Friday, 6 January 2017

Beauty: Urban Decay Vice Palette - Reloaded

Meet the Limited Edition Reloaded Vice Palette, full of bright Rainbow bright colours that will totally transform your make up collection and inspire you to create TONS of different eyeshadow magic!

Back in November I headed to my nearest Urban Decay counter (Brighton, Debenhams!) to try and find a new eye shadow palette that could get me excited about eye shadows again. I have been stuck in a rut with mine and opting for my trusty Naked 2 palette for a good couple of years without a change, so I really wanted to bring some colour and experimenting back in to my eye make up game.

The lady on the counter introduced me to the limited edition Vice Palette and I was instantly sold, this was just what I was looking for!

Firstly check out the packaging..

pretty huh! :)

And when you open it you get an insannneee set of 20 different shades to feast your eyes on, it literally is a rainbow of colour - with a difference.

Usually when buying a colourful palette you get your colours and thats that, you then get your nude shades for work/ day wear in a nude palette separately.

What Urban Decay have done here though is brilliant as you get all these wonderful colours to experiment with but you also get a handful of nude and smokey shades to play with if you don't want to opt for colourful shades. It is a palette that is an all rounder!

As you can see in my pictures I have been using this since before I took the pics :) my fave shades I have been using in particular are pinks and purples and blues as they have made a welcome change from smokey grey! :)

The 20 shades are chosen as part of Urban Decays 20th Bday (hence the special release of this palette!) and the shades span the past 20 years Urban Decay have been around.

This palette includes cult favourites from the past (such as the light green shade Acid Rain or electric blue UV-B) , 5 exclusive shades from Vice and Book Of Shadows Palettes, 7 best sellers from the current collection of single eyeshadows and 5 new shades which are new exclusives to this one!

As with most Urban Decay Palettes, this one comes with a huge mirror and a double ended brush 😊

This is def my favourite go to at the moment and will be for a long time, the combinations of colours are endless so it will take me a good year or two to have fun mixing and matching these!

If your stuck in a rut with your eyeshadows and want to go for a bolder look but not give up on your trusty nude shades this palette is the one!

                                             Check it out - Urban Decay Vice Palette Reloaded

Love, Sarah x

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