Friday, 30 September 2016

Harness OOTD

Love this trend! Underwear is outerwear when Harness Bras are concerned..

Strappy Lace Harness Bra (worn under top) // Missguided
Black Faux Leather Trousers // H&M
Lips // Lip Lingerie by NYX Cosmetics in Embellishment

Sorry, another fuzzy picture post! My phone camera only seems to work best in sunshine :( Can't wait to get a new camera at some point soon. May be abit of a wait though as we have booked our next little venture away to one of our bucket list locations - Iceland! We'll be heading there in March next year :) excited ain't the word!

Speaking of exciting things, its also out anniversary weekend!! eeep! Not sure how its come round so quick but it has! We've been so so shattered with the start of Uni this week and being busy at work. Its been manic so I'm relieved we're just going something not to strenuous and going to Lewes, a small town about 20 mins away where we got married last October for walks, brunch and card swapping :)

This is one of my weekend ootd's, Its not really quite cold enough for leathers but I love wearing them with a cute top for going out in. This Boohoo plunge top was just £4 in the sale and comes in three other colours!

I added a little bit of extra material to it as felt it was just a tiney bit too plungey for day time wear, although I also wanted something plunge necked as a nod to my wedding dress design. It kinda also has ait of another sentimenal value to it though as I took the material from a dress that I wore out to an event with him years ago that I haven't since worn. But was a dress I had a great time out with him in and felt fabulous in so its nice to have that included on the top as an extra! Its exactly the same colour and type of material as well so it worked perfectly!

Its still totally perfect for wearing with this amazing harness bra which I got from Missguided's fantastic lingerie range.

I've been wanting a harness bra for ages as they look sooo good and add cute detailing to plunging sweaters or low cut necklines. This lace one is really comfortable and looks pretty sassy on, On the reviews on the site it also apparently looks and fits well on larger boobs too, not just for those of us in the itty bitty titty committee!

Check out Missguided's Lingerie here

Love, Sarah x

Monday, 26 September 2016

Ohhhhh yeahhhh!

Rainbow Tassels make for perfect A/W sweater magic for brighter days! yaaasss Ragged Priest!

Rainbow Tassel Knit Sweater // The Ragged Priest
Metallic Jeans // Topshop 
Rainbow See Thru Platforms  // YRU

I've been waiting an agggee to wear this out! I actually got this amazing jumper from Topshop in Oxford Circus back in May but have held on to it as I've barely had to reach for a cover up over summer! Its been a beaut!

After the Ragged Priests incredible tassle leather jackets released in the spring (waaaaayy to far out of my price range even though they were to die for!) This jumper was a perfect release to make up for that and I bought it straight away.  Oddly have never seen it on the website so not sure if its an exclusive or sold out but this wasn't at the SS16 press day I went to last year either so sadly no link to it I'm afraid.

As you know I love my tassels so this jumper is the perfect edition to my collection - and by far the most colourful and most Ultimate Warrior/Randy Savage-esk of all I own.

 Love, Sarah x


Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I pay a quick homage to Prada's AW16 styling, minus the Sony NEX-5...

Corset Belt // DIY 
Grey Thigh High Boots // Primark

A couple of weeks ago I went in to the hairdressers for my 3 monthly roots touch up. I'm usually there for hours (damn you fine, aubany hair!!) whilst they bleach it up in which time I usually read a book and every magazine the salon has to offer. 

Whilst there reading editions of Glamour & Elle I stumbled across a feature on Prada's AW campaign earlier this year and totally fell in love with the styling. Miuccia Prada had explained backstage at her AW16 show that it was inspired by the idea of a Vagabond, all outfits were incredibly detailed, experimenting with layering and different textures - with one eye catching detail that struck me on most of the models which was a large corset belt worn in a fairly undone way.

This look has definitely inspired me to try this over the top of my 70s maxi dresses I lived in last year to give them a new season update, Although this DIY belt is far from finished. I wanted to make the edging look as raw as possible so I took an old pair of jeans and ripped along the seams for a frayed raw look. 

The only newness on this one is my new grey thigh boots, pleased to now say I own a pair of thigh highs in black, brown and grey now with all three being different in that they are different heel sizes and fabrics! 

PS. Sorry about the poor quality pictures, as you may of seen on my Instagram or Twitter, my camera faceplanted itself last time I was out with it (despite being on a flat service on its tripod!!) and fell in to a cosy pile of leaves. 

