Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Black Tassel Skirt // H&M Loves Coachella Festival Collection
Black Gypsy Crop Top // Primark
Spiked Purple Flower Hairband // Topshop
Fringed Brown Bag // Boohoo
Studded Ankle Boots // Pretty Little Thing
Rainbow Prite Necklaces // Urban Outfitters
Triangle Cuff // Primark
Lips // Topshop Beauty: Drive

Coachella is, without a doubt, the festival fashion place to be! Aside from the music, boho festival fashion is all the rage at this celebrity filled festival held in the Colorado Desert which will be on this weekend. 

Although I'm not goin to Coachella this weekend (getting my roots redone...rock n roll!) H&M have gone all festivally on us and designed the amazing H&M <3's Coachella collection so at least I can pretend I'm there kicking around in the desert dust with my tassels and flowers in my hair on the Eastbourne seafront whilst the suns out now in the evenings :) Still trying to persuade the boy to go to the states with me this autumn...otherwise am tempted to go on a solo girl trip from NY - California! We'll see! :)

Check out the H&M Coachella collection here!, be quick though, alot of things are selling out fast & there is free delivery on till midnight tonight! (use code 2946)

Love, Sarah x 



  1. You are totes embracing the vibes with a goth-ish touch !



  2. lol! thank u! :) not very often i do wear all black tho kinda like it if it embraces tassels and summery style vibes. was gonna wear my black fedora as well though it felt like i was going out of my comfort zone then with to much dark colours so added the flower band! :) x


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