Thursday, 31 August 2017

Beauty: Lush Secret Arts Jelly Bath Bomb Review

I don't think your ready for this jelly.. 

"You will LOVE this!" said the super enthusiastic guy I met whilst in Lush a couple of weeks ago,

He took me over to the newest products on show which were Jelly Bombs- The latest product for bath bomb fans such as myself so I was definitely intrigued.

There were four in the new range to choose from, The Big Sleep, Marmalade, Green Coconut, and the one I had heard the most hype about - Secret Arts - after its Harry Potter-esk links. Unlike all other Lush bombs which create something of a rainbow in your tub, this one is definitely for releasing your inner goth as its literally a black bath bomb.

I was pretty unsure as my inner goth probably goes as far as wearing black on Halloween (and sometimes not even once a year!) so if the hype wasn't on the Secret Arts one, I would of just played it safe and gone for The Big Sleep - a pretty green and blue jelly bomb. But my curiosity got the better of me and I picked up this mysterious Secret Arts Jelly bomb and thought I'd give it a go.

It was actually my favourite of all the scents of the other jelly bombs, it has a sweet orange oil scent and almond oil to keep your skin super smooth.

So what are the Jelly Bombs? 

Unlike usual bath bombs, these ones release a jelly which comes from mineral rich seaweed. It defiantly gives an interesting texture to the water but from what I experienced it wasn't quite the goo bath I hoped for (being someone who would LOVE to get gunged on that 90's TV show Get Your Own Back!)

Goo and slime textures don't faze me one bit so I was hoping that this was gonna make my goo bath dreams a reality but unfortunately I realised that the Jelly stuff only really stays on the surface on the water, and if I'm honest didn't really leave me feeling that great about bathing in it tbh. However I did feel like I was swimming in a tub of Dementors so I did get abit of a Harry Potter vibe!

Was probably the quickest bath I've ever had as I didn't like being in it long, I think this also was due to the colour of the water though, it felt more like I was bathing in an oil slick than a fun gooey bath. I really wanted to try and like this but just didn't I'm afraid.

The more it dissolves you get to an interesting pink centre, this doesn't change the colour much though but I kinda prefer it in that way as the water does do to an impressive glistening black.

I was particularly nervous about it touching my hair in case it accidentally coloured it so I kept my hair up high. I didn't find that the jelly stained my skin (thank goodness) but it definitely stained the bath :( 

In conclusion,  I'd probably give this one a miss, mainly due to staining and that I still just didn't feel that fab Lush clean feeling afterwards. Any bath bomb that means I need to don a pair of gloves and arm myself with a bottle of Cif afterwards to clean up the mess doesn't really do it for me, I wanna get out the bath feeling pampered and not to clean up!

Hardcore Potter fans or those who live #allinblack may want to give this a try... I'll stick to my faves Intergalactic and The Experimenter for rainbowness and glitter in future!

Have you tried one of the Lush Jelly Bombs? What did you make of them? Comment below and let me know!

Love, Sarah xx

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Beauty: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

The most anticipated make up palette of the summer is here - Urban decays latest offering from the coveted "Naked" palette series comes HEAT.

The IT palette for those who love warmer eyeshadow tones. As soon as I saw it it went straight to the top of my wish list and I finally got my hands on it a couple of weeks ago. The rumours are true, its beautiful.

The packaging is my favourite from all the Naked series, although the picture here doesn't do much justice it goes different sunset colours in the light and it really shiny!

Sooo, whats inside?  From a super-smooth red-brown matte and a glimmering copper to a deep, shifty bronze, Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette has everything you need to create sultry daytime looks, intense smoky night-time looks and everything in between.

There are a total of 12 shades eyeshadow shades included which are

  1. Ounce (ivory shimmer)
  2. Chaser (light nude matte)
  3. Sauced (soft terra-cotta matte)
  4. Low Blow (brown matte)
  5. Lumbre (copper shimmer w/gold pearl shift)
  6. He Devil (burnt red matte)
  7. Dirty Talk (metallic burnt red)
  8. Scorched (metallic deep red w/gold micro-shimmer)
  9. Cayenne (deep terra-cotta matte)
  10. En Fuego (burgundy matte)
  11. Ashes (deep reddish-brown matte)
  12. Ember (deep metallic copper-burgundy)

My favourite shades so far being Scorched, Lumbre and He Devil. These are gorgeous!

