Monday, 2 February 2015

Wanderlust - WB Harry Potter Studio Tour

So last weekend me and the boy went to the WB Studios near London for Harry Potter, Hogwarts in the Snow as it was on its last weekend. I have already been once before on a Hen do less than a year ago but I couldn't wait to show Rich this amazing tour, Its one of my fave places in the world!!

These pics were actually taken from the Hen do as I've been insanely busy since at a birthday meal & building mountains of flatpack furniture from Ikea for my sisters baby nursery so soz these are not the snowy ones Check out my purple dip dye! Do miss it abit :( will hopefully the snowy pics up soon - in the meantime , here's some of my fave things to see there, Enjoy & make sure you def go soon, they will be rebuilding the platform 9 and 3 quarters for the end of March - another excuse for me to go back! :)

Love, Sarah x


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