Sunday, 31 December 2017

Ashish X River Island

O hey! A sneaky lil collab between one of my fave fashion designers and River Island? Let's check this out!

Ashish x River Island Sequin Lace Slip Dress // River Island
Snow Queen Face Jewels // The Gypsy Shrine
Silver Boots // Primark

Hey all! Hope you had a good Christmas and got a good NYE planned! As this year has been one of my worst (particularly this last month) I am not sorry to see it go, bring on 2018!

I am hoping to be awake past midnight (I rarely make it!) and am gonna be wearing this amazing blue sequined Ashish dress I treated myself to for a post Christmas treat, it's perfect for NYE celebrations and is mega sparkly. Better still, I managed to bag this in the River Island sale for half the RRP price. If you are not a fan of blue, its also available in gold :)

I have been in hibernation from blogging as well you may of noted recently, I have got lots of stuff planned for Jan so alot of my Dec stuff will be appearing then. I literally have spent the last 3 weeks off work to try and de-stress so I have let the blog also have a break too!

My top plans for 2018 are:

- To travel more
- To spend more time for ME, using my weekend and evening time to do more creative things, reading books, taking up yoga and stuff like that
- Revamp the blog (was meant to be happening now but job sitch kinda put that back abit)
- Continue to eat better and less (I have kicked my comfort eating habit pretty well since October, hoping to continue this as am feeling alot better physically)

What are you wearing for NYE and do you have any 2018 plans set?

See you in the New year, you can check out the River Island Ashish collab here!

Love, Sarah x 


  1. Have a great, successful work/life balance in 2018

  2. You look fantastic. Happy New Year lovely x

    1. thank you doll! hope you have a wonderful new year too :) x

  3. Looking like the total glitzy diamond dream you are beaut babe! I so hope 2018 brings you all you wish for and so much more, you truly deserve all the happiness out there <3 I love your plans for the year ahead, can't wait to see your travels unfold and I just know you'll fulfil all your dreams and plans :)

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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