Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Was 27 Surviving My Return To Saturn

Gold Coin Headband // Primark
Gold Septum Ring // Ebay
Suede Wicker Heeled Sandals // New Look

You know when you fall in love with something instantly online to the point where you think about it constantly until you have added it to your basket and hit the complete checkout button? That was one of these moments.. but just look at this dress though!! <3 

I have bought several fringed things lately but this is the first dip dyed fringing I have seen. Its totally unlike any other dress I've bought and I really like how its got both 1920's flapper dress feels and boho 1970's. 

One word of warning though.. the fringing is looped which is great for the top half...not so great on the bottom.. particularly when it is windy as I found taking these pics, the loops caught on everything I walked past and had a particular fascination with my shoe straps and catching on them so by the time I walked back home 20 mins later the back part was in a huge tangle! :( Thankfully after an hour of delicately de-tangling, I did manage to free it all up at the back again though I will cut the looped parts now so that they no longer snag on everything they touch. 

Scary wardrobe malfunction aside, I am def wearing this for my birthday next week to go to Camden in! :) Hello 27! :) has been abit of a crappy last few years for me so am hoping to finally get things moving and start enjoying life even more and ceasing more opportunities that come my way, travel more and learn to trust people more again. Definitely is starting to feel that a fresh start just around the corner & good things are coming my way at last. Never give up trying and never let anyone try to pull you down.

Love , Sarah x 



  1. That dress is lovely! Hope you have a good birthday!

  2. The dress is so gorgeous, although the looped fringing sounds like it was a nightmare!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. it was.. :( dunno what the asos designers were thinking wen they put looped fringe at the bottom! it does swish around beautifully when walking but its not good if it catches on everything! was a pretty tense hour getting it all untangled, thought it was ruined forever!! x


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