Friday, 30 October 2015

Last Minute Halloween Wishlist!

Usually I'm pretty on the ball with Halloween and would be planing up to a month before..throw a wedding and honeymoon in to the mix and a whirlwind later I'm the night before halloween not knowing what to wear! :( Worse still its a weekend one so it simply can't be a wasted opportunity to go all out as poss!

Here is my Halloween wish list!

What do we have here?

Bad Bones PVC crop top - Creep Store

Fly High Like a Butterfly Wings - Dolls Kill

Bat Hoodie - Dolls Kill

Just Here for the Boos Jumper - WildFox

Skull Lace Mask - Face Lace @ Selfridges

Fluffy Bat Halloween Socks - Topshop

TY Beanie Boos Fang The Bat Clip Keyring - Claire's

6 Pack Spooky Hair Clips - Claires

Mesh Skeleton Print Bodycon dress - Missguided


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Berry Teal

Teal Bodycon High Neck Jumper Dress (worn underneath) // Primark
Maroon Diamante Trim Fedora // Primark
Furry Leopard Print T-Bar Shoes // Topshop (mega olllddd)

Sometimes the best outfits are ones that you just throw together and they 

I hadn't thought of mixing this berry coloured suede skirt with teal at all but think they look great together and makes a change from playing it safe and opting for black! 

Steering slightly away from the 70s vibe I've been living in recently I decided to also swap out my thigh highs and give them a break whilst I opted for a pair of very old top shop furry mary janes I've had for ages (that desp need reheeling!) Abit of a 60s/760s mash up! :) 

Boohoo and Primark have got some amazing A/W ranges at the mo, with them both fully embracing the boho trend thats following into autumn. 

I got this teal jumper dress which is perfect for work and for popping on as a top for skirts such as these. The berry fedora I got a couple of months back in the Oxford street Primark, I love the glam edging on it with the diamante! Would be a great going out in the eve hat too! 

Boohoo has got some lovely pieces as well at the mo Unfortunately, I got this suede berry coloured skirt before my wedding and it seems to have now sold out in this colour but they do have brown ones.

I really wanted something with eyelets in as nothing I have has this feature so really like that this skirt has not only fringing but also eyelets as detail! My wish list from boohoo is full of their floaty smock dresses and fur gillets.. come on pay day! 

Love, Sarah x 


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Lovin Autumn..

Striped Knit Crop Top // Missguided
Black Fedora // TK Maxx
Black Thigh High Platforms // Sole Affair 

Starting to get in to the swing of all things autumn now, Trying my hardest to find a Halloween outfit at last minute in time for next weekend, eating loads of butternut squash and pumpkin flavoured things and cosy evenings in. :) I still have a few summer things out that I'm wearing, sneaking them in before the cold really sets in! 

This Missguided co-ord was something I bought a roundabout a month ago, I love the rust and mustard yellow stripes and the lovely gold glitter in between! Real autumnal colours.

What are your're favourite things about autumn? :)

Love, Sarah x 


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Pentagram Harness

Rose Pink Mesh Maxi Dress // Gypsy Warrior
Black Wide Brim Fedora // TK Maxx
Black 20's style Bralet (worn underneath) // Ann Summers
Black Biker Boots (old)

I'm still obsessed with all things mesh seeing as its not really that cold yet, sneakily sneaking as much wear out of these in the next couple of weeks possible! 

This is the dress that you may remember I mentioned in a post just before I went on honeymoon about that I picked up in the Gypsy Warrior in the Labour day sale. Its is just perfect for layering and more importantly is the perfect length for petite ladies, yay!

I love mesh cus it also allows you not only to get creative with layering but they are great for showing off undergarments as well - if u wear them over the top or underneath! underwear is outerwear! :) 

This strappy cage harness pentagram top is fab for wearing underneath or over the top of your clothes as shown - I really wanted to get one to experiment with different looks you can create, I love harness straps worn over the top of shirts as well - will def have to try this in the future! :)  

Do you have any other tips for rocking a harness? Share your tips below!

Love, Sarah x 


Sunday, 18 October 2015

Wanderlust: Exploring Pompei

After we left the calm paradise of Sorrento, we took a short train ride north to visit the ruin of the ancient city, Pompei.

For those of you who may not know about Pompei, Pompei was mostly destroyed and buried under 13-20ft of ash in the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Everything still has been very well preserved for all this time, including objects and mummified people due to the lack of air and  moisture. Its a fascinating place to visit!  Def remember to take good walking shoes as it is a large place and very rocky in areas!

  • Good Time to Visit: Sept - Oct - still busy but less crowded & still good weather. Very easy to reach by train from Naples or Sorrento. - Just 20 mins from Sorrento.
  • Take with you: A bottle of water and wear comfy walking shoes - absolute must!
  • Guided Tour? - It is offered, not free, worth taking up if you want to learn many things. we didn't and I feel we prob mised a few interesting stuff cus there are no boards to read to explain what a building used to be or anything.
  • Good to know: You cannot eat inside, have a big breakfast before visiting or eat from one of the stalls outside the city. If you bought luggage with you as we did, there is a handy luggage drop-off area underneath the train station in front of the city walls - only 3 euros per bag.

Visitors website 

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