Thursday, 4 September 2014

August 2014 Edit - Day 246

Back to the Future Delorean Car - Didn't get to go to Secret Cinema, but this is the next best thing!
Inside the time machine
The Tower of London WW1 Poppies
Covent Garden - Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Street Performer

Wolverine Travel Card Holder - HMV
Nails Inc London Nail Varnish Gift Set - Savers

Posting this abit late, but better late then never!

We went to the Airbourne airshow which is on the Eastbourne seafront every summer for a few days, I was desperate to find the Back to the Future Delorean car which was there as a special feature and went back on the Sunday after being unable to find it in the crowds on the Saturday and found it! If you ever do get in one though remember to bend down when getting in or out, even if you are under 5'1 you WILL hit your head on the gull-wing doors getting out..!

Me and the boy went holiday shopping at the start of the month and visited Covent Garden again where we saw this really cool Johnny Depp style Mad Hatter character guy and then we went to see the poppies at the Tower of London, which is probably alot more full of poppies now than it was this time last month as they continue to add to it daily.

The Travelcard holder is a new addition to my bag - and an essential as there is rarely a day that I'm not travelling around on public transport! These awesome marvel card holders are only £3 in HMV and are available with various different characters on them such as Disneys Frozen, Big Bang Theory, Spideman and then some. I had to pick Wolverine cus he's my ultimate favourite comic book character of all time!.

They obvs look miiiiiilion times better than boring old southern fail - I mean, rail, freebie travel card holders. Only downside being these only hold two cards/tickets at a time. Alright for me at the mo as I no longer am legible for a young persons card to need the extra room in my holder *sob!*

Lastly I also picked up a fab random little bargain one sunday when popping down to my local Savers drugstore to pick up our monthly supply of boring stuff - kitchen roll, washing up liquid blah blah blah, and usually when you get to the till they try and flog you more pointless stuff they can't sell such as a The Only Way is Essex perfume for their weekly special offer. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this one weekend they had a Nails.Inc gift box set with three full size nails varnishes inside (usually worth £22 in Boots) down to £4.99!

There are a few varieties to choose from including special effects, top coat and plain polish's. I ended up choosing a special effects box including nail varnish's in Kings Cross, Piccadilly Circus & Conaught Square. I'm not sure if these boxes are still in Savers at the mo, having not been down my local store since getting them but they are still saying they are on HotUk nationally so pop in your nearest Savers and grab a box pronto!

Love, Sarah x

PS. You may have also noticed that I've recently added a recipes section on the menu bar (blank at the mo!) and am thinking of adding in more craft and DIY sorta things up the top bar too. Is there any other sections you reckon I could add? Let me know! :)


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