Friday, 29 May 2015

May Blogger Babes

So many amazing outfit posts from this month I couldn't fit them all in!  Here's my best of though with my new fave blog I've been following - Jag Lever - this girl's outfits are jaw droppingly good! def my new style crush!

This month I have been using Lookbook to gain outfit inspiration and find new blogs, its a great place to discover other bloggers from all around the world o this months faves are from all over, from the USA, UK, France, Holland & Istanbul to name but a few!

Who are you current blogger crushes? Don't forget to also drop me a link to your bog below so I can check it out!

Jag Lever - Let the sunshine in

Kayla Hadlington - I am a candy princess #lesdelicesdenina

Thats so yesterday - How I wear: A skirt with converse

The girls behind the camera - I still remember those crazy nights

Anita Kurkack - True beauty is the purity of you're heart!

Vintageena - Quilted vibe

Tie Bow Tie - Endless lavender

Hannah Louise F - End of year ball

Chelsea Jade Loves - Bright colours and jelly sandals

Easy Tiger - let loose in Lucy's closet

Lazy Kat - Mermaids



Monday, 25 May 2015


Brown Suede Cut-Out Boots // New Look

Absolutely love this romantic bustier dress! Its very princessy and for me it reminds me a little of the dress Princess Gisele makes in Disney's Enchanted film when she makes the floral dress from the curtains! 

I have had this dress waiting for months but decided that today now being nearly the end of May it was time to wear it although its still not really quite that warm yet. :) Off shoulder dresses & tops have been everywhere this Spring and is one of my fave styles to wear. 

So I layered on my suede tassel jacket and have given it abit of a Prarie girl/wild west look with some feathers n turquoise beads in my hair too. I have definitely re-discovered my love of turquoise accessories - I love how they can brighten up a look by adding pops of colour. You'll have to excuse the shoddy painting of my nails though, I am no artist and I put this nail varnish on last minute to match the ring and beads! have no patience when it comes to nails! 

Love, Sarah x


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Was 27 Surviving My Return To Saturn

Gold Coin Headband // Primark
Gold Septum Ring // Ebay
Suede Wicker Heeled Sandals // New Look

You know when you fall in love with something instantly online to the point where you think about it constantly until you have added it to your basket and hit the complete checkout button? That was one of these moments.. but just look at this dress though!! <3 

I have bought several fringed things lately but this is the first dip dyed fringing I have seen. Its totally unlike any other dress I've bought and I really like how its got both 1920's flapper dress feels and boho 1970's. 

One word of warning though.. the fringing is looped which is great for the top half...not so great on the bottom.. particularly when it is windy as I found taking these pics, the loops caught on everything I walked past and had a particular fascination with my shoe straps and catching on them so by the time I walked back home 20 mins later the back part was in a huge tangle! :( Thankfully after an hour of delicately de-tangling, I did manage to free it all up at the back again though I will cut the looped parts now so that they no longer snag on everything they touch. 

Scary wardrobe malfunction aside, I am def wearing this for my birthday next week to go to Camden in! :) Hello 27! :) has been abit of a crappy last few years for me so am hoping to finally get things moving and start enjoying life even more and ceasing more opportunities that come my way, travel more and learn to trust people more again. Definitely is starting to feel that a fresh start just around the corner & good things are coming my way at last. Never give up trying and never let anyone try to pull you down.

Love , Sarah x 


Monday, 18 May 2015

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry

Sorry for the lack of posting last few days!

Firstly I left my phone at work before having 4 days off (oops) and then got all partied out as it was the boys 30th Bday :) having spent the days over in Brighton seeing the Prem League Darts, eating out at Angus Steakhouse and Farm @ Friday Street, a trip to the British Library to see the Magna Carta (Boy is a total law geek!) a Thunderbird Birthday cake surprise and a very quick trip to the Oh My Love/Ragged Priest/White Pepper sample sale @ The Old Truman Brewery, London I am totally knackered out!

Seeing as I havent done any beauty posts for a pretty long time, I thought I'd share with you my two hair care faves at the mo that I've been trying out these past few months :)

The most annoying thing I find with my uber fine hair is that it tends to look even limper after I've slept on it once. So for me washing my hair in the morning would be better option as it holds the volume just that tiny bit longer.

However, since discovering these two products at my nearest Redken salon My hair has become alot easier to deal with and I'm not having to wash my hair if only just to give it a little more ommph simply cus I want to wash my hair at night!

I first picked these both up back in February as was looking for a new thermal heat defense spray as I had run out of my old V05 one which seemed to make my hair greasier and heavier when I put it on though needed it to protect my hair when drying and styling up with curling tongs and things.

