Sunday, 27 November 2016

Preparing For New Adventures..

Don't say g'bye to colourful clothes cause the temperatures dropped! Grab a rainbow style knit :)

Flared Jeans // Glamorous
Mustard Yellow Pom Pom Beanie // Primark

Ok, so no big adventures for now, not till march when I'm off to Iceland anyway! yayy!! :) I know its a little early for me to be wishing this year away but I think I can speak for most when I say this years been one I'd rather forget!

Never been so excited by winter wear but as I'm going to one of my bucket list destinations I will be making sure my winter wear is lookin fly! I'm planning for my Reykjavik wardrobe to be practical and bright and colourful, as few dark colours as possible! :)

This Billabong knit is definitely one coming with me, Its super oversized as well so I can be super cosy and pull the sleeves down over my hands.

I'll be getting more Iceland wear up till I go so expect more blogs of cosy wear! lol!

Adventure-wise, I'm on a trip to Birmingham next Saturday for the Clothes Show! If any fellow bloggers are there gimme a shout! :) Can't wait to see whats in store this year :)

Love, Sarah x


Friday, 18 November 2016

Beauty- Irresistible Me - Hair Extensions

Watch my latest video to see how I got on with these beautiful extensions from Irresistible Me!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry my beauty posts are like busses at the moment! Have got loads of them lined up but then prob won't be any for ages!

I am really excited with this one though as its about hair extensions!

I was sent some gorgeous remy clip in hair extensions to try from New York co Irresistible Me to try after being offered a range of their products.

Why extensions?

Because I have never tried them and am looking for a solution for my pretty damaged hair right now (basically its in dire need of a cut but hate cutting it as it means bye bye long-ish hair which has already taken so many years to grow!)

I was as sceptical as ever having though thinking surely they will be just the same as the plasticky ones you can get for a couple of quid in Claire's but how wrong was I!

I think I'm totally converted, they are so much more lightweight then I thought they would be and so comfortable to wear, I even almost forgot I was wearing them before going to bed the other night! I am genuinely thrilled with these and how much better it has made my locks look.

They are 100% remy which basically means that they are of the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped so they look much healthier and shinier. They can be easily washed, heat styled and coloured to blend in with your hair.

Take a look at my video to see how I got on! :)

These are from the Silky Touch Range  in shade Medium Brown, 22", 200g weight

The Silky Touch extensions are usually $89 but for this week only as it's coming up for Black Friday you can get them for 25% off! For that you get a whole set of extensions which includes either 10, 8 or 7 pieces of different widths depending on the weight of the hair you choose.

Watch the video to see what colours they offer and to see what your match would be to get started!

Love, Sarah x

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Granny's Attic

When looking for clashing prints hitting up Vintage stores is your best bet,,.

Floral Tea Dress // Vintage
Hand Painted Leather Jacket // Dirty Disco
Glitter Socks // Topshop
Leopard Print T-Bar Shoes // Topshop
Moschino Belt // Vintage

I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled on this dress, I had been looking for a clashing granny style dress with a bold floral for grungier outfits and found this one for just £5!

It looks perfect with  my Moschino belt cinching in at the waist, glitter socks and absolute fave Dirty Disco Jacket!  Hoping to get some new biker boots as well for a tougher look.

An old dear came up to me as well to ask me about my ensemble when taking these as they reminded her of what she used to own, ended up talking to her for a while about vintage fashion and how back then they wore petticoats underneath dresses that were stiffened in a mixture of water & sugar!

If you're lovin this look I've got some more granny style outfit info below which you can get on the high street/online!

Love, Sarah x

Get The Look - Granny's Attic

1. Swan Print Off Shoulder Dress - Asos | 2. Faux Fur Trim Dolly Coat - Asos | 3. Ruffle Front Blouse - Asos | 4. Floral Maxi - Reclaimed Vintage


Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Leopard Print Coat...

