Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Baby Blue Teddy Coat // Bershka
Marshmallow Bracelet // Ebay (similar here)
Lilac Satchel // River Island
Pink Fluffy Bag Clip // Molly Trubody
Lilac 90's Choker, PomPom hair band & Glitter Socks // TopShop
Hair by The Braid Bar, London - Now open for two more weekends in March! :)

Feeling a little Meadham Kirchhoff like in the one..just a fluffybag would have been better though I don't actually have one. I would love to have a Meadham Kirchoff bag..bit pricey tho :( maybe one day! 

I spotted this Sushi style top in H&M after I went to the Braid Bar last weekend and feel madly in love with it as Sushi is one of my fave things to eat (after chocolate n noodles!) They have an amazing range of japanesey manga stylee prints in H&M at the mo with alot of Sailor Moon tops and leggings and panda bags were looking at me but I was good and told managed to listen to my good side and reminded myself I am going away this week and need the money for then! 

I bought the top and then spent aaages in Oxford Circus Topshop after discovering there is actually a lower ground floor (HOW HAVE I ONLY JUST NOTICED THIS??!) with all the brands and vintage stuff in, After having another argument with myself - I don't need those pink velvet mary janes... i don't i dont....but they are so pretty...i know but they are £40 and you can wait...! - I did a little accessories shop and picked up the pompom hairband and glitter socks. 

Righty ho, Me and the boy of off up north, most northerly we've ever been, to Scotland. Staying in Edinburgh for a few days for funsies. Will post up my OOTDs and what I got up to when I get back! :)

Love, Sarah x


  1. That bag is so cute and I am in love with your shoes! Off to check out New Look x

  2. thank u :) they hadnt sold out last time i looked a week or so ago! they have lilac and mint ones.. think im gonna get the mint ones too! xx


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