :)

Love, Sarah x


Thursday, 25 September 2014


Floral Chiffon Plunge Maxi Playsuit - Missguided
Wide Brim Black Fedora Hat - Asos
Black Suede Platform Studded Boots - Ebay

Well, its official - Autumn is here!

I have seen so many pretty things for this season I want to get - starting with this chiffon maxi playsuit from Missguided. It has such a cool 70's boho vibe to it which I adore. I have such a huuuge wishlist of Missguided's New In section as its all so amazing!

I have an abundance of bright floral things in my wardrobe and I usually avoid florals on black or dark colours unless there is a gothicy twist to it so this was abit of a change for me though I like the autumnal colours of the roses on it. I wouldn't also go for a plunging neckline either but this one fits beautifully - have opted for the smallest size to avoid any exposure issues.

I'l try and get as much wear out of this before I have to start thing about layering it over things. Is particularly nippy in the mornings at the moment unless I'm just feeling it more since coming back from Spain last week. Looks like I'll be covering up my tan quicker than hoped, though I can't deny I'm not excited about cosy knits and sweaters appearing everywhere at the moment. Keep an eye on my Pintrest board for my best pics of whats around! :)

Love, Sarah x


Monday, 22 September 2014

Forever Is Over

PU Rose Gold Mini skirt - Missguided -
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken logo tee- Ebay
Leather Jacket - Pretty Little Thing
Peep Toe Ankle Boots - Wallis
Bag - From Amsterdam

Did I mention I like PU skirts?? lol! might be bordering on obsession now!

Having loved the Lavish Alice Rose gold NYE party dress last year, I was determined to find a skirt or something similar as I couldn't justify buying it as I don't party enough for it to of got any wear. This is my fourth night out of the year, off to see The Saturdays Greatest Hits Tour at the Brighton Centre for a nice girly evening out. :)

This Missguided PU mini skirt is exactly what I was looking for, as you well know I'm a fan of their candy coloured PU skirts and thought this one in pretty rose gold would be a fab addition to the continually growing obsession I have with PU skirts.

Love, Sarah x

Friday, 19 September 2014

Autumn River

Halter Crop Top - Autumn River
Petrol Chelsea Boots - Ark
Navy Tartan Shirt - Topshop
Acid Wash Dungarees - Ebay
Blue 90's Choker - Freedom @ TopShop

Happy Friday peeps!

Its Jeans for Genes day in the office today so I thought I'd take the liberty of not only wearing denims for the day at work but by wearing these dungarees!  I've actually had them in my wardrobe for a few months trying desperately to find tops to go with them, they look better with tight fitting stuff so I was thinking of starting to look for a colourful bodysuit or something to wear underneath for something different.

The crop top is from a little known online shop called Autumn River  - They make loads of quirky hairbands, t-shirts, crop tops and pretty things, check them out! :)

Love, Sarah x


Thursday, 18 September 2014

OOTD: Velvet Gold

Black Mesh PU Bodysuit - American Apparel
Crushed Gold Velvet Pencil Skirt - TopShop
Spiked Gold Hairband - Topshop

I've been waiting to blog about this skirt & bodysuit for aaages, after-all, I bought it from TopShop in a spring sale earlier this year and the bodysuit may have been from 2012 but was a really popular piece in American Apparels extensive bodysuit collection. Not sure if both these work together but oh well!

I really love mesh paneling and this PU mesh body suit is no exception, it's pretty risqué so I usually put it with bootcut jeans to let the body suit do take centre piece. not sure if it goes with the skirt or not - maybe strictly for evening outwear!

I have tried multiple times to wear velvet blouses and dresses but find it really tricky to wear without feeling abit pantomime..not sure why I feel like that, not sure I've ever worn a velvet costume in the past! I find velvet really difficult to style but with this skirt, I feel like I can sort of pull off the velvet look without feeling like I've walked out of a theatre costume cupboard.

Love, Sarah x 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

60's Mod

Check Grid Print Dress - Select -
Scunci Vintage Fringe Roller -
Red Patent Heels - Marks & Spencer

I'm lovin that monochrome has come back in with a bang for AW14, this time with a more 60's Mod vibe.

Can you believe that this quirky black & white grid print dress is only £12 from Select?! Hello bargain!

I love it because of its double layer style, which instantly makes it super flattering if your in the small boob club as as the crop top part draws all the attention to your waist :D
I bought a tropical print crop dress in the summer which remains one of my favorite purchases this year so I'm really glad that it looks like these crop dresses are here to stay!

I also spotted a fringe roller in Claire's a couple of weekends ago which is made by Scunci, who make loads of other DIY hair kits for those of us who are crap at putting hair up without getting hair loops whilst trying to pull hair in a bun or unable to plait your hair because you somehow end up with your own fingers caught in to your braids - shamelessly guilty of both of these!

I've been itching to figure out how to get more vintagey hairstyles without forking out for a hairdresser everytime so I picked one up and gave it a try. I found it a little bit fiddly at first but managed to get it working in about 15 mins yay! :) It actually worked better if you rolled it up the opposite way the instructions said! typo maybe???

Definitely check these out and persist with them, there pretty cool. Now theirs a whole vintage range of these, I think I'll pop back and get the victory roll kit next and start collecting them all.

