Friday, 17 April 2015


Black Velvet Lace Collar Skater Dress // Oh My Love (now half price £16!)
White Cleated Sandals // Ebay

Ah, have been wanting one of these black collared dresses for aaggges but being really picky at the one I wanted and missing out! my main criteria was that i wanted a skater skirt one and it had to be long sleeved...also with white cuffs if possible though tbh I could easily add these on to this dress if I fancy it, that way would be even more lolita style! 

Lolita has always been one of my fave fashion types to follow, having been a collector of all things Harajuku before Gwen Stefani's Harajuku lovers days! I still have a collection of lolita and cyber goth postcards around my bedroom fireplace and a custom cosplay outfit. Just love love love the creativity of japanese fashion.. .cannot wait to go to Harajuku one day to check out all the lolita and crazy cool styles of Japan fashion! 

Love, Sarah x 



  1. Cool! You have got the Wednesday Addams vibes there!


  2. lol! :) thanks! :) wil def wear this again in autumn and do a wednesday addams inspired look!

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