The Primer works by not only protecting your hair from heat of up to 450 degrees F, but also helps prevent breakage thus helping you keep your hair healthier and therefore thicker and stronger! yay! Since using it I haven't felt it weigh down my hair as much as my old one did and its kept my hair from going all wispy and crappy in the mornings like it used to whearas now i just spray this on, dry it and sleep and hair is as if though I only washed it minutes ago the next day!

Downsides are that its dosent have the nicest scent to it and as with all Redken products it does come with a hefty price tag at £16! though I do use it anything up to 3 times a week and since Feb have only used a quarter of the bottle so it makes up for being a really decent thermal spray and long lasting for its cost.

The Blow Dry extender is basically a dry shanpoo which you would spray on your hair a day or so after washing to give it abit more of a boost - genius if you don't have time to wash your hair! 

I had tried many other dry shampoos after they first started appearing on the scene a few years back and hailed as life-saving must haves for bad hair days and festivals though everyone I tried just didn't seem to suit my hair! I tried Batiste which although they all smell good they just left a white power on my head (ewww) and made my scalp feel itchy. 

This one leaves no residue and absorbs the oil on my hair without making it feel heavier or itchy with the white powdery stuff of cheaper brands, and for me have felt like it does do what it says on the can and does leave my hair fresher. 

As an extra bonus, it also extends the life of blow dried hair and corrects product over use (def guilty of that!) 

Downside again would be scent of product and cost as this baby comes in at £20. Not as nice smelling as Batiste though for me it worked better whereas Batiste just masked my hair with flowery scents and covered my roots in powder which made it worse! the secnt of both the extended and primer don't last long (literally just after u've finished spraying it!) so don't worry about this too much! 

Have used quite abit of and am two thirds of the can down since buying it in Feb so this may need to be re-bought over the summer again. 

Hopefully they will sell these two in miniatures as would love to be able to take them on my travels and first ever camping trip in a couple of months - will have to keep u posted! 

Love, Sarah  x 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Boho Jewellery Haul

The last month or so I have been updating my jewellery collection as some pieces I have are really old, haven't bought anything new or felt inspired to buy any new jewellery for ages! 

I'll admit now I'm not a fan of expensive bling, I do own a Vivienne Westwood pearl choker that I bought for my 25th Birthday in Paris but everything else I have is costume jewellery. I'd much rather have a stack of £5 colourful bangles on my arm instead of a Pandora bracelet! just find them really plain lol! This is prob why I love boho jewellery so much, the more you can stack on the better instead of one single item of jewellery!

I've put together some of my latest buys ranging from the super cheap chic (hello Primarni & Ebay!) sorta cheap range - Claire s Accessories & Asos & a couple of pretties from Urban Outfitters and Regal Rose for those of you looking you spend a little bit more!

Super Cheap Chic - Primark & Ebay

Primark has some superb picks for jewellery and accessories right now, I found myself going a little crazy in there last weekend and before I knew it went to the till with an armful of stuff!

Here's what I got!

Coin headband, triple ring set, leaf full finger ring, glow in the dark charm bands
Coin Headband £2.50

Ring set £3.00

Leaf branch full finger ring £3.00
Midi ring multi pack £3.00

charm glow in the dark bangles £2.50
Gold Septum Ring - Ebay £3.95

Midi Cheap Range

First up is the feather choker I wore a couple of outfit posts ago from Asos. The rest are from Claire's Accessories which has some GORGEOUS boho lovelies right now. From arm cuffs, headbands and flower crowns, Claire's has got summer accessories nailed!

Asos black stone feather choker £8
Claire's elephant necklace £8.00

Feather and bead arm band - £6 (i think...)
Gold coin 3 size bangle set £4.50
x3 Butterfly hair clips (sold separately) £3.50 Gold Greek Branch Headband £8 Nail Stickers £4
Gold Greek Style Headband (as seen in Cosmopolitan) £8
Nail Stickers £4
Large Flower Crown £14
Large Flower Crown £14
Beachey Charm Choker £6
Katy Perry Prism Pink & Green Gem Choker £4
Katy Perry Prism Junk Food Charm Bracelet £5

Pretty but pricier.. 

My new obsession at the moment is hair rings which you may have seen my wear in my last post. Regal Rose have some really cool charms as well as other amazing jewellery on their site, though alot of its over £10 obvs depends how much you want to spend. The hair rings are £2.50 each but you wil want at least 5 of them as when you hook them on to braids you will need at least this many or more if your hair is longer than mine.

Also I really like Urban Outfitter accessories, they always have really interesting stuff though I don't go in to my local Brighton sotre that often. have made a mental note to go there more as they have super pretty thing like the crystal necklaces below.

Regal Rose Hair Rings £2.50 each 

Urban Outfitters Rainbow Prite £12 and Crystal £9

Love, Sarah x 

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