Monday, 15 June 2015

Rainbow Series #2 - This Is How We Do

Rainbow Iridescent Visor // Primark
Iridescent Cleated Sandals // Primark
Rainbow 90's Choker // Vintage Fair
Fast Food Charm Bracelet // Katy Perry Prism Collection @ Claires
Rainbow Smiley Toe-Sox // ollllddd - think Claires

Sorry for the multiple backgrounds! was trying to take pictures in the Aegon tennis courts which are due to be played in next week and managed to get in a few sneaky pictures before was spotted by security!! :D had to then retreat to the backyard again. never mind, was pretty fun and managed to get a couple of shots although the sun was in the wrong place! 

On to the outfit, I challenged myself to buy a bodysuit having liked them for sometime but worried I wouldn't be able to style it up easily, how wrong was I? Lovin how cute n quirky they are and they are fab for popping on under denim which is another thing I tend to stay away from as find jeans boring. Great that this one could also pass as a swimsuit too so perfect summer layering outfit! 

The rainbow print is tooo cute! Have teamed it up with my smiley toe socks (sooo ancient and 2003 but i still adore mine!)  and fast food charm bracelet from Claires which really reminds me of the This is how we do video so I kinda built my outfit around that as its such a fun music video and song!

I bought the denim skirt with it too as this is also something I would never usually bought - but I love it! Button front skirts are everywhere right now and this little beauty is a steal at £15. Topshops one are pretty much same as quality-wise but at least double the price. Great if you wanna get in on the trend but don't fancy splashing out £££.

Love, Sarah xx


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