Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mustard Yellow

Mustard Wrist Strap Clutch bag - Stradivarius
Feather Brim Brown Fedora Hat - Select
Mustard Cord Shorts - Primark (bought second had off Ebay)
Yellow Jumper - Primark
Suede Brown Cut-Out Boots - New Look
Pearl Necklace - Vivienne Westwood

Ok..so technically I'm not head to toe mustard yellow!

Its probably the most annoying thing about buying something online (apart from the worry of will it/won't it fit) ,the whole colour res thing! they always photoshop stuff within an inch of its life till sometime the garment is nothing like how it looked in the pic or pics are taken in a low light so its just hard to tell. However, it seems to have worked out fine in this case anyway! Call it shades of yellow lol! I haven't worn this much brown n yellow since I was a Brownie Guide!

We all have a colour were scared of wearing or simply don't because it doesn't suit are skin tone - fair enough - I find that most jewel tones, in particular, Cobalt Blue is not a colour that suits me well. Most people's scary colour to wear though I've found is actually yellow, despite being a lovely happy colour!

I love wearing yellow, mainly in golden mustard tones rather than garish banana yellow or lemon and was really pleased when I first adventured in to Stradivarius in Barcelona, this was there colour of the moment! Having always wanted a wrist handled clutch, I picked this one up. When I got back I then started shopping around for shorts and found these cute corded ones on Ebay for £1.99, didn't realise though the jumper I already had was alot lighter! Wasn't exactly what I had dreamed up but it works together just as nicely :)

What colours do you tend to choose/avoid when shopping? :)

Love, Sarah x


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