Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lightning strikes twice

Abit of a Bowie tribute today with lots of lightning themed stuff n silver!

 Lightning Slogan Plunge T-Shirt Dress // Pretty Little Thing 
Lightning/Zig Zag Tights // Primark
Silver Ankle Boots // Primark 

Sorry, not best pics I know,! Trying to do outfit posts in January dicing between daylight, weather and general free time is a mission so I took the only time I could grab, the morning after a party so apols for my shattered looking face!! 

I've finally managed to find another low cut top sorta thing to wear with the harness bra I got back in September, these rock chic style T-shirt dresses are all over Pretty Little thing right now and they are just perfect for weekend wear. Particularly loving the spliced ones (half n half design t-shirts) though they are a little harder to find but they are really cool and interesting!. 

I was thinking of teaming up with my thigh high boots but instead as I've listening to Bowie last couple of days I opted for my new fave lightning tights and silver boots as they also go with the t-shirt anyway! Haven't worn any interesting/patterned tights since I was about 18 and lived in comic strip ones so these patterned ones are a welcome update to my boring all black or nude tights my drawer has nowadays. Maybe will get the thigh highs out another time. 

Love, Sarah x

Get the look - Rock Chic T-shirt Dresses 



  1. So striking and stunningly pretty in lightning beaut babe! The silver boots are so babin' and are giving me all the cosmic/spacey vibes. Totally gorg! I love the t-shirt dress too, such a unique edge from a normal dress or top. Your photos are always beachy and beautiful <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. aww thanks beaut! making the most of every beachy photo as plans become more real that we are moving inland ahh! dunno how I will cope! x


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