Friday, 20 March 2015


Acid Wash Denim Rucksack // Primark
Grey Fluffy Long Cardi // Primark
Bag Fluffy PomPom // River Island
Metallic Silver Sneakers // New Look
Moon Choker // Freedom @ Topshop
Capped Beanie // Reeeeeeeeeallly Old, Ebay

If you're wondering if I shot these during the eclipse earlier today sadly the answer is no. Even if I had, it would have been pretty lame anyway as where I live in the south, we ended up only getting loads of clouds which covered the whole thing. boooooo. ah well! just another 10 years or so till the next one! lol! Just thought eclipse for a name of an equinox blog post (yay spring today!) was something cool n different as have used equinox before! 

This is one of my fave outfits at the mo, am having so much fun styling it up with different shoes and knee high knit socks, its easy to go from 70's style with it to this more laid back 90's look.

I was obsessing over Topshop 70's style range, literally wanting everything in it but can't afford it so I picked out this dress, knowing that pinny dresses always look effortlessly cool and are great for day wear. sometimes I'm in the mood to wear a dress but not wanting the girly vibe with it, this is perfect for those tomboy days! 

The colour although describes on the site as mustard is def more of a mustard brown than a yellow even though my pics look yellow and topshop says the same thing. I actually prefer hat its more of a brown though. The zipper and cut of the dress give it a really cool 60s/70s vibe and its got cute little pockets for putting stuff in yay! so hard to find girls clothes (that aren't jeans) that have pockets in.

Lastly, I finally bought a denim rucksack! being more of a bag lady than a shoe one I have been reeeally wanting one the last couple of summers but never getting round to actually buying one then having regrets later. As soon as I saw these pop up in Primark I snapped it up (only £10!)  I should def make a bag wish list.. am always lusting over new bags! 

Love, Sarah x 


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