Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Blogger Babes

Heidi Petite @ LFW SS15
There has been so many amazing blog posts since my last blogger babes edit in February, I don't think I could possibly fit them all in! - so many inspiring styles and outfits! These were my absolute faves on my Bloglovin feed this month that have been absolutely killin it! 

My best new follows this month have gotta be Sophie Hannah Richardson, Crave Green Velvet & The Young Eccentric.. check out their blogs on the links below! :) 

Heidi Petite - Phiney Pet

Sophie Hannah Richardson - Shut the front door

Rose & Vintage - Vintage Prom Shoot with Beyond Retro

Duble Denim - Crave Green Velvet

The Young Eccentric - I've got more balls than you

Heart Shaped Rose - Light It Up

Feral Creature - In Limbo

Kayla Hadlington - The Ragged Sparkle

Thunder & Threads - OOTD feat Young London & Paul's Boutique

Love , Sarah x


Monday, 30 March 2015

Missguided March Payday Wishlist

This month feels like its been sooo long as I've been away on holidays which kinda left me totally skint for the last two weeks of the month. Totally not fair then when every store decides that that is the perfect time to launch their spring campaigns!! lol!

If you have been following my Pintrest page you'll know that I've been pinning LOADS recenly - have such a huuuge wish list, am pretty much sorted for the rest of this season and summer I think! One particular brand though has caught my eye again recently - and that's Missguided! I tend to buy their Spring & summer stuff and then completely go off them for winter...no idea why! Have been avoiding them recently due to the whole "Lets all dress like a Kardashian!" thing! Just no.

Deffo feelin tho boho vibe for this SS though with all of these pretties! If you're not in to the boho thing I have picked out some other outfits that have also got me adding to my wishlist too. (a MG wishlist can never be too long!)

What's you're fave pick of what I've chosen below? :)

From left to right:

Red Paisley Crop top and Wide Leg Trouser Co-ord
Tie Dye Maxi Kimono 
Tan Navajo Tassel Ankle Boots 
Fringed Suede Midi Skirt 
Black crochet Knit Jumper
Rib Knitted Grey Crop Top
Oxblood Suede Tassel Playsuit 
Blue Silky Cami Dress
Henna Handprint Halter dress

From Left to right:

Crepe White Cape Bodycon Dress
Holographic Snake Print Buckle Platform Sliders
Grey Patent Cut Out Brogues
Black and White Gingham mini dress
Khaki Crepe Floral Skater Dress
Bad Gal Button Thru Boyf Baseball tee
Contrast Colour Block Sandals

Love,  Sarah x

Friday, 27 March 2015


Wierd T-shirt // 8 Cubes of Sugar
Pink Neon Fishnets // Claires Accessories
Rainbow Choker // Student Vintage Fair
Hair by The Braid Bar - Now taking bookings in Selfridges from March 28 - April 19!

I took these pics few weeks ago when I went up to London to visit the Braid Bar n got ma hair did in a punky Tyra braid full of attitude!

To go with my braids I decided to rock a nostalgic teen phase I went through - tights under jeans! I used to buy loads of the Pamela Mann tights with USA flags on or leopard print and wear them under my jeans (back then ripped jeans were only fashionable if they were well worn in, massive flares, by Punkyfish and ripped and frayed unintentionally!!) My style icon as always been Gwen Stefani <3 throughout her No Doubt years, her Harajuku Lovers days and all grown up n hip hop like in The Sweet Escape.

We are very similar in the way that we both love fashion in the same way that we would try ANYTHING. We don't have a niche or stereotype to what I choose to wear. everyday I wake up and I like to dress as whoever I feel like this morning. Sometimes I feel like dressing in all black & leather and going vampy, othertimes I'm craving to wear pink and tulle and be all cute and princessy..thats why I have so many clothes! :)

On to the Sandals tho!

How amaziiiiiinnnnnggg are they! I got them from US site, Dolls Kill and am so in love with them! <3 If you've been following my instagram you will see I bought these last month and have been finding cool things to put inside the heels.

At the moment they have a voodoo cat, a unicorn, a lego geisha, x2 daisy hairbands, a Hello Kitty hair clip, and a handful of skull shaped beads and neon coloured hearts! Have realised that putting stuff like this in them makes them super noisy though when you walk, they make a right racket! might swap all the stuff out for fake flowers n barbie heads for next time for abit less noise when I walk.. they were louder than all the London traffic!

Love, Sarah x

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Creepy But Cute

Lilac Backpack // River Island
Pink Fluffy Bag Thing // Molly Trubody
Studded Bleached Denim Hotpants // Primark
Pentagram Choker // Missguided
Fishnets // Topshop
Lilac Doc Martin Style Boots // ShoeZone
90's Choker // Ebay
Pink Fluffy Hairband // DIY

Ah, another blustery day of trying to take half decent picture without looking like I've been in a hurricane. and my tights crotch bit has gone for a wonder down my leg. looooool.

