Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Rainbow series 3 - The Ragged Priest

Over It Mesh Crop // The Ragged Priest
Denim Acid Wash Spiked Shorts // Primark
The Eva Braid // The Braid Bar 

Sorreee, this post has been a REALLY long time coming! This is the final post of my rainbow series I started last month but didn't have the time to shoot this one. Blogging is hard when u work full time!

I could not round off the series without mentioning the Ragged Priest who have made an incredible collection this summer and personally, my fave yet!

Word of warning though to those who do have a mesh t-shirt or wanna get one, you can still sunburn thru it as I found out a couple of weeks ago when I wore it on the day Pride in London was on thankfully it was my back that got burned overwise if u don't wear a top underneath and u get burned from the front you'll def get some interesting sunburn patches in the shapes of rainbows on ur boobs! :)

freakin cool tee tho, love sporty mesh style tops like this, have worn a plain pink crop tho underneath for modesty and have teamed up with this fantastic furry Ragged Priest Bag (see I told u the collection was awesome!)

Go n see for yourself >> Shop

Oh, & did I mention there was an end of season sale on too - loads of their spring mom jeans are now in there!

Love, Sarah x



  1. Ahh I really wanted this top from Ragged Priest but when I came to order it, it had sold out :(. I love how you've paired it with the other rainbow items, I'm loving the chunky wedge sandals xx


  2. I absolutely love that top!



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