Only then did I pick it up to find the lens had totally disjointed and now its completely broken with Jessops quoting more to repair than the whole camera cost me to buy new in 2013! :'( hopefully will think of a new alternative as whilst there is always a phone camera its no where near as good as I do miss my camera alot. 

If you are solo shooting on a tripod though and find yourself minus a camera than the Timercam app  and a Joby Griptight mount for universal tripods are a good make do. The app is free and you can set a timer for up to 15 seconds and the Joby comes in at only £7.99 from John Lewis. You can pick up the next day from store or a Waitrose if they deliver to yours. That's how I'm making do for the moment! 

Love, Sarah x 

Friday, 16 September 2016

Fallen Leaves & Autumn Dreams..

Another Free People boho delight with this b-e-autiful maxi and embroidered boots

Lila Maroon Sheer Boho Dress // Free People - now £48! 
Feather Waistcoat // Collection by Topshop - Sold out
Embroidered Heeled Ankle Boots // Daisy Street - almost sold out!
Front Tie Up Choker // Topshop

I love autumn.

It really brings out my sense for adventure and love for being outdoors. Even more so than Summer I'd say! Crunchy leaves, jumpers with super long sleeves and wearing ankle boots are some of the top things on my list.

Although its been really hot here in the UK, I couldn't resist donning a couple of autumn buys I've bought in pre-season sales recently and heading out in to the woods.

As you may well know, Free People is one of my fave brands ever - having worn a Free People Wedding dress at my wedding and I also got this pretty spring dress earlier this year, I felt it was time to add a maxi dress in that I could wear for autumn in my collection and stumbled across this gem which was on sale!

Not only is it maroon (an autumn colour that never goes out of fashion & goes with everything) its also sheer (big bonus points) and for a maxi a pretty decent cut for my petiteness - no trailing! yay!

I've also been saving the feathered waistcoat for a while having also come across that in a sale, it was £90 but I nabbed it at the end of summer for a cool £45! Its a Topshop collection piece like my blue feathered skirt I bought a few years back but omg, the layering possibilities with this waistcoat are endless - I'm gonna love wearing this!

The boots as well were sort of on sale - but pre season! I am loving the new footwear trend for this season, Embroidery as you know has been the ultimate craze of 2016 in fashion land and I am LOVING that its also now on boots! <3 these pretties are from Daisy Street and I snapped them up over a month ago so they haven't really had their first autumn outing but I can't wait to wear them out properly.

Here's some of my fave embroidered boots out on the high street at the moment! Would you also wear these? Personally, I think they are stunning, Its not often you buy statement footwear unless you are fortunate enough to own and afford a few pairs of Irregular Choice shoes :)

Get the look - Autumn Dreams...Embroidered Boots

Rayal Bow Ankle Boots - Asos | Floral Clear Healed Boots - Public Desire | Athena Embroidered Boots - Miss Selfridge  | Dancer Print Embroidered Boots - Kat Maconie 


Monday, 12 September 2016

Wanderlust - Pearls & Swine: A Punk Dream

So a couple of weeks ago I headed up to London to partake in a millinery class with the LEGENDARY Bink (queen of making the most amazing and extraordinary hats you will ever lay eyes on) I saw she was holding this class on her Facebook page and KNEW I had to be there!

I've been following Bink for years, since she started up Pearls and Swine, which has grown and grown to see her hats pictured in the press for Ascot, Vogue Italia and for has made hats for drag queens, brides, burlesque - you name it. she's prob made a headpiece for it!

For this workshop, we were making Punk themed hats! Of all themes Punk is one of my absolute faves. I soo wanted to go and recreate something that was eye-catching, easy to wear out and about and that looked like something Vivienne Westwood may want to own! I love the whole punk style and though a punk hat would be perfect for this seasons DIY/customisation obsession and got allow me to dig out all my teenage mesh tops and tartan gear!

I took the scenic route and headed from London Victoria early that morning, walking from Westminster, across to Southbank, to the Globe Theatre and finally across the Millennium Bridge up past St Pauls to The Museum Of London, where the class was to be held!

We first watched a talk from the museum's senior curator of fashion, Beatrice Behlen, who showed us loads of photography and garments from the punk culture in London of the late 70s- 80s which was fascinating and totally inspired me to make my headpiece! I realised I own a replica of one of the garments that was shown that I've had for years that they were showing in the museum!