Leopard Print never goes out of fashion and this season it's gonna be everywhere...

Leopard Print Coat // Primark
Brocade Shift Dress // Topshop

Managed to get hold of one of the top items on my Primark A/W hitlist from the preview earlier this year, this is one of the two coats I was desperate to get!

Being leopard print its automatically scored huggggeee style points for this season as you may have noted animal prints have been everywhere.

The newest ones to fit the shelf's are also furry/faux fur so are are warm and perfect for the sudden snap of temperature we've had just as Novembers started!

This Primark one is such good value at just £25, looks almost identical to it's Topshop rival yet a snip of the price!

Get the Look - The Leopard Print Boyfriend Coat

1. Cream Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat - River Island | 2. Leopard Print Coat - Topshop | 3. Leopard Print Boyfriend Coat - Motel Rocks


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Babe With The Power

                                    You remind me of the babe, the babe with the power!

Lilac Jacket // Charity Shop
Babe With The Power Patch // Sugar Bones
Darling Sweater // Valfre
Black Faux Leather Leggings // H&M
Unicorn Tears Bag // Skinny Dip London
Floral Embroidered Boots // Daisy Street *sold out* available at Ego Official

Happy Sunday guys!

Hope you've all has another good weekend, mine was abit random, slept most of yesterday and then headed over to my mums to pick up my Christmas Party dress eeepp! Can't believe its nearly the season of sparkle all ready!

To kickstart off the season I've combined some sparkle with one of this years biggest trends - patches! I spotted this amazing patch from SugarBones a long while ago and waited for it to come back in to stock and thankfully it did! Its so perfect for the back of a jacket as its huge and totally transforms this old moto jacket I picked up from a charity shop.

I completely fell in love with The Labyrinth this year after fellow blogger (& cosplay ghost buster!) Adam lent me his copy of the film on DVD, I had never seen it before then and watched it a few times before giving it back. Its one of those films I could watch till I know it off by heart so that's probably what I will end up doing, and buying more Labyrinth themed stuff lol!

I added some sparkle with help of Hobby Craft and my Swarovski crystals I got from the Alexander McQueen exhibition last year and its like a totally new jacket! :) Think I may also change the buttons but now sure quite what sort of buttons yet. Maybe star shaped ones to go with the Sailor Moon/Labyrinth Theme!

Check out SugarBones on her website! Her pins and patches are so unique, I'd love to have them all!

Love, Sarah x 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wanderlust: Left My Heart In Amsterdam

So this post has actually been on my lists of wanderlust posts since the blog started 2 years and 8 months ago, just haven't got round to it till now!

It was actually back in 2012 when me and Rich went to Amsterdam, we finally were able to afford to go on our first ever trip abroad so knowing Rich is very much in to his dance and trance stuff it made sence to go to Amsterdam on our first trip away. Its somewhere that we do hope to again return to in the not too distant future, we have our hearts set on going to Kings day one year!

We went in the autumn as I simply wanted to see the canals looking lovely with some pretty golden brown trees. As everyone who has ever been to Amsterdam knows, its a very instagrammable place and in Autumnal lighting for photo taking is even better - would absolutely recommend going at the same time we went which was early October.

We stayed for 5 days in total though travelled by Eurostar (about 4-5 hours from Ashford station in the UK) which obviously shaved alot of time off on the first day but we were just in awe of being out of the county we quite enjoyed it as we stopped in Paris and Brussels with time to take a peek at these cities too before arriving!

Where we stayed

Similar to our Paris holiday a couple of years after this trip, we went for a self catering option as I wanted to feel like a real Amsterdamer (if thats a word!) and so we hired a houseboat from the hilarious Eric who was a brilliant and helpful host.

I'm not sure if he is still hiring it out as he was doing alot of travelling round the world last I heard so keep your eyes on site such as Air Bnb for gems like this - I'd totally recommend going self catering and hiring a boat, you don't actually need to drive the boat if your staying on one as they stay moored to the side of the canal.