Love, Sarah x


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Festival Dip Dye, Spikes & Glitter

Pink Glitter Festival Rain Jacket - Ragged Priest
Pink Sequin Crop Top - TopShop
Dip Dye Spiked Shorts - DIY Topshop Moto hand-downs with custom spikes and hand dip dye
Dip Dye Pink hair - Fudge Urban Festival Pink Hair Chalk -

I'm probably the worst person ever to blog about a festival jacket since I've never been to one (say whaaaaat!?) but yeh it's true, I've never been to a festival. Its not something I have ever ruled out entirely, I would of LOVED to see Green Day at Reading when I was in my college days but never had the moneys. And now a decade later, being tee-total, not great with crowds and pretty shy leaves me picked last for anyone looking for a potential festival buddy!

Wearing something like this whilst watching Biffy Clyro's at T in the park on MTV Rocks is about as close as I'll ever get to hanging with the cool kids at a festival, I'm as tame as they come.

This amazing glitter jacket is by Ragged Priest and made spesh for festivals as its totally water proof, and so lightweight and easy to roll up. Sadly, It's abit too big for me (this is the smallest size!) so I'm gonna send it back which I'm abit gutted about cus its gorge! I hope all of Ragged Priest's a/w line-up isn't all in bigger sizes as alot of my current wishlist is made up of Ragged Priest stuff, maybe its just the outerwear stuff.

Anyway, I'm off to Barcelona for a week :D First flight :) :)  I won't be posting whilst I'm out there as I'll be busy exploring around the city with zee boy, planning on visiting Montjuic, Blanes, Las Ramblas and Montserrat to name a few. Fingers crossssedddd tight for some late Barca sunshine! Keep your eyes peeled for pics when we return! :)

Love, Sarah x


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Rainbow Suede

Rainbow Suede Fringed Shorts - Asos Collection
High Scuba Neck Crop Top - TopShop
Iridescent Bangle - Freedom @ TopShop
Pink Cleated Sandals - Ebay

Aren't these shorts lush??!

Total impulse buy admittedly, but love at first sight for the fact that they are:

A. Pastel rainbow coloured - very my little pony
B. Fringed - Fringed stuff always makes me feel summery
C. Suede - Pastel rainbow cowgirl transformation complete! (we'll leave out the hat, thats abit overkill for a thursday afternoon in Eastbourne)

This is possibly my last summer post of this year! booo! Can't complain too badly though, far as British summers concerned, this has been a million times better then any of the other so-called summers of the last several years here on our lovely little rock in the northern hemisphere. Plan of action for the next couple of weeks: wear shorts and skirts to death until we have to give in and buy tights again *sigh*

Love, Sarah x


August 2014 Edit - Day 246

Back to the Future Delorean Car - Didn't get to go to Secret Cinema, but this is the next best thing!
Inside the time machine
The Tower of London WW1 Poppies
Covent Garden - Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Street Performer

Wolverine Travel Card Holder - HMV
Nails Inc London Nail Varnish Gift Set - Savers

Posting this abit late, but better late then never!

We went to the Airbourne airshow which is on the Eastbourne seafront every summer for a few days, I was desperate to find the Back to the Future Delorean car which was there as a special feature and went back on the Sunday after being unable to find it in the crowds on the Saturday and found it! If you ever do get in one though remember to bend down when getting in or out, even if you are under 5'1 you WILL hit your head on the gull-wing doors getting out..!

Me and the boy went holiday shopping at the start of the month and visited Covent Garden again where we saw this really cool Johnny Depp style Mad Hatter character guy and then we went to see the poppies at the Tower of London, which is probably alot more full of poppies now than it was this time last month as they continue to add to it daily.

The Travelcard holder is a new addition to my bag - and an essential as there is rarely a day that I'm not travelling around on public transport! These awesome marvel card holders are only £3 in HMV and are available with various different characters on them such as Disneys Frozen, Big Bang Theory, Spideman and then some. I had to pick Wolverine cus he's my ultimate favourite comic book character of all time!.

They obvs look miiiiiilion times better than boring old southern fail - I mean, rail, freebie travel card holders. Only downside being these only hold two cards/tickets at a time. Alright for me at the mo as I no longer am legible for a young persons card to need the extra room in my holder *sob!*

Lastly I also picked up a fab random little bargain one sunday when popping down to my local Savers drugstore to pick up our monthly supply of boring stuff - kitchen roll, washing up liquid blah blah blah, and usually when you get to the till they try and flog you more pointless stuff they can't sell such as a The Only Way is Essex perfume for their weekly special offer. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this one weekend they had a Nails.Inc gift box set with three full size nails varnishes inside (usually worth £22 in Boots) down to £4.99!

There are a few varieties to choose from including special effects, top coat and plain polish's. I ended up choosing a special effects box including nail varnish's in Kings Cross, Piccadilly Circus & Conaught Square. I'm not sure if these boxes are still in Savers at the mo, having not been down my local store since getting them but they are still saying they are on HotUk nationally so pop in your nearest Savers and grab a box pronto!

Love, Sarah x

PS. You may have also noticed that I've recently added a recipes section on the menu bar (blank at the mo!) and am thinking of adding in more craft and DIY sorta things up the top bar too. Is there any other sections you reckon I could add? Let me know! :)

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