Wednesday, 29 April 2015

April Blogger Babes

Stardust Bohemian

Can't believe how fast April has gone! eek!

Here's my fave bloggers on the scene recently! 70s fashion is still my fave trend at the mo which is kinda reflected in my picks below. I've found a few new bloggers as well to follow this month - just love discovering new blogs! Leave me a link to your blog in the comments and I'll check it out! :)

Stardust Bohemian - Coachella 2015: Day 1

Zoe London - Nychos of San Fransisco

Ellen Atlanta - Sequin Jeans of Dreams

Poses with Roses  -Frolicking

Fox & Feather - Woodstock

Style Peaches: Lavender Palladium Boots

Snoochie Shy - Palm Lyf

Jess the Grrl - Sun Models Tribe 

The Velvet Black - Braids and Buns 



Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Instagram Love!


Haven't done a post like this for a while so thought it was time for another one..couldn't call it Instaweek tho as think its been a good 8 weeks since I last showed some of my instagram snaps.. oops.

Here's a few of what I've been getting up to lately! if you wanna follow my instagram account, you can here

tempted to get my septum pierced! need rid of needle phobia first!

throwback to Autumn equinox shoot - feat by Look Magazine

Kawaii parcel from Rebel Fairy!

Torias baby shower

Sarah in wonderlust blog turned 1

new navajo style boots from Missguided 

throwback to arabian nights style Little Mistress prom dress

I visit the braid bar & take loooads of weekend braid outfit pics!

Getting healthy at work on the smoothie bike!

lusting over pastel rainbow hair 

ripped jeans and tights underneath = stay warm & looks cool!

bad day made good by some Gypsy Warrior goodness!

Throwback to I'm really a mermaid with Forever 21 & Asos

Coachella stylin! 

oh haiii baby Caitlin! 

craving ice cream.. of the rainbow variety!



Saturday, 25 April 2015

Pretty In Pink..

Pink Cleated Sandals // Ebay

Back to shooting on the street again, yay! feels like its been an age since I've gone out and about and done a shoot without staying close to my flat or work. 

I really wanted to get a shot with a blossom tree to go with this pretty pink tile print playsuit from Missguided but kept finding ones that had either been abit windswept or finding a really nice one only for the owner of the house to turn up at the very moment wondering what I'm doing lol! so thats why is no consistent shots of a particular tree, I had to keep walking around! 

Think this is my first playsuit I've picked up so far this year, tbh, I wasnt sure about it when it came as it felt almost too pink and I wasnt sure it suited me but think I will keep it now to wear this summer as alot of my 70s style stuff I've bought has all been very brown and yellow which is darkening my wardrobe abit but brightening it up a little at the same time with all these crazy 70s patterns! 

 I really like the bell sleeved and the lacey plunge neck though as this ones far more of a loose fit that many of my other plunge neck stuff am gonna need abit more tit tape for when I next wear it out..had a couple of near boob escapage moments! lol! 

Love, Sarah x 


Monday, 20 April 2015

Hey Arnold!

Ripped Boyf Jeans // TopShop
Leather Snake Print Jacket // Pretty Little Thing
Iridescent Rainbow Visor // Primark

Def have got an obsession with American brands at the moment, instagram has shown me a whole new world of amazing clothingness from the US that I am totally in love with! bye bye monies, hello cool amazing USA clothes goodness! They just have such amazingly cool unique things that would do so well over here in the UK (hint hint @ Dolls Kill, Gypsy Warrior, Nasty Gal, O-Mighty, we need shops like this over here!)

After seeing O-mighty range of Hey Arnold stuff I knew I had to get something, Hey Arnold has to be my fave 90s tv cartoon of all! kids tv now is just not the same!

This crop top has Helga's Arnold love heart picture locket she always kept hidden away on it :) haha! love that crazy girl!

Also feel I need to give a mention to the Skinnydip drink cup bag.. have u seen there stuff lately?? - if not then get on it, its amazin!! - I had been wanting a food/milk carton style bag since first spotting them all over the Chanel Paris Fashion week show at the end of last year but not been able to get my hands on one. So when I saw this baby pop up on Skinnydip's site I was really excited as is firstly its glitter &&& it has unicorn tears written on it! <3 love at first site! :) will be wearing this all summer for sure!

Love, Sarah x


Friday, 17 April 2015


Black Velvet Lace Collar Skater Dress // Oh My Love (now half price £16!)
White Cleated Sandals // Ebay

Ah, have been wanting one of these black collared dresses for aaggges but being really picky at the one I wanted and missing out! my main criteria was that i wanted a skater skirt one and it had to be long sleeved...also with white cuffs if possible though tbh I could easily add these on to this dress if I fancy it, that way would be even more lolita style! 

Lolita has always been one of my fave fashion types to follow, having been a collector of all things Harajuku before Gwen Stefani's Harajuku lovers days! I still have a collection of lolita and cyber goth postcards around my bedroom fireplace and a custom cosplay outfit. Just love love love the creativity of japanese fashion.. .cannot wait to go to Harajuku one day to check out all the lolita and crazy cool styles of Japan fashion! 

Love, Sarah x 

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