Things to do

I know most people go to Amsterdam go mainly for coffee shops but if your're not a fan of the green stuff there is still plenty to see and do! 

Nieuw Markt

Nieuw Markt is probably the first place you will stumble across if you are wondering around aimlessly like we usually do! If you check out a map of Amsterdam you will see that the city is kinda shape like a half spiders web so as long as you bear in mind that this is the centre of it you can't really get too lost! 

Nieuw Markt is not far from the city's main train station either if you also arrive via Eurostar you can easily end up here, Its the main square of the city from which you can catch Trams, visit shops and people watch as well as check out all the souvenir and clog shops - gotta be done! 

Madame Tussards

Madame Tussards is nearby the square as well and well worth a visit! we were lucky to get the place to ourselves (so so rare to get this in a Madame Tussards!) and there were obviously famous dutch wax works in there of Van Gogh as well as the usual sort of stuff like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson that you get at the other Tussards. 

Visit one (or many!) of the museums

On all our trips we usually make an effort to go to a musuem of sorts, for this trip we went to 2!

We went to the Van Gogh museum (where I bought a beautiful bag which is still one of my faves!) 
and on another day we went to the Anne Frank House, For Anne Frank I'd definitely recommend buying your tickets online in advance as I read this tip before we went and it saved us alot of queing time as the que was going down the street to get in there. 

It's such a sad place to visit and will definitely leave you feeling all kinds of emotions afterwards so I would not leave this as your final trip destination and choose to do something after to lift your spirits! 

I've got no pictures of the inside if either museums unfortunately as taking photos in both these places is strictly forbidden. But then that gives you even more of an excuse to head over and go and see the must see features of Amsterdam yourself :) 


On the rainyest day of our trip we headed to the south of the city and had some yummy chips in mayo (delish!) and then once the rain had stopped, headed to VondelPark - the city's largest green area -  for a stroll and to get away from the city for abit. 

Just wondering the streets and canals.. 

As I said earlier, we felt that Amsterdam was pretty easy to navigate round! One of our fave things to do was to just head round the streets and explore on foot and just look at the lovely canals!


Another out of city-ish place is Amsterdam Zoo or Artis as its known. Its without a doubt one of my favourite zoos I've ever been to as it also contains an aquarium and a planetarium! Although its in the heart of the city its another good place to go for the day if you are fed up of wondering the streets! 

There was a good selection of animals to see as well including a cute pride of Lions which had its own Lion Kind thing going on with its own Simba and Mufasa! soo cutee! 

The Red Light District

Me and Rich felt pretty uneasy visiting the red light district, but felt that we should to experience it. Its not as dark n seedy as you think it may be so we felt pretty safe. But felt awful for the girls in the shop windows awaiting for a customer late at night. I just feel in this day and age a woman shouldn't have to be selling themselves to make money and it shouldn't be encouraged.  I can't possibly imagine how they do this as a job, I know I certainty couldn't,  

Unless there were any we missed we didn't see any male prostitutes so I assume its an all female thing but still sad none the less.  

The sex shops are a good giggle though we will hopefully go to the Sex Museum on our next visit there! 


Lastly, we went on a canal boat tour just after sunset. I'm a huge fan as you know of tours as you will get someone who knows the place you are who can teach you so much about the city and interesting facts you did not know!

For example the tour guide on our boat trip told us that to move homes, amsterdamers tend to move  home by boat and winch there possessions in to their new home using the hooks near the roofs of the narrow houses! They can't move items up the stairs as you will see in these photos the houses and stairs are very narrow!

I can't remember the tour place we booked this through unfortunately but there are many tours offered in the tourist points in the city!

Have you ever visited Amsterdam or planning to? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts were or let me know if there is somewhere in the Dam that's a good place to visit for my return trip! :)

Love, Sarah x

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