Friday, 10 July 2015

WAH London - The Ombre LA Summer Nails Edit

When I saw this WAH London Nail kit in the Boots Christmas catalogue last year I soo wanted to try it everything is there for you in one box to make the design. I'd heard really good things about WAH London (who are based in Topshop Oxford street) and was really excited that they had now launched a concessions in Boots so I don't have to travel so far to get some funky nails.

It was abit too much of a summery design though for the festive season and as it retailed for £23 back then it was way over my Christmas stocking budget. Luckily they have still stuck around in Boots since and have also gone down to half price - yay! So I picked up this Dreamy Day nails kit and thought I'd give it a go!

Its actually really easy to do, though I got abit too impatient and didn't do the sponge bit as per the instructions I still got a pretty effective ombre effect.

This kit is the best one I have seen for the summer and has the coolest designs for your holidays or for festivals. Its def got a Californian LA vibe to the colours in this one! <3

Contents include:

x2 Nail Varnishes (one Pink - Slicker than your average, one Peach - LA days)
x3 Sponge Applicators
x2 Sheets of Nail Stickers (Gold Palm Trees & Peace Signs)
x1 Yellow Nail Art Pen

                        How to do Summer LA peace ombre nails

Add the base colour to your nails all over - leave to dry

Once dry, paint the bright pink nail varnish on to the sharp tip edge of the sponge and then working from the tip of  your nail, dab lightly to halfway down to create a fade

Load up your sponge again with more polish only this time down to a quarter of the way down the nail, repeat again only then only dabbing along the very tip of the nail to build up a solid colour at the end 

Once dry, peel off a peace sticker and apply to the middle of your nail

Finally, add a coat of clear nail varnish top coat to keep the sticker in place & voilĂ ! LA summer ombre nails! 

The kit does come with two versions of nail stickers so I think I will also try to do a reverse version of this ombre design & use the darker pink varnish and use the yellow nail pen to create yellow tips..keep an eye on my instagram - I'll post a photo of the results there!

WAH London are due to release the next in line to these box sets which is called Immerge. Immerge is a high jelly polish which helps you create psychedelic patterns on your nails. ooooh! These are due out in the next couple of weeks and will be on sale in Boots stores. Add your name here on the the WAH London mailing list to hear about when it comes in and get 10% off your order!

Have you seen any summer nail designs out there? :)

Love, Sarah  x


  1. Your nails look so cool !

  2. so pretty! love your blog!
    following you<3

  3. The ombre effect looks great on your nails xx


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