Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sarah in Wonderlust is one!

Can't believe its been a whole year since I started blogging! Crazeeeyyy!

I touched on the why I stated blogging in my Fave Bloggers of 2014 post I posted up at the start of the year. I have always been totally obsessed with fashion and was really frustrated that I was unable to find anyone with as much passion for all things shopping related . That and I was going through a really rough patch having just been made redundant and although had found a job several months later it wasn't the job for me and I just felt isolated, lonely and depressed.

My First Blog post image, Monochorme! 
I started up Violet Dahlia in March 2014 and then once I'd found a new job and put alot more thought in to the name and how I wanted my blog to look, I relaunched under the name Sarah In Wonderlust in July 2014 with a new template and everything to give my new hobby that had helped me so much some TLC. Blogging has really helped me this last year build confidence and find people in the blogging community who share the same passion for fashion as me.

My 26th Birthday @ Katy Perry concert!
I see alot of young blogger from the digital generation (at nearly 27 I am pretty old I am regarded as pretty ancient for the blogging community!) with the way the blogging world are more obsessed with how many fans/followers you have and sponsored posts and its becoming far less about that we are blogging about fashion because we love fashion!

Have seen with my own eyes how addicted the under 20's are with social media and obsessing over how the world perceives them through their facebook, twitter, instagram ect spending hours to getting a pic of a collection of nail varnishes to look absolutely perfect and over 50 selfies before one is chosen carefully instagrammed to look flawless and then posted. Its just seems so sad that the world has become this way and that the pressure that there is on young people today to be perfect is crazy. The lovely Lydia from Fashion Influx has recently written loads of good blog posts particularly on the expectation Vs reality part of blogging - check these out!

Nicole x Missguided AW14

I know if I worked harder and did all the above I could maybe could become one of the "bigger" bloggers, its just that I don't want to! I enjoy writing and taking photos and I just am happy being me and showing you my little world of fashion as its been a lifelong passion of mine. I'd hate to think I've spent all my time from my late teens to mid-late twenties worrying about what others thought of me and how I could impress them and compete. Life is all around you and should be lived. spend time with your family and friends, get outdoors and street style spot (I do this all the time!!) always looking for inspiration. There is so much more to life than the perfect selfie and what Kim Kardashian is doing!

To say I don't care about how many people read this and follow my blog would be a lie, I care greatly as I enjoy sharing my little world with you guys reading and replying to your comments and being inspired by other bloggers outfits/life posts and beauty posts. I've attended events which I've really enjoyed, just recently done my first ever collaboration post with Blind Youth Clothing, and feel grateful for the opportunity for being invited and sent an item of clothing to promote. But its not the be all and end all of being a fashion blogger.

Jan Sales Pick - Skort Suit
The first year of blogging is definitely the hardest as you come to realise all these social media expectations are not possible when you work full time as well and you see all these other amazing blogs out there which makes you feel like arggg how can I possibly compete with there 10000 followers. Truth is they've most likely been blogging or Youtubing and doing alot of hard work to get there for around 5 years to do this full time. Building a blog and followers takes time and def dosent come overnight . I told my boss a few weeks back who expected me to have a million followers by now I was like errrm no!! lol! My proudest moment though was when Look Magazine featured me as Look of the day once..was mega chuffed! If you want to be on other websites and your new to blogging I would recommend you sign up with The Blogger Programme, Look Magazine Street Style and LookBook as these are great communities to start in and get to know other bloggers.

I am happy with my blog as its my little outlet to be creative with. If I'm still blogging in the next five years with still less than 50 followers that still dosent bother me. I'm blogging because I enjoy doing it and being part of the fashion blogger community.

Equinox - Feat in Look Magazine online
It doesn't matter if your a big time blogger earning from posts or just started out we are all still bloggers and should unite under the fact we are doing this because we are passionate about what are blogs about instead obsessing of climbing the social/blogging ladder to the top! I just hope in the next few years that the community feel dosen't fizzle out altogether and it becomes too competitive to enjoy. I will still keep blogging anyway because fashion is my hobby and this is what I like to do as my kinda online fashion diary as we have moved on from writing and scrapbooking...god I'm sounding old again..!

Cherry Dear - One of my fave ever outfits
Thanks for reading this and I hope it helps you if you are on your first year of blogging. Don't give up and remember its not all about gaining the most followers the quickest. Just enjoy it!

Love, Sarah x


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