Friday, 6 March 2015

The Braid Bar

Location: The Braid Bar, Selfridges, London

So yesterday I headed up to Londaaaan specially to visit The Braid Bar! I saw pics of the lovely ladies from The Braid Bar doing hair at the the Missguided SS15 press day event and had to google them to find out more about them and see where I could find them and stumbled across there website.

They don't have a permanent home at the moment as they are mainly doing events and are trying to get in to department stores or they did mention seeing if they could take up residence in the flagship Topshop further down Oxford Street. Right now and for this weekend, they are in my fave department store Selfridges!

Its a really cool relaxed atmosphere, where you can choose from the braid menu which include the Cara - a gorge side braid, the Gisele - a traditional fishtail braid, the Kate - a pretty heart shaped braid around the top of your head or you can go the whole hog and get a Beyoncee - a head full of cornrows! There are so many styles to choose from I actually didn't decide until I was on my way up on the train cus I couldn't decide!

Being a total braiding dunce who can't plait for toffee, I wanted something really different that would get my whole hair braided rather than play it safe with a half up half down style. I opted for the Tyra which as you can see in the pics is a tri-braid which you can have in a french or dutch braid style (I chose Dutch) splitting your parting in to three then meeting at the back.

You can also choose to customise your braid with charms, rings, glitter or hair chalks as I wasn't going out for the eve glitter seemed abit pointless so I went for a pink hair chalk and added the Regal Rose rings for a punky edgy look!

The staff were really lovely and chatty and I was really happy with the end result. I hope that the Braid Bar does get a permanent home be it in Selfridges or Topshop so I can go again and try out even more of the braids. Its a godsend for anyone else like me who can't plait or braid to save their lives!  I am gonna try and keep this braid in for the whole weekend and style it up different ways over the next couple of days! Check out my Instagram feed to see how I style it up!

The Braid Bar is open for this weekend only but may (hopefully!) extend to a couple more weekends this month due to popular demand. Make sure you book before you go as although you are welcome to drop in they cannot guarantee someone will be free at the time u arrive! :)

Love, Sarah x

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