Monday, 20 April 2015

Hey Arnold!

Ripped Boyf Jeans // TopShop
Leather Snake Print Jacket // Pretty Little Thing
Iridescent Rainbow Visor // Primark

Def have got an obsession with American brands at the moment, instagram has shown me a whole new world of amazing clothingness from the US that I am totally in love with! bye bye monies, hello cool amazing USA clothes goodness! They just have such amazingly cool unique things that would do so well over here in the UK (hint hint @ Dolls Kill, Gypsy Warrior, Nasty Gal, O-Mighty, we need shops like this over here!)

After seeing O-mighty range of Hey Arnold stuff I knew I had to get something, Hey Arnold has to be my fave 90s tv cartoon of all! kids tv now is just not the same!

This crop top has Helga's Arnold love heart picture locket she always kept hidden away on it :) haha! love that crazy girl!

Also feel I need to give a mention to the Skinnydip drink cup bag.. have u seen there stuff lately?? - if not then get on it, its amazin!! - I had been wanting a food/milk carton style bag since first spotting them all over the Chanel Paris Fashion week show at the end of last year but not been able to get my hands on one. So when I saw this baby pop up on Skinnydip's site I was really excited as is firstly its glitter &&& it has unicorn tears written on it! <3 love at first site! :) will be wearing this all summer for sure!

Love, Sarah x



  1. your style is so cool, o-mighty has some awesome stuff!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. That bag is zo awesome!!


    1. thank u for your comment, i am sooo happy with the bag! <3 love it soo much! x


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