Monday, 29 February 2016

Patch Crazy at LFW!

London Street Stylin! I went customised crazy with patches, stickers and fluff!...

Zebra Crinkle Top // Topshop
Handpainted Leather Jacket // Dirty Disco Vintage
Denim Pinafore // Primark 
Lilac Satchel // River Island
Stickers (on bag) // New Look - just £1!
Hair by The Braid Bar
Patches // All Ebay aside from Catburger (ILIKECATS) & Slinky & Unicorn (Tibbs & Bones) & GirlGang (Ohh Deer)
I'm back after a crazy busy weekend! 

Yesterday, I went to London Fashion Weekend, which is the part of LFW that is open to the public. It was my first time going and I had an awesome day! I'll create a post about the day and the catwalks later this week after I've recovered!.

Hair was done by the lovelies at The Braid Bar! This was my third visit there since this time last year and they created this gorgeous fish tail braid in just under 15 mins! Perfect as I was dashing about with little time to spare and it was a great idea as it also kept my hair tamed for the day as it was pretty windy :)

For my outfit I decided to go for the iron on patches look which is a massive trend right now! I am so pleased that patches have made a huge comeback. I used to spend alot of time in my teens customising clothes and would spend my monies buying patches from a local shop called Gecko. I think its great to see this trend as it encourages you to create your own stuff which is one of a kind, and its super easy to do!  :)

Want to get in on the trend and feelin lazy? no worries! loads of shops on the high street & online are now selling loads of awesome garms with patches on them - take a look at some of my top picks below!

Love, Sarah x

Khaki Patch Jacket - Bershka | Techno Embroidered Sweater - Illustrated People | Old School Patch Dress - Lazy Oaf | Heart Breaker Baddie Tee  - The Ragged Priest

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Frayed Denim

The new denim for this season.. think frayed, patch work print and cowgirl vibes.. 

Frayed Denim Lace Up Side Dress // Primark
Red Necktie/Neckerchief // Primark
Fringed Brown Boots // Missguided
Rose Gold Pony Tail Cuff // Boots

Found this little denim wonder in my local Primark the other day! :) Denim dresses to me are as much of a wardrobe staple as jeans, they are so easy to style and just perfect for easy going day time wear. The frayed edging just gives it an even more relaxed look and to me makes me think of sunny days. Please hurry up spring! 

I'm really liking frayed denim at the moment, almost as much as neckerchiefs! - that are having a huge style moment right now! - these again were from Primark (hunted down in the menswear section hehe) and are from what I've seen the cheapest out there if you are thinking of giving this trend a go but don't want to spend alot. These were just £2 for a pack of two, this bright red one which is perfect to match with your denim days and a more subtle navy blue one. :) 

Get the frayed denim look here: 

Rollas Denim Shirt - Asos      |   Frayed Waist Skinny Jean - Boohoo    |   Folk Frayed Shorts - Glamourous    |    Frayed Edge Denim Shirt - Warehouse

Love Sarah x

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

SS16 Lust List!

Can't believe how fast we are approaching the Spring!

The high street is breaking out the spring colours and floaty camisoles (though we are still clinging on to our cosys for now!) but it doesn't stop me looking and dreaming ahead for next season and checking out the incoming trends, my SS16 Pintrest board has been brimming with new online shopping finds, just gotta wait till payday and perhaps a little sun to come through to wear them! :)

This list is not as themed as my other ones usually are but is all pretty bright stuff that makes me feel spring like n happy! :)

What's on your spring wish list?

1. Grid Print Organza Bomber // Boohoo | 2. Red Heart Dress // Lazy Oaf  | 3.  Bardot Stripe Top // Topshop | 4. Floral Print Tee // Adidas Originals | 5. Retro Print Shift Dress // Motel Rocks |

Love, Sarah x

Sunday, 21 February 2016

DIY: Lush Lip Scrub

Welcome to the first of my new DIY posts! I've decided to also add some more parts to the blog like making stuff and fashion hacks :) It's something I've wanted to do for ages but always kept putting it back just due to being busy!

For my first DIY post I thought I'd show you a clever beauty hack with one of my fave winter beauty essentials - a lip scrub!

For those who have never tried a lip scrub - you gotta give this a try!

I was having my roots done yesterday when my hair dresser told me he was nipping out whilst my waiting for my toner to set in. About 10 minutes later he came back with a lip balm and told me how much his lips were hurting and how chapped they were, I asked him if he had ever tried to use a lip scrub which he hadn't and on my phone googled it for him to show him and found this pretty cool DIY version of my mega fave Lush lip scrub.

I since went home and tried it out and I have to say it is pretty much exactly the same stuff and have refilled my old "The Kiss" scrub that I got last year with my new home made version!

