Thursday, 30 June 2016

Hyper Romance

Disney Princess dreams are reality in this incredible dress from Asos Salon

3D Floral Embellished Midi Dress // Asos Salon
Floral Sequin Hair Clips // Topshop


This dress though <3
Totally the dress of dreams!
Asos, take a bow!

I first saw this one when the Asos magazine landed through my door back in Jan/Feb and it had me visiting the site daily till it finally arrived in stock a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping to take it to Monaco with me but it didn't pop up on the site till after I got back! It was well worth the wait though!

The only thing I didn't realise was that the slip underneath is actually a silky playsuit, so you actually get two outfits in one! :D You may also note, its even got pockets, yay!

Sorry for the awful pics, the weather here has been dire recently so I haven't been able to go out and shoot stuff so you'll have to put up with seeing my very untidy & cluttered bedroom in the meantime! I kinda like  being a blogger that doesn't photoshop the crap out of everything or has everything looking perfect. Although I know its not magazine worthy I think its important in spesh in these internet times where young people feel more insecure than ever that we see some reality and see things that are relatable. :)

I think if I felt I'd have to get everything instagram perfect for every photo I took I'd go crazy!

Till next time, praying the sun gods make an appearance,

Love, Sarah


Monday, 27 June 2016

June Blogger Babes

Its now well and truly starting to feel like summer at last! hooray!

I've been pretty awful at posting this week due to life things and political angryness (grr Brexit!) so I am back on the blog to remind myself of happy things, like my love of blogging about all things fashion related. I could do with some serious retail therapy or at least a one way plane ticket somewhere else aside this island! :)

This evening I've blogged my fave fashion laydees I've been following this month, with my fave being Ellen Vlora of Pure Evl blog. her style and her hair is just the stuff of dreams. Can I just be this girl already?! Stalk her insta and you will have a serious girl crush as I do!  :)

As always let me know if there's any bloggers out there who you love to follow!

Pure Evl - For the love of 

The Velvet Black - Last day, last outfit

Sophie Hannah Richardson - Club Tropicana w/ Rare London

Feral Creature - Weekend Update

Sarah Louise Porter - Uh huh honey 

Fox and Feather - An open love letter to my dress


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Britney Denim

Feelin abit Britney-esk in this strapless Boohoo denim number..

Western Spur Ankle Boots // Missguided
Black Western Fedora // Asos
Velvet Choker // DIY

Feel like this is almost abit of a throwback post - could this dress be more 00's if it tried?! 

It reminds me of the famous Britney & Justin denim look only I've played it down and matched it up with some cowgirly accessories. Am loving this double buckle belt! I've seen a few around but this one comes in cheapest at £12 :) such a good statement accessory! 

Think I may have to come back to Boohoo, I can't seem to stay away from their New In section at the moment yet a couple of years ago it was a place I'd never find anything I liked. My usual love for things Missguided has kinda dulled down this year to the point I actually received an email to say they miss me shopping and to come back! - something I never thought would happen to me as a Missguided fan from day one! 

Anyone else finding their 2016 stuff has been pretty lacklustre? I feel its gone abit too Kardashian like! :( 

Boohoo for me right now is where its at - so much festival goodness as well! 

Check out their new in here 

Love, Sarah x 

Friday, 17 June 2016

Princess Candyfloss

I go for all-in-pink princess for Lazy Oafs first batch of SS16 offerings!

Pink Velvet Princess Crop Tee // Lazy Oaf
Irridescent Hyper Backpack // Skinnydip London
Tulle Skirt (reworked and dip-dyed!) // Originally from Ebay
Silver Metallic Sneakers // New Look

Finally got my first thing ever from Lazy Oaf, and it's a super good un! I love this pink velour top, its cute but can still be dressed up grungy as well. If and when I break from the super girly phase I'm going through (prob not till end of summer!) I'll try and match it up with something a little darker! 

For now, dressing up as a princess on my random I-just-cant-adult-day off and heading to the amusement arcades was the one. 

It was my first shoot in another town aside London or Eastbourne so I ain't gonna lie, it was difficult as always though I did get through quite alot of candyfloss which was yum! I kinda like how it turned out though even if it wasn't near the rollercoaster as I had hoped..stupid cleaner guy just wouldn't leave! 

Recognise the skirt? This is the same skirt I wore to my Christmas Party last year and super glued roses on it. Since the roses wilted I pulled them off (causing a few tears in the process, oops) and had a dip dye sesh with this skirt, dying it fully baby pink to start and then going over with flamingo pink just for the bottom quarters in dip-dye style! Gives it abit of a summery make over!

As for the holes and tears I'm not too fussed about them, I could cover them up with flowers again or patches.. the possibilities are endless! Am loving the DIY trend at the mo. It's good to do especially now as the footballs on.. anyone else here becoming a football widow? :) 

Check out my Lazy Oaf SS16 picks below. Also worth noting it is their 15th Anniversary next week and with that they are launching a birthday collection featuring some new exclusive items and some restocks of old faves. Keep an eye on their Instagram page for the most up to date stuff on this, sounds exciting! 

Love, Sarah x 


Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Loving all the shiny & sheer things from Ragged Priest & Dolls Kill!

Fantasia Metallic Mesh Dress // The Ragged Priest
Mermaid Scale Hightops // Dolls Kill
Pink Iridescent Backpack // SkinnyDip London (sold out)

It would appear that summer is finally here, although we are off to abit of a soggy start! That didn't stop me wearing my newest addition to my sheer dress collection by the Ragged Priest at the weekend on the beach! 

I spotted this at the Ragged Priest SS16 season preview event I went to back in December and had added it to my wish list back then, however, it sold out pretty damn quick with it still being out of stock at present. 

Luckily whilst surfing around online I discovered Spoilt Brat - a great hidden gem of an online shop as it not only stocks Ragged Priest but also a load of other brands, including Wildfox, Iron Fist & UNIF. If something you want from any of these brands is out of stock make it your mission to check out Spoilt Brat as you may be lucky to find it in stock here instead - Its also UK based so you won't need to pay for international delivery, you get free returns & if you spend over £25 you can have free delivery - awesome! 

I went and got more shiny stuff as well, treating myself to these Dolls Kill mermaidy high tops on Payday and threw on my Skinny Dip iridescent bag I got for my Birthday - had been wanting a bag like this for aaages. I am the shiny queeeen! :D 

Love, Sarah x 


Friday, 10 June 2016

The Two Primark Day Dresses you NEED in your wardrobe...

Looking for day dresses for your summer work wardrobe? Primark's got you covered

Pink Floral off-Shoulder Floral Dress // Primark

Blue Floral Wrap Around Tea Dress // Primark
Bon Voyage Suitcase Bag // Accesorize

I am back in Primark for the SS16 range because, boy, its damn good!

I told myself at the start of the month I could treat myself to one new dress for the office but I couldn't resist buying both of these cute tea dresses though as they are such bargains!

Both wouldn't look out of place in either Oasis and Dorothy Perkin's but at a fraction of the price as they are both just £13 each.

I can't decide which I like best but love how floaty and feminine they feel. The pink off shoulder dress is so on trend with its off shoulder sleeves and lovely pink blush colour. The blue wrap round has a lovely ruffle style hem and fits like a glove unlike many other wrap round dresses I've tried in the past.

Both are gorgeous matched with a pair of nude or tan heels and then for weekend wear perhaps matching up with a cute clutch bag :)

 Thank you Primark! :)

Love, Sarah


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