 There are warm browns, burnt oranges and deep red eyeshadows - everything you need to create a beautiful sunset look on your lids.

I'm so in love with this palette and can't wait to get experimenting with different looks.

As I'm not blessed with the best lighting in the world at home, or a huge collection of make up brushes I'll point you in the direction of my favourite tutorials by fellow You-tubers of some amazing looks created with this palette I will definitely be trying out.

Check out:

Alanarama - 3 looks with the Urban Decay Heat Palette 

Angela Bright - Naked Urban Decay Heat Tutorial

Jazzi Filipek - Naked Heat Palette Tutorial

So is this palette worth the hype - hell yes I think so! It comes in at a pricey £39.50 but its soo good and it will be used often so I would say this one will be a favourite with make up junkies and novices a-like.

After being almost continuously out of stock its now back online and available here. If you want to check it out before your buy, check out your nearest Debenhams to see if they are stockists of Urban Decay. Despite ours having a massive poster for this palette outside at the moment it actually does not stock this one or anything Urban Decay (Sorry Eastbourners, try Brighton!)

What do you think of this palette?

Love, Sarah x

Monday, 21 August 2017

Rainbow Riot

All rainbow everything (obvs :)) Here's a cute little festival outfit for ya! 

Rainbow Crochet Hat // Similar here @ ShopEasyTiger
Rainbow Furry Bag // Ragged Priest 
Black Vest top & Sandals // Primark 

This was one of the first outfits I got much much earlier this season, not long after I took a break from blogging so sorry if it is sold out! :( 

If you can get your hands on these shorts though, do - as they are amazing! Its been a good couple of years since I last wore shorts due to being in-between sizes/just not having any inspo to wear them. But Its safe to say they are back in the wardrobe to stay! This Missguided pretty is the comfiest pair of shorts I've had in a while, really nice fit and don't squidh your belly and they don't ride up in to your, ahem, nether regions whilst walking about (fellow girls with thigh sisters will know what I mean! 😣) 

The frayed-ness and tie dye look is beaut as well, def my favourite purchase from MG in a while. 

Oh and a quick shout out to the crochet hat - been wanting one of these for ages and love this one, giving me all more reasons to learn to crochet (I will learn one day, honest) 

And the fluffy bag - got a ton of compliments on this when I took it to Brighton Pride a week or so ago... Tbh it was a last min addition to my outfit as I fished it out of my "to Ebay" bag of things! perhaps I should hold on to it longer and use it more!

Love, Sarah x 


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Beauty: Summer Faves SS17

Hey all!

Seeing as it is summer (though doesn't much feel like it in the UK!) I thought I'd go through my favourite beauty picks right now. Here is what is on my beauty shelf right now...

Sanctuary Spa Purifying Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask - buy here! 

Bubble masks have been a pretty new thing this year so I thought I give this a go, also it looked much nicer to use then the charcoal peel off masks which just look painful!

For those seeking a deep cleansing treatment that's much kinder to your skin I'd definitely give this a go, unravelling it to pop it on your face is tricky at first as it is in two parts as may see from the sachet but its worth it in the end. So good for using after a long day out in London :)

bubble faceeee! 
NYX Glitter Primer - Buy here!

For your festival needs this glitter primer is a must have! I used this at the weekend gone for Pride and it kept my glitter in place all day and didn't sweat off, irritate my skin and it wasn't a mission to remove when it came to bedtime.

Its not sticky feeling either and literally just feels like a normal eye make up primer, would definitely repurchase!

Still got glitter on after almost 12 hours in sweatyness and 25 degree heat! :) 

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
- Buy here! *sponsored*

Although not just for the summer, its important to have a make up routine in place for keeping your skin fresh and youthful looking so Elemis asked me to try out their Pro Collagen Marine cream which is ideal for making your skin appear more youthful.

I have been using this before bedtime and noticed my skin is feeling much better, its really nice to use and leave my skin feeling at its best.

The price tag on this isn't cheap though @£145 per 100ml but has made my skin feel amazing...will be using sparingly to make it last as long as I can!

