Friday, 17 July 2015

Wanderlust: F1 British GP Silverstone

So a couple of weeks ago I went on my first camping trip ever and to the F1 British GP Silverstone Track near Milton Keynes for the full weekend. 

It was a really enjoyable race as we got to see abit of everything including seeing he race in the rain abit which made things interesting and not a run away win for the race winner Lewis Hamilton. 

We also had access to Club Silverstone which we had access to a nice little area for us to hang out and watch the Red Arrows and we sat at the Becketts part of the circuit, before the hangar straight. 

Would I do it again? yep maybe not camping though, or at least not for that length of time as I felt ill and under the weather constantly! Id also take ore clothes when camping outside, a silk jumpsuit, Boyfriend jeans and maxi dresses were def not good camping attire but hey - I wanted to still feel a little bit glam as it was the F1 but def not suitable if your doing camping or sittign towards the back of the stands.. it was bloody freezing! 

Here's some of our pics we took during our time there ,and will have another wanderlust post for y'all next week as me and the boy (should really start calling him Fiance!) are off to London tomorrow for Henna tattoos and to see the Alexander Mcqueen Savage Beauty expo at the V&A :) Can't wait! x



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