Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Khaki Shirt Dress

  Cut Out Brown Suede Boots // New Look

Had crazy good fun shooting this earlier! Came back in to the office after spending my lunchbreak rolling around outside covered in leaves! lol! If they haven't already figured I'm the crazy one they have now!

So much love love love for this shirt dress! I love khaki colours as they are really flattering no matter what your hair colour of skin type. I actually have a khaki summer jacket very much like this and often wear it out as a dress but now I've found one I can also wear indoors without it looking weird that I'm wearing a jacket inside. :)

Its lovely n silky and I really like the gold zippers and drawstring waist, my only criticism is that I wish the front pockets could be real! I keep trying to put my hands in them but they can't go anywhere ahhhhh!

I'm also wearing my super safe choice of my cut out brown suede boots that just go with pretty much everything but I'd like to get some new biker boots to go with it instead as mine are completely broken and split from the sole at the front. Or maybe thigh high boots with a wedge heel to wear along with this dress, need to try some on and see if they suit my short little legs without looking like Puss In Boots!

Love, Sarah x

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