Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Beauty: Lee Stafford Argan Hair Range

In need of some winter hair SOS? Then try this Argan range from Lee Stafford, its sooo good!

Its been a while since I recommended any hair products that I rate as my hair goes through so many phases n gets bored of stuff so easily but since I switched up my routine and discovered this amazing Argan Oil range from Lee Stafford I simply have to share this with you as its worked wonders on my locks!

I've been using these two products since September last year now due to how badly damaged my hair was due to summer heat. I mean, look at this,

If you can't see how broken my hair is here's a closer look...

Yep, literally up to my jaw in split ends and breakage. I thought I was gonna have to say bye to my hair and go for the chop (eeek) but I then went on a mission to find something that really works on my hair type (super thin, fine prone to greasyness within 2 days hair)  and found my hair saviour!  

I had heard of Argan Oil products before but have always been put off by the fact they looked quite oily and too heavy for my fine hair so I bought these thinking they may be another hair product destined for one use then to the back of the bathroom cabinet but I was totally wrong! 

For those who are also sceptics, Argan Oil is super rich in Vitamin E and is an excellent moisturiser for your hair and skin, leaving it super soft and shiny and nourished - well worth a try if you are in need of some hair TLC! 

There are so many different products in the Lee Stafford Argan range, I chose 2, one, the Deep Nourishing Treatment and second the Miracle Heat Defence Spray and now use both religiously in my hair routine. I've seen such a difference and the breakage in my hair is so much more improved! 

Unlike the oils I've seen on the shelfs before, this is a creamy treatment mask that you leave in after washing you hair normally and then leaving in. The longer the better I find, I tend to shower and then gently dry my hair a little with a towel so it's not dripping wet then apply this from root to tip, taking extra care to add more to the tips as this is where my hair is driest and most damaged, 

After wrapping my hair up in cling film (sure I read somewhere this helps!) and then a silk scarf on top wrapped around my head as a turban I'll potter about for an evening before rinsing off about an hour or so before bed so I've had this soaking on my hair for around 2-3 hours for best results. If I'm in a hurry though I leave it on for about 40 mins and still have great results and silky hair once dried, it does actually only say 5 mins on the tub but I have seen a difference in leaving for longer to shorter times. :) 

This is my third tub of this I've bought since Sept and with a price tag of £15 its not the cheapest out there but to me its worth every penny! I use it around twice a week and have one hair wash a week where I don't use it as I get product build up in my hair pretty quick and just  due to time to do this routine! 

I also got the heat defence spray seeing as I also was out of a heat spray at the time. This like the treatment mask smells amazing and also makes your hair lovely sleek and shiny, 

I've been using this before hairdrying my hair along with the treatment and would def get this again, I'm just coming to the end of this bottle since buying it in September so it is also really long lasting! 

Check out the Argan Oil Range from Lee Stafford from Boots - they are quite often on offer or in 3 for 2 so you can pick and choose different ones from the range! I bought a new treatment as mines just run out today for £10 instead of £15 in my local Eastbourne boots store as they are currently in store at 25% off! :)

Love, Sarah x


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