Saturday, 25 April 2015

Pretty In Pink..

Pink Cleated Sandals // Ebay

Back to shooting on the street again, yay! feels like its been an age since I've gone out and about and done a shoot without staying close to my flat or work. 

I really wanted to get a shot with a blossom tree to go with this pretty pink tile print playsuit from Missguided but kept finding ones that had either been abit windswept or finding a really nice one only for the owner of the house to turn up at the very moment wondering what I'm doing lol! so thats why is no consistent shots of a particular tree, I had to keep walking around! 

Think this is my first playsuit I've picked up so far this year, tbh, I wasnt sure about it when it came as it felt almost too pink and I wasnt sure it suited me but think I will keep it now to wear this summer as alot of my 70s style stuff I've bought has all been very brown and yellow which is darkening my wardrobe abit but brightening it up a little at the same time with all these crazy 70s patterns! 

 I really like the bell sleeved and the lacey plunge neck though as this ones far more of a loose fit that many of my other plunge neck stuff am gonna need abit more tit tape for when I next wear it out..had a couple of near boob escapage moments! lol! 

Love, Sarah x 


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