On the bright side, look at this amazing tee from Heba clothing!! <3 super cute. Eveything Heba makes is hand-dyed and customised so every piece is different.

I love the tie dye and the motif on the front. I actually thought when I bought it the Creepy but cute words were embroidered on but it is actually printed. Think it would add to its amazingness if it was embroidered but I supposed it would come off in the wash really easy then. I really , really need to start tie dying old stuff of mine cus I could happily have a whole wardrobe like this. have never done tie dye though!

Don't think again I've captured it that well but all the back part is all slitty and ripped and stuff which I loveee. I have a Rolling Stones top with an identical back to this as well though its years old and smells abit wardrobe musky now. :/

To put it all together I made the maribou feather hairband to make it feel more princessey :) I had actually bought the trim to DIY up some sandals but overestimated how much 2 metres was!

Check out Heba Clothing here

Love, Sarah x


Friday, 20 March 2015


Acid Wash Denim Rucksack // Primark
Grey Fluffy Long Cardi // Primark
Bag Fluffy PomPom // River Island
Metallic Silver Sneakers // New Look
Moon Choker // Freedom @ Topshop
Capped Beanie // Reeeeeeeeeallly Old, Ebay

If you're wondering if I shot these during the eclipse earlier today sadly the answer is no. Even if I had, it would have been pretty lame anyway as where I live in the south, we ended up only getting loads of clouds which covered the whole thing. boooooo. ah well! just another 10 years or so till the next one! lol! Just thought eclipse for a name of an equinox blog post (yay spring today!) was something cool n different as have used equinox before! 

This is one of my fave outfits at the mo, am having so much fun styling it up with different shoes and knee high knit socks, its easy to go from 70's style with it to this more laid back 90's look.

I was obsessing over Topshop 70's style range, literally wanting everything in it but can't afford it so I picked out this dress, knowing that pinny dresses always look effortlessly cool and are great for day wear. sometimes I'm in the mood to wear a dress but not wanting the girly vibe with it, this is perfect for those tomboy days! 

The colour although describes on the site as mustard is def more of a mustard brown than a yellow even though my pics look yellow and topshop says the same thing. I actually prefer hat its more of a brown though. The zipper and cut of the dress give it a really cool 60s/70s vibe and its got cute little pockets for putting stuff in yay! so hard to find girls clothes (that aren't jeans) that have pockets in.

Lastly, I finally bought a denim rucksack! being more of a bag lady than a shoe one I have been reeeally wanting one the last couple of summers but never getting round to actually buying one then having regrets later. As soon as I saw these pop up in Primark I snapped it up (only £10!)  I should def make a bag wish list.. am always lusting over new bags! 

Love, Sarah x 


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Wanderlust: Fudge Kitchen Experience

On our final day in Edinburgh we went for a Fudge Making Experience at Fudge Kitchen in Edinburgh with the lovely manager Will & his assistant Bradley!

Being a total sweet tooth I knew I wanted to do this when we visited Edinburgh since I first added it to my Pintrest list years ago! :) We don't have a fudge kitchen locally to us (the nearest is in Canterbury, Kent) so it made sense to go to the Royal Mile shop in Edinburgh whilst we were there so we donned our aprons and got making some fudge!

Will has been working at Fudge Kitchen for over 17 years and was a total pro and helped us quite abit with the makingness as its actually pretty hard work making the fudge - need alot of upper arm strength  for all the mixing! He was really knowledgeable about the history of fudge and was really funny.

We started by heating the secret ingredients for a toffee fudge in a large brass cauldron on a fire stiring away until the mixture had reached the right temperature (200 something degrees if I'm remembering right??)  and then we poured it on to a huge marble table to cool between a frame to keep all the mixture on the table. Then we then ate some fudge that Will had made earlier and waited for it to cool down and set a little.

We used these long shovel like things (imagine a snooker cue with a shovel on the end of it) to mix everything again until the mixture became a lighter colour (images from the Fudge Kitchen above show the process)

By this time the fudge was starting to set so we shaped it with some smaller shovel things to get it in to a long rectangular shape ready to cut.

Cutting the fudge was actually the hardest part! I was terrible at it, Rich was slightly better :) After we cut off 6 nice big slices we popped these in a box and kept these. As part of the experience we also were allowed to pick 6 of the fudge blocks we wanted behind the counter. We chose Eton Mess, Lemon Meringue Pie, Rum & Raisin, Double Chocolate, Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl, and Chocolate Orange.

I also ended up picking up the Fudge home making kit so I might have a play with this again at Easter time whilst we are off and the hot drinking fudge :)

After our great time at Fudge Kitchen we got the tram & hopped on our plane back down south. Can't wait to go back to Edinburgh again , will def do one of the Ness bus tours again and maybe be daring enough to go in the Edinburgh dungeon!

Love , Sarah x
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