Monday, 2 January 2017

Black Velvet & Florals

Think floral's are for Summer? Think again! PLT have got the embroidery trend nailed with this velvet floral wonder. 

Black Velvet Floral Jumpsuit // Pretty Little Thing
Black Studded Boots // Pretty Little Thing (old) 
Black Floral Cross Body Bag // Primark 
Black Suede Baker Boy Hat // Next (verrryyyy old!)

Firstly, Happy New Year! :)

I know it's cliche to keep going on on one about "new year, new me" stuff so I'll spare you of that! I do love a new year start feeling though as although you can obvs change and start a-fresh anytime of year it's still a great feeling to move in to a new year with a clean(ish) slate and feeling positive for new things and excitement of what this year may bring.

For me and the boy, its clear we are at a point in our lives that we are now desperate to get things moving and start a new chapter so we are hoping 2017 brings that for us and gets on on the road to owning our own home! Gotta take the rough with the smooth though which may mean a year of saving and holding back this year but it will be worth it in the long run.

One thing that has no signs of changing is the embroidery trend which I posted about way back in June last year. I have adored this trend and it looks like its not going anywhere just yet which makes it even more of a good reason to shop this one!

This jumpsuit is from my faves Pretty Little Thing. They absolutely slayed Christmas and NYE wear to the point that if I had the time of would of done a separate wishlist on their collections as they were fab!

I don't often opt for unitards or jumpsuits but couldn't resist this one due to its pretty wintery floral embroidery. Oh, did I mention its also velvet too! 😍

Here's a couple of my fave embroidery picks out there at the mo. From jackets, jumpsuits to sweaters this trend will be on everything, just shop around and check out some of the designs out there!

Personally am in love with the River Island jacket below! I'm gonna need a room just for cute jackets at the rate I'm buying them right now! Check out my pinterest to see what else I'm pinning on this trend!

Jazz up your winter wardrobe with Embroidery! 

Love, Sarah  x 


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