Wednesday, 1 October 2014

OOTD: Coco's Fortune

Sheer Black Embroidered Dip Hem Dress - Coco's Fortune
Ankle Boots - Wallis

Last weekend I braved myself to spend time to actually go through my wardrobe to see if there are any treasure's I have forgotten about and sort through stuff that could go to charity if I haven't worn it in ages/before. I'm not the sort of girl who buys things and then leaves them in the wardrobe with the tags on for years, Instead I'm pretty good at buying an outfit to wear once before it gets forgotten or I feel like its lost it's sparkle.

Need to crack this habit by either wearing forgotten threads again, being creative and making something new out of it or do a good deed and donate them..or Ebay it!. I sent down four bin bags full of pre-loved clothing in the end to Marie Curie & Mind.shops in Eastbourne. Good deed of the week done! :)

I bought this sheer embroidered black dip hem dress in 2012 to take with me on my travels to Amsterdam. It was a little too cold to wear without anything underneath so at the time I layered a plum coloured t-shirt under it!

It's from Cocos fortune who made a couple of collections and then have seemingly stopped making anymore lines. Correct me if I'm wrong but they seem to have since lost their concession both with Asos & Topshop, which is sad because they were soo unique and full of dreamy vintage prettyness yet unique to anything I have ever come across in vintage shops.

They do still seem to have a few Cocos fortune things on the Rare London website, all are heavily discounted from RRP. Hopefully this isn't the end of another cool little brand!

Are there any brands out there that you used to love that no longer exist and wish would return? :)

Love, Sarah x


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