The class was pretty full as you can see! We all chatted and introduced ourself to the group with Bink (who is as fabulous, cute and bubbly as I imagined she would be, with swoonworthy tattoos!) and her partner Trafford who was hugely helpful and knowledgeable about the era of punk,  he worked at Vivienne Westwood's shop Sex and World's End over 5 or 6 years. He went to America with the Sex Pistols, roadied on tour with Iggy Pop and Billy Idol. Hungout at The Factory (Andy Warhol) with Blondie and was a hilarious and interesting guy to chat to!

I was itching to get started as there was so much fabrics, shiny, sparkly, colourful materials and pretties to choose from, it was like an Aladdin's cave for crafters!

I wanted my hat to look pretty raw and untidy so I used a teal facinator as a base and two types or tartan fabric, fraying the edges and covering with studs, skulls, and safety pins for a real punk look that Johnny Rotten himself would be proud of!

Bink was so kind and helpful and talked us through how to create the hats and the and tricks and tips for the best glues and things to use to create our headwear. We all ended up making such individual hats - no two looked the same! Some experimented with sequins and feathers, others went for crowns and embellishment to make a real Punk queen style hat!

I own a similar style hat to the one above, having bought this from Pearls and Swine for the Queens Jubillee back in 2012, heres a photo of me rocking it at our queenie Liz themed party with my nan! :) 

Here's the end result of mine! underneath is a comb with will attach it to my hair so I can start to wear this baby out! The class definitely inspired me to have a go at creating headwear at home! 

It was such a good class! I am looking forward to when Bink releases new courses for the new year! Make sure you keep an eye on her Facebook page and follow her to be in the know of any workshop dates. 

If Punk something that's up your is up your street though and you want to find out more about this iconic fashion era, then your in luck as Binks partner, Trafford, is returning to the museum of London in October to give a talk called Punk: Wanted Dead or Alive with a few other guests which will be a really interesting discussion about the punk era with loads of insights from those who were these in the middle of it all - believe me, from mine and Trafford's chat at the workshop this guy has loads of great stories! 

Book Punk: Wanted Dead or Alive here


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The 90's Slip

The It dress of 2016 is back with an autumnal look for the new season!

Dark Floral Slip Dress // Primark 
Dragonfly Choker // Topshop
White Platform Trainers // Primark
White Tee - Primark
Denim Backpack // Primark

Reminiscent of the 90's , the slipdress is back with a bang after Celine and Calvin Klein collections sent it down the runway last season. I first experimented with a very spring-like manga slip here earlier this year and went for quite a girly vibe. Here I'm experimenting with darker florals as we start to change up for autumn.

The slip is just the perfect transeasonal dress as it can be styled so many ways. Sure, its technically like wearing your nightwear outside during the day but throw in layering and boom! you've got yourself a effortlessly cool look that's super casual and full of grunge chic vibes -  that's the trick with styling the 90's slip!

I love slip dresses not only for all stuff mentioned above but also because they are flattering on everyone. This slip is just £13 from Primark! ideal if your slightly wary of the idea of wearing basically a nighty outside but want to give it a go and experiment with it, just layering it on a white t-shirt here as I've done instantly gives it edge.

Don your best battered converse, baggiest knit and slouchy backpack with a ton of chokers and your pretty much there.

Love, Sarah x


Sunday, 4 September 2016

A/W16 Lust list!

Hey guys!

Hope your having a great weekend! :) Its a chilled one for me as the boy starts uni this month so we are pretty busy from here on in!

Can you believe we are in September already?! 2016 has just flown by which kinda leaves us on the last couple of weekends of this summer to squeeze in a last min BBQ or a festival for another year. I dreamt I was at Reading Festival last night however my life is pretty far from Rock n Roll! I mean, today for me I am getting my roots redone (finallyyyy cus they look awful right now!) and getting ready for AW16 which looks to be pretty bad-ass!

This year so far the biggest trends have been anything off-shoulder, customisation (patches, badges ect) and embroidery. These are going no where for AW16 however it does also look like sheer mesh, leopard print and check and also going to be pretty popular too - my three faves yes!!

Here's my current wishlist for Autumn, my faves being the embroidered boots and burgundy velvet slip <3 .. let me know what your picks are!

1. Embroidered Heeled Ankle Boots - Asos | 2. Square Neck Velvet Slip - Missguided | 3. Leopard Print Denim Skirt - Miss Selfridge | 4. Khaki Silk Embroidered Shirt Dress - Pretty Little Thing | 5. Burgundy Bomber Jacket - New Look | 6. Silver Metallic Ankle Boots - Dune | 7. Black Lace Bodysuit - River Island | 8. Tan Velvet Panther Kimono - Jaded London | 9. Faux Snakeskin Leather Jacket - Missguided

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