Thursday, 19 March 2015

Wanderlust: Fudge Kitchen Experience

On our final day in Edinburgh we went for a Fudge Making Experience at Fudge Kitchen in Edinburgh with the lovely manager Will & his assistant Bradley!

Being a total sweet tooth I knew I wanted to do this when we visited Edinburgh since I first added it to my Pintrest list years ago! :) We don't have a fudge kitchen locally to us (the nearest is in Canterbury, Kent) so it made sense to go to the Royal Mile shop in Edinburgh whilst we were there so we donned our aprons and got making some fudge!

Will has been working at Fudge Kitchen for over 17 years and was a total pro and helped us quite abit with the makingness as its actually pretty hard work making the fudge - need alot of upper arm strength  for all the mixing! He was really knowledgeable about the history of fudge and was really funny.

We started by heating the secret ingredients for a toffee fudge in a large brass cauldron on a fire stiring away until the mixture had reached the right temperature (200 something degrees if I'm remembering right??)  and then we poured it on to a huge marble table to cool between a frame to keep all the mixture on the table. Then we then ate some fudge that Will had made earlier and waited for it to cool down and set a little.

We used these long shovel like things (imagine a snooker cue with a shovel on the end of it) to mix everything again until the mixture became a lighter colour (images from the Fudge Kitchen above show the process)

By this time the fudge was starting to set so we shaped it with some smaller shovel things to get it in to a long rectangular shape ready to cut.

Cutting the fudge was actually the hardest part! I was terrible at it, Rich was slightly better :) After we cut off 6 nice big slices we popped these in a box and kept these. As part of the experience we also were allowed to pick 6 of the fudge blocks we wanted behind the counter. We chose Eton Mess, Lemon Meringue Pie, Rum & Raisin, Double Chocolate, Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl, and Chocolate Orange.

I also ended up picking up the Fudge home making kit so I might have a play with this again at Easter time whilst we are off and the hot drinking fudge :)

After our great time at Fudge Kitchen we got the tram & hopped on our plane back down south. Can't wait to go back to Edinburgh again , will def do one of the Ness bus tours again and maybe be daring enough to go in the Edinburgh dungeon!

Love , Sarah x


  1. Sarah, it must be heaven to be in a fudge factory. To see how they are made and actually taste them is so cool. You are so lucky. I would eat all of the fudge I could grab!

    Jo | Say Cheesy Cake
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  2. lol! it was! i asked for a job but i don't think my fudge cutting skills passed! haha! yeh was munching fudge the whole time i was there! :) love the stuff!

  3. Awesome post, it's really made me reminiscent of my time in Edinburgh!

    I'm a newbie blogger hoping to make some like-minded blogger friends, get in touch if you're interested :3 xx

    xx Chontelle Louise


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