This lip scrub is made of sugar which you can simply lick or rinse off if you are worried about sugary things. Sugar acts as an exfoliant to smooth chapped, dry lips, while olive oil is a super moisturiser that helps the sugar work and binds it all together.

It is surprisingly simple to make, and you prob have all these ingredients in your kitchen cupboards already! :)

Here's what you need and how to make it:

- Granulated sugar
- Olive oil
- Empty container (I reused an old lush one)
- Vanilla extract (could try other flavour that you can find in shops such as Lakeland or any local bakery supply style shops - why not try bubblegum, or orange? :) )
- Food colouring (again this is completely up to you which colour, I went for pink as it's the same as the Lush scrub colour)

DIY Lip Scrub Recipe

Step one

Mix ½ teaspoon of olive oil and ½ teaspoon of granulated sugar in a bowl.

Step two

Add in a drop of vanilla extract and mix it with the sugar and the oil.

Step three

Add 1-2 drops of food colouring into the mixture. Like the vanilla, you don't need to be adding alot of this as otherwise it might temporarily stain your lips when you apply it! Stir this all in until combined and all the sugary mix is coated in pink or whatever colour you have chosen.

Step four

Put the mixture into your container and your DIY Lush Lip Scrub is done! :)

Do you have any beauty product hacks to share? :) Let me know & I'll try them out! :) 

Love, Sarah x


Monday, 15 February 2016

The UNIF Frost Dupe..

Nothing beats a good dupe or candy coloured houses! Would love to live in a little colourful house like this! :)

Here I have found a copy of the blogger fave the Frost sweater and made a DIY version of the Lazy Oaf x Ragged Priest Total Mess Jeans!

Blue Jeggings (customised) // Primark
Lilac Satchel // River Island 
Pink Fluffy Keyring // Molly Trubody

The UNIF Frost sweater has been the blogger sweater this season, however, due to that it was constantly sold out and that it was pretty pricey I didn't get it. I went on a scout to find a dupe and found this pretty amazing dupe for just £15! 

Sites such as SheIn & Choies have pretty good dupes of alot of brands and, (so long as you don't need the item quickly as they come from China), is a great way to get hold of fashionable lookalike garms for a fraction of the cost! Although I was sceptical at first, and as ever, you have gotta be careful when shopping online, I definitely recommend these two sites and everything I have bought has been really good quality and as described :) 

I am totally obsessed with these Choies trainers too, they are incredibly comfortable and so eye catching. I tried to customise them with some pink fluff but they didn't exactly work as planed so am gonna try spray painting the fluff next until I find some actual pink fluffy fabric! :) 

I also had a DIY moment with these Primark Jeans - Ragged Priest collaborated with Lazy Oaf not to long ago and made some amazing jeans with some pretty simple to copy marker pen writing on the knees, however at the price of £65 I thought I could easily copy this and make my own version for just £10 here. DIY writing with a fabric marker pen and made my own knee rips, easy peasy! 

Have you got any good dupes websites that you can recommend or have any DIY ideas for any clothes you have seen lately? let me know! :) 

Love,  Sarah x 


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Neck Ties & Boho Layering

Trying out the new season trends - The neck tie is fast becoming my new favourite accessory.. 

Grey Ribbed Midi Dress // Ebay (coming to a Depop near you!)
Nightfall Dress // Gypsy Warrior
Grey Bandana, Pink Mongolian Furry bag & Silver Hair clickers // New Look
(now buy one get one free in New Look!)

The infamous Gypsy Warrior dress is back - though to be honest it wasn't intended! I had actually planned to wear the grey ribbed dress I'm wearing underneath but when it arrived the other day I realised it was actually a midi dress, rather than a maxi dress which the eBay seller had!!

Its only one of a few my eBay faux pas though I've had over the years but this one was pretty annoying as I have been wanting a long sleeved maxi in grey for ages and was chuffed when I came across this Asos one on eBay..ah well - will prob end up adding this to Depop soon or just saving for workwear as its far to clingy and Kardashian like for me to want to wear at the weekend!

So I threw my trusty mesh dress over the top, its one of very few items in my wardrobe that gets worn regularly and I could never be without it. I prob should of done a how to wear this dress at least 10 different ways posts instead of the last two posts but oh well! Guess its a good thing to start wearing my wardrobe more often instead of new outfits all the time.

My fave thing though is the newest trend for this season - the neck tie. I used to wear alot of neck ties when I was a teen but am pleased these are making a comeback but as bandana neck ties! I have been stocking up on all different colours lately and love how they make make any outfit look chic in a few seconds! expect to see these making an appearance in alot of upcoming posts (which hopefully won't include my gypsy warrior dress!!)

Love, Sarah x

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