Make Up Revolution - Redemption Palette - buy here! 

I know alot of girls who are big fans of make up will know of this brand, and will love it of hate it, due to that they make dupes of high end palettes such as Kat Von D's Light and Shade. (see a review here) so it is a controversial choice here. However, I am on the side of the fence where to me a dupe is a good thing, and makes beauty products affordable to all and those who want to pay for the label can do so. I have a mixture of both high end and dupes on my beauty shelf, only splurging on a high end palette if A. I can afford it and B. I see myself using it alot.

From reviews I've read analysing Make Up Revolution, alot of the time it is hard to tell between their copy and the high end palettes, yet come in at a fraction of the cost! They stay put all day and don't crease, no need to reapply!. This one is a wallet friendly £4 and comes with all the matte and pearly shade, ideal for summer. Not to mention it fits perfectly in to my make up bag so I can take it with me on my commute with ease.

Pictured here is Redemption palette 3 but I also picked up palette 2 which is also ideal for summer as the shades in this one are more shimmery. I'm personally a big fan of MUR and can't wait to get more palettes!

Oh and yes, they are vegan and cruelty free too :)

L'Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water Moisturiser - buy here!

I picked this up whilst in Tunbridge Wells back in May, which is why the bottle is more-a-less gone! Hoping it will last me till the end of summer, but I may also end up using this for winter as well as its great!

I have alot of trouble picking out lotions due to my combination skin (oh the joy!) but this one has been the best I've tried, hands down.

It keeps the moisture in my skin all day, without making my face oily which is what I thought it would do! The Aloe Vera keeps your skin cool and fresh feeling and absorbs in to your skin quickly so great when your in a rush or for use on beach days when your skin it dry, I used a fair bit of it as well when I was badly sunburnt a few weeks back and it was fab for that also. A big thumbs up from me!

Boots Extracts Mango Sugar Scrub - buy here! 

Having crappy skin is always really annoying for the summer, but this mango body scrub gets rid of all the red bumpy bits on my legs and arms and makes me feel super smooth! I do buy this all year round but switch for the fruity scents in the summer as there are loads of different ones to get if Mango isn't your fave.

Alot of feedback on this is pretty negative due to that they don't like the oily feeling you get afterwards but with my dry skin to me it feels great so perhaps if you already have oily skin  give this a miss, otherwise for fellow dry skin babes I really like this product and like that the Shea butter looks in the moisture and you can feel it on your skin even after you have got out of the shower soaking in.

Lee Stafford - Coco Loco Blow and Go - Buy here!

The biggest expense for me this year has been my hair! To try and keep my bleached tresses in good condition I've been trying out as many products to lock in moisture as possible when its hot - this one being one of my faves.

Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Mascara - Buy here! 

If your looking for a mascara that still gives your lashes a good lift but not too heavy then this may be worth a try, Its definitely not given my lashes the falsie look for me but tbh I prefer my lashes to look a little more natural in the summer anyway and its good for work!

Goddess of Love Highlighter by I Heart Make up - Buy here!

Think I may of blogged about this before but I can't help but mention it again! If you love abit of a summer glow and are on a budget then I Heart Make Ups highlighter are definitely worth checking out!

What are your fave summer beauty buys?

Love Sarah x


Oh hey, Its been a while...

Photo taken by my Earth Angel - Mumma! 

So since this was taken I took the longest break from blogging, pretty much all of this summer! It wasn't something I had planned but I had alot of stuff going round in my head to focus on and things to change. 

I saw this post on Linked In a little while ago and it totally hits the nail on the head for me. It so important cus I know I'm not the only person to feel they are always being made to feel they are not good enough no matter how much you try or even know you are doing well!  

Whether people who you call your friends are making you feel this way, your boss or your colleagues its not cool and you don't have to take it as its nothing more than bulling. 

When someone pulls you down remember:

1. They are voicing their insecurities.
2. They don’t like what you can become. 
3.  Don’t take rejection, disappointment or setbacks personally, just let it add fuel to the fire. Believe in yourself and keep working on your dreams.

Work hard, stay strong & keep pushing on, 

Love, Sarah x 
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