Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Henna (Transfer Set) // Regal Rose
Studded Ankle Boots // Pretty Little Thing 

Sorry about the crappy pic quality! I just saw this amazing magical ivy door way whilst out and about and had to come back n shoot hindsight tho the lighting was pretty poor, but heyho! 

Have had this Misguided Tie-Dye dress on my wish list for ages - so pleased I finally got it. I'm obsessing over all things tie-dye at the mo! 

I recently ordered a load of Regal Rose goodies as well as they are fast becoming my fave accessory destination. Their latest collection - Babylon - is just incredible and full of boho style goodness! 

This time I went back for the lovely henna transfers which are brilliant and stay on really well - everyone has complimented this one I have on and had no idea it was a transfer as it looks just like real henna..result! 

I also got this amazing crescent headband which is really unique and some more hair braid rings for my growing collection :)

The coin belt though is actually Boohoo - yes Boohoo!! Its pretty heavy and noisy but its by far the best coin belt I have ever seen, my only moan is that I wish it was gold instead of silver but its such a stunning statement piece I'll let Boohoo off this one! 

Make sure you check out Regal Rose's Babylon Collection here

Love, Sarah x



  1. such a cool dress, your style is so unique!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. nice colorful dress!

  3. That dress is absolutely to die for! I've wanted it for ages as well. How tall are you?

    xx Heather | | BlogLovin'

    1. im a total midget lol! :) i'm 5'1 xx

    2. Awh it looks amazing on you though! Do you think it would be long enough on 5'8? xx

    3. i think so, maybe ud need to wear small heels only or flats, missguideds models are around 5'8 n in the pic on the site im sure the model is still also wearing heels! xx


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