Monday, 28 December 2015

NYE- Beauty Insta Inspo!

Hiya Guys! 

Hope you had a great Christmas! 

I've been spending mine seeing family, eating non-stop and am heading up to London tomorrow for a couple of days to shop shop shop! 

Bliss. Bloody love Christmas hols! 

Next up though, we have NYE! New years is actually something again I will be spending with my family this year and don't really party, but that doesn't stop me looking at new make up styles or buying shed loads of glittery stuff! :) 

Here are some of my fave beauty trends that I love at the moment & want to try for this new years/perhaps try in 2016. Whether you are going out or staying in this NYE,I guarantee you will def wanna check these out! 

1) Glitter Roots

First seen on the Ashish SS16 models earlier this year, this trend has gone down a storm on instagram with hella loads of people giving it a go! 

Personally, I love it best on coloured hair though there is no reason why us blonde, brunettes and redheads cant give it a go whether we have dyed out roots to cover or not! This trend looks so much fun and is one I really want to give a go! 

Creating glitter root styled hair is easy - click here for a tutorial. As we don't have a Sallys drugstore here in the UK a good alternative glitter to use is glitter injections from Dolls Kill. 

2) Nails 

One of my beauty resolutions for 2016 is to get more creative with my nails as I had my first ever shellacs done a couple of months ago - though to me, I felt they were pretty pricey!

I love this nail DIY as its glittery (duh!) and the numbers look pretty cool - maybe just if I used my right hand I could do it was when I paint my nails with my left is never as good! 

I saw some amazing Nail art stencils in superdrug a while ago but can't find them online, Here are some Ebay dupes though for just £2.99! 

3) Colour Pop Eyes

I am a huge fan of eye make up and trying out different colours. At this time of year I really love using Collection 2000 glam crystals eye liner on my lower lashes as above. Its one of my fave looks and gets loads of compliments, 

The are just £2.99 and available in sooo many colours!! :) I have been buying these for years and can honestly say they are one of my fave beauty buys for the party season and I am never without one in my bag at this time of year. 

Not a glitter fan or just experiment with colourful eyeshadows? Check out the latest Urban Decay Palette - a limited edition collab with one of my all-time style and music heroines - Gwen Stefani. An exciting palette that not only includes your fave go to nude shades, but also some incredible jewel tone colours that are perfect for NYE eyes!.  

4) Face Mask

Obvs you don't want to be wearing a face mask to a party, but they are brilliant for the post party pick me up / pre party skin prepping! 

I've really got in to using Lush's face masks lately and they leave my skin feeling fab and in great condition to pop a fresh face of make up on to an hour or so after applying and rinsing off. I'm really bad at taking all my make up off so these are great to make your skin feel better if your having a bad skin day before getting ready for your NYE party. 

A good thing to know is if you buy 6 of these little pots over time and keep hold of the packaging, than you get a free one if you give them back to Lush to recycle..brilliant! 

What are you planning to do with your NYE make up - hit me up with your ideas or faves from my picks above! :) 

Love, Sarah x 


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