Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Creepy But Cute

Lilac Backpack // River Island
Pink Fluffy Bag Thing // Molly Trubody
Studded Bleached Denim Hotpants // Primark
Pentagram Choker // Missguided
Fishnets // Topshop
Lilac Doc Martin Style Boots // ShoeZone
90's Choker // Ebay
Pink Fluffy Hairband // DIY

Ah, another blustery day of trying to take half decent picture without looking like I've been in a hurricane. and my tights crotch bit has gone for a wonder down my leg. looooool.

On the bright side, look at this amazing tee from Heba clothing!! <3 super cute. Eveything Heba makes is hand-dyed and customised so every piece is different.

I love the tie dye and the motif on the front. I actually thought when I bought it the Creepy but cute words were embroidered on but it is actually printed. Think it would add to its amazingness if it was embroidered but I supposed it would come off in the wash really easy then. I really , really need to start tie dying old stuff of mine cus I could happily have a whole wardrobe like this. have never done tie dye though!

Don't think again I've captured it that well but all the back part is all slitty and ripped and stuff which I loveee. I have a Rolling Stones top with an identical back to this as well though its years old and smells abit wardrobe musky now. :/

To put it all together I made the maribou feather hairband to make it feel more princessey :) I had actually bought the trim to DIY up some sandals but overestimated how much 2 metres was!

Check out Heba Clothing here

Love, Sarah x


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