Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Black Mesh, Turquoise Jewels & Henna

Semi-Precious Stone Pendant Necklace Turquoise // Missguided 
Black Strappy dress (worn underneath) // Primark
Black Fedora // Asos
Henna // Custom design by Pavan 

With my wardrobe being all kindsa colour crazy these last couple of months I thought I do something a little bit different and go for an all black outfit with this beaut mesh maxi from Missguided. 

I have layered it up as it is completely see thru without the little black Primark strappy dress on underneath for decency but it does look stunning without layering underneath as it has peekaboo lace panels and is really clingy and flattering..good for doubling up as bedroom lingerie hehe! For  the residents of Eastbournes sake tho and to wear to work, the strappy dress has gotta be worn underneath! 

To go with my sorta gothyish look these I've also dug out my black fedora which is getting abit miss-shapen! will make it my mission to get a new one for the autumn as there are sure to be loads of these appearing in shops soon. (why do they usher in the A/W clothes so quick in the UK??, Its JULY FFS, never understood this!!) 

To finish and throw back in a pop of colour, I also got this beautiful turquoise necklace from Missguided so I don't feel too muchly in dark colours. Love turquoise accessories with dark colours as they can take more of a centre piece. Our wedding rings that have also come this week are also this colour stone :)

oh, lastly have you spotted my henna tattoo? I went to the Pavan henna bar in Selfridges Beauty workshop just before we went to the Alexander Mcqueen, Savage Beauty exhibit and got it done! Got a post coming on these guys soon so you can find out all about it then! 

Love, Sarah  x 



  1. your henna is gorgeous and so is that necklace. absolutely stunning :) id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/07/measure-yourself-in-strength-not-pounds.html xx

    1. thank u lovely! i'll def check out your blog xx


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