Thursday, 26 January 2017

January Pay Day Wishlist

Its almost here!! The longest ever pay waiting game of the yeeeaaarrr is almost over (sigh of relief!)

Its also time for new season trends to start popping up as much as I love this it frustrates me at the same time. Whats with bringing in all this beaut springy like stuff when Winters only just arrived?! Sort it out fashion peeps! otherwise, hurry up warmer weather so I can wear some of this!

Still adding it all to my wishlist though as not sure I'll be able to wait too long, it looks like the embroidery thing is still going for now and there's also a HUGE nod to this springs biggest trend - its all about them sleeves! More on that another day..

Here's my current pinned list of faves, doubt I'll be able to buy much (if anything) due to Icelandy saving as its now 6 weeks away and I've still got a couple of things to book. Its a seriously expensive holiday but I know it will be so worth it :)

Hugely crushing on studded jackets and florals still and that Asos dress has Spring written all over it! <3 my fave new in sections at the mo have to be River Island though and Missguided! Two shops I've not really gone for in a long time so they are seriously winning me back if they have pretties like these on the rails!

Whats your fave?

1. Light Blue Embroidered Studded Jacket - Glamourous | 2. Cher Ankle Grazer Tartan Trousers - Love Too True | 3. Velvet Quilted Patch Bomber Jacket - Asos | 4. Green Bardot Waterfall Sleeve Bodysuit - Missguided | 5. Multi Print Cami Dress - Asos Premium | 6. Black Wash T-shirt Dress - Missguided | 7.  Embroidered and Studded Denim Bag - River Island | 8. Teen Idol Tunic Dress - Sister Jane

Love, Sarah x 



  1. So many dreamy buys babe! I'm loving the flower fever hanging around the fashion universe at the moment, that Glamourous jacket just nails spring stunning times a trill. So hyped for you and your Iceland holiday, yay! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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