Sunday, 14 September 2014

60's Mod

Check Grid Print Dress - Select -
Scunci Vintage Fringe Roller -
Red Patent Heels - Marks & Spencer

I'm lovin that monochrome has come back in with a bang for AW14, this time with a more 60's Mod vibe.

Can you believe that this quirky black & white grid print dress is only £12 from Select?! Hello bargain!

I love it because of its double layer style, which instantly makes it super flattering if your in the small boob club as as the crop top part draws all the attention to your waist :D
I bought a tropical print crop dress in the summer which remains one of my favorite purchases this year so I'm really glad that it looks like these crop dresses are here to stay!

I also spotted a fringe roller in Claire's a couple of weekends ago which is made by Scunci, who make loads of other DIY hair kits for those of us who are crap at putting hair up without getting hair loops whilst trying to pull hair in a bun or unable to plait your hair because you somehow end up with your own fingers caught in to your braids - shamelessly guilty of both of these!

I've been itching to figure out how to get more vintagey hairstyles without forking out for a hairdresser everytime so I picked one up and gave it a try. I found it a little bit fiddly at first but managed to get it working in about 15 mins yay! :) It actually worked better if you rolled it up the opposite way the instructions said! typo maybe???

Definitely check these out and persist with them, there pretty cool. Now theirs a whole vintage range of these, I think I'll pop back and get the victory roll kit next and start collecting them all.

Love, Sarah x


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  1. You have an amazing heels, outlook is very beautiful :)


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