Friday, 27 March 2015


Wierd T-shirt // 8 Cubes of Sugar
Pink Neon Fishnets // Claires Accessories
Rainbow Choker // Student Vintage Fair
Hair by The Braid Bar - Now taking bookings in Selfridges from March 28 - April 19!

I took these pics few weeks ago when I went up to London to visit the Braid Bar n got ma hair did in a punky Tyra braid full of attitude!

To go with my braids I decided to rock a nostalgic teen phase I went through - tights under jeans! I used to buy loads of the Pamela Mann tights with USA flags on or leopard print and wear them under my jeans (back then ripped jeans were only fashionable if they were well worn in, massive flares, by Punkyfish and ripped and frayed unintentionally!!) My style icon as always been Gwen Stefani <3 throughout her No Doubt years, her Harajuku Lovers days and all grown up n hip hop like in The Sweet Escape.

We are very similar in the way that we both love fashion in the same way that we would try ANYTHING. We don't have a niche or stereotype to what I choose to wear. everyday I wake up and I like to dress as whoever I feel like this morning. Sometimes I feel like dressing in all black & leather and going vampy, othertimes I'm craving to wear pink and tulle and be all cute and princessy..thats why I have so many clothes! :)

On to the Sandals tho!

How amaziiiiiinnnnnggg are they! I got them from US site, Dolls Kill and am so in love with them! <3 If you've been following my instagram you will see I bought these last month and have been finding cool things to put inside the heels.

At the moment they have a voodoo cat, a unicorn, a lego geisha, x2 daisy hairbands, a Hello Kitty hair clip, and a handful of skull shaped beads and neon coloured hearts! Have realised that putting stuff like this in them makes them super noisy though when you walk, they make a right racket! might swap all the stuff out for fake flowers n barbie heads for next time for abit less noise when I walk.. they were louder than all the London traffic!

Love, Sarah x


  1. I love your rain mac! xx

  2. thanks chic! :) been waiting for ages to get one of these - wud def recommend for the